Warid Celebrating its Fourth Anniversary Today

warid_new_logoWarid Telecom is celebrating its fourth anniversary of its operations in Pakistan today. Warid won the GSM license for operations in Pakistan from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority by paying 291 Million US Dollars, in 2004.

Operating in GSM 900/1800 network, Warid officially launched its services in Pakistan on May 23, 2005, with covering 28 cities in Pakistan; believed as the largest coverage by any network on its launch date.

Warid had a test time last year, with plenty of internal challenges coupled along with global recession, making it even tougher for the company to make its way.

Experts believe that Warid Telecom has bright time ahead, as the issues with the company are managing the resources/workforce efficiently, however Warid has the advantage of having a supreme quality network in the country, thanks to Ericsson.

Recently we have heard that SingTel may acquire more stakes in Warid, which is already 30 percent shareholder of the Company. Experts opine that this acquisition will boost the company in multiple ways.

Here we covered the detailed history of Warid Telecom in Pakistan.

Following is the excerpt of company statement, issued on its anniversary evening.

Warid Telecom of Dhabi Group, the country’s most reliable & fastest growing cellular company is celebrating its 4 year of successful operations in Pakistan on May 23rd 2009.  In just four years of commercial operations Warid has expanded its quality network , ranging to 450 cities. The subscriber base has crossed over 17 million customers with over 6000 destinations throughout Pakistan.

Warid since its inception has always focused on delivering the best services to the people of Pakistan by not only providing the affordable means of communication but a truly reliable network quality customer care services. With the mission to maintain and deliver unmatched a-class quality network services, Warid has expanded its reach from cosmopolitan cities to rural areas of country and still has plans to set off where other service providers are yet to reach. Warid offers international roaming facilities in 138 countries through 222 operators worldwide, offering GPRS roaming in 88 countries and 115 operators. For prepaid roaming Warid currently has 18 roaming partners in 16 countries, having potential  to launch roaming services in more countries.

Warid Telecom has plans to expand its network coverage to deliver quality services for people living across the diverse landscape of Pakistan. Warid has one of the largest coverage networks , established in Pakistan offering the best services in the telecom sector.

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  • LOLZ, expect nothing from them, they are all crooks.Even if Singtel buys shares it does not mean the suffering and losses that they gave to other people will dissapear. Warid you have nothing to be proud about, and if you want to do well ensure that all the management is from Singtel end and not the fraudsters there already

  • Congratulation!!!!
    Warid is the best in Pakistan
    It’s Crazy Nites and Crazy hours
    r the Cheapest and best package in Pakistan…
    Best wishes and Congratulation!!!! on its 4th An. again….

    Thanks Warid
    M.Ali Ansari
    [email protected]

  • Congratulations Warid, on the forth anniversary, The best available network in Pakistan, and Lastly I must Say that Mr. Farhan Butt Saab, Please be positive, have an optimistic approach not always think pessimistic.

  • You just said it Hassan – :) Yes a nation we must support FDI’s as its good for us.

    Warid is just doing an excellent job.

  • Safdar check PTA’s website Warid’s not at the bottom, someone else is.
    Plus whoever told you that Warid’s acquired by China Mobile, is mistaken.
    Please do check out the new packages from Warid, they’re pretty good.Thank you.

  • This acquision is just a rumour. China Mobile tried to take over Warid but didn’t succeed.

  • Im using its unlimited gprs and i think its service is best comparing other mobile operators in pakistan.
    zubair from karachi

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  • Warid have the best network no other operator have erricson and don’t even afford the expesive and world wide best teleco equipment
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  • Warid is best due to its network and charges but since last few days its web protal is not working better with effect a large number of persons who use Warid.

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