Tax Cut on Telecom Services Expected in Upcoming Budget

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has recommended Federal Board of Revenue to bring down the tax level on Telecom services from 21 percent to 16 percent, reported APP, citing Dr. Yaseen, Chairman PTA.

Quoting Dr. Yaseen, APP further reports that that Telecom industry is going to hear good news in upcoming budget as the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has recommended the federal government to cut taxes ratio on the telecom sector to bring the sector at par with the other sectors.

It merits mentioning here, that taxes on Telecom services were hiked to 21 percent in previous budget – which negatively impacted the sector.

Recently, telecom companies collectively wrote a letter to PTA requesting authority’s role in bring the tax level down.

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  • I will appreciate them if they bring it to 10% or less, increasing tax in one budget and decreasing in another doesn’t makes the public to appreciate this illiterate govt.

  • Subject kardari’s tax on Rs 100 scratch card(cellular companies)is Rs 2.33
    in musharaf regime we are getting 90.91 from a rs 100 card 100/1.1= 90.91
    but democratic government included a new tax of 5% so we should receive 100/1.15= 86.96 but we are receiving 84.93 why because Mr. 105 kardari is getting commission of Rs 2.33
    so 100-2.33=97.67
    now 97.67/1.15=84.93
    thanks to Mr kardari instead of 10% he is getting just 2.33%

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