Manager HR, Huawei likely to Sue Company for Illegal Termination

HR Manager of Huawei, is likely to file a lawsuit against Huawei for his illegal (forced) separation from the company, ProPakistani came to know via  an exclusive conversation with Mr. Jehanzeb, HR Manager, Huawei.

Mr. Jehanzeb, who joined HUAWEI on Nov 21, 2007, was of the view that he is permanent employee of the company; however, he was separated illegally as he was raising voice and concern to follow labor laws of the land i.e. Harassment on workplace, Indiscrimination, payment of Gratuity in the absence of Provident Fund and Overtime (beyond 20 hours) to their employees.

Huawei is the only telecom company in Pakistan who is providing medical and life insurance facilities “only to their permanent employees”, not covering their dependents and its contractual staff in the absence of Social Security Registration. He said that such sudden separation of permanent employees is against the state laws and charter of ILO (International Labor Organization).

It merits mentioning here that International Labor Organization (ILO) charter explicitly defines that dismissal of permanent employees without any obligation is illegal.

Interestingly, Mr. Jehanzeb has not been served with either suspension or termination letter yet and he still considers himself as the HR Manager of the company and has not been paid salary since Jan 2009. Moreover, he told us that Huawei has advertised in “THE NEWS” to fill in the same position which is illegal.

When we contacted Advisor & Director PR, Huawei, Mr. Naseem Usmani, he refused to talk about it but later on said that Mr. Jehanzeb should consult court and instead of asking the company or expecting anything from it to fulfill “legal duties & responsibilities”.

When we asked Mr. Jehanzeb about his plans to resolve the issue he said, “I will announce my future strategy very soon in a press conference to tackle issue in best possible and professional manner”

Furthermore he added that he has multiple options to go with, such as stay-order for filling HR Manager’s position, consulting ILO or appeal to Chief Justice of Pakistan for Suo Moto Action. “I am also thinking to write letters to Huawei customers worldwide to show them its real face towards its employees” Mr. Jehanzeb declared

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Though I dont have any comments about the illegal termination of Mr. Jhanzeb but I do confirm all this.

      Though Huawei has learnt how to grab market and especially in Pakistan where they erned Billions of Dollar but there is no facilities for Employees.

      1. No Medical
      2. No Allowance
      3. No Life Insurance

      I have visited many Counteries for Huawei, the situation in Pakistan is worst because the administration / HR (Pakitani Employees) and above all GOVT of Pakisan just see its own benifits Collects some money from the multinationals and forget the 1000 of empolyees who work in those multinationals then it is up to the Company they treat employees on their will.

      I think we should stand togeather not only for one case of Mr.Jhanzeb but for 100 of Jhanzebs who were forcefully terminated from Huawei and all other so called Telecom Multinationals, who earn Biillions of $ from Pakistan but gave nothing in return to the Nation.

  • As a Part of Huawei team, i am facing the same problems, actually we can’t do anything. Our labor laws doesn’t support us or very silent. I hope Mr. Jhanzaib will make a difference.

  • As a Part of Huawei team, i am facing the same problems, actually we can’t do anything. Our labor laws doesn’t support us or are silent. I hope Mr. Jhanzaib will make a difference.

    • You can expect a lot more from Huawei , coz we faced dozens of mismanagement issues in past like OT (not more than 20hours) + Night activities (Limited days can apply) etc etc , Huawei is such a bad company who is playing with the careers of young generation in pakistan.

  • He is absolutely right on this issue, over moral support is with Mr.Jhanzaib, as most of companies are not following the Labour law and we hope that his case will make companies to not violate the country laws.

  • Jehanzaib first you should look in side your color, you left ZTE and joined Huwai even this was not allowed in your contract with ZTE, and every one who know you can under stand reasons for your dismissal as you donot have attitude to work in multinational & professional environment.

    • Dear Shahmeer23,

      Strong Companies (i must say, companies strong in corporate ethics) do not fired employees in a way , he is been fired. and specially when someone is having culture diversity problem , then this mean company do not have standard recruitment system to filter such personnel from the start and results in cost savings and further to create organizational fit. So , again problem is on company side !!

      All over the world, Attitudes are always been mold to required state by trainings , workshops and employee development… Not you are saying like leaving ZTE issue..

      i dont know him or anyone of you!! but fact is that leaving previous company and joining new one for the personal and career growth is 100% legal everywhere in the world.

      But firing someone without any notice serving is not legal newhere in the world.Even no employee contracts offer the same part.

      Hope you all have got my point of view!!!

      We have Labor Law in Pakistan , But unfortunately , these laws are not practiced in a way , they should be..

      These issues are very old since 2nd world war up till now.. But Developed countries have confessed the human rights security @ every step while in corporate world after 2nd world war especially realizing the human capital facts. Thats why they are ruling on the world. (Please don’t give me logic of decremental issues in the developed countries)

      I wish that May Allah resolve this issue very soon and developed some mutual understanding among both.

    • Huawei is in doldrums these days.. Due to upper management wrong policies, employees are worried about their future.

      In order to do the cost cutting, Huawei has started outsourcing its employees. Earlier, we have came to know about admin staff, but this time we came to know about Technical staff too. Huawei has reportedly sold out its employees @ Rs.60k to a THIRD PARTY OPERATOR. Huawei pays this much money per person per month to the 3rd party operator. Operator in return give Rs.25-30k per month to the Sold-out-employee and keeps the rest.

      Now, this move kinda looked complex as why would the company be ready to pay Rs.60k per month from its own pocket to some other operator. If the company can afford this much money, then it can keep the employee. But Huawei had kept the eyes on the future and not on present. Now, Huawei is having the authority that whenever the service of any person is not required, it can fire him/her immediately without any delay, without any advance 3 months salary and benefits, as the employee is on pay-roll of other company.

      That person, once fired from Huawei won’t be of much help to 3rd party. So, he/she can face the music at 3rd party operator too anytime.

  • I dont agree with that Huawie is not doing anything for the dependents of its employees.
    If you ask this question to our one of employee, he will inform you that how company is caring him by providing transport facilities to his family members and company laptop to his children for playing games. Even the company is so kind to provide job to his children in his presence. Please try to understand and dont discuss such kind of individual cases. Thanks.

    • Ohh Pai Jaan,Aey Keri Company hai Jeri Gaming Laptops day rahi bachaan nu….

      Really !!! Please hire me , if Huawei offers Gaming Laptops for childerns .. lolzz…..

      Never forget that everyone here commenting might be totally involved as any organization as employeee.. So try to Empathize his position and urz for future….Because Allah dee Laathi Bari BayAwaaz Hondi Jay…..Khair …..

      problem is not that company is good or bad…Matter of fact is that company did wrong and company must acknowledge it as offense instead of defensing it..

      They did wrong…It’s good if they are giving laptops to employees family and other facilities.. But don’t forget they take your skills and intellect level like donkeys.

      Everyone is familiar with Huawei for handling employees like donkeys…If any one of you pls from Vendor based company pls comment.. coz I am not but my most of friends told me…K Donkey say be buraa kaam karwaatay hain…

      Again , It’s everywhere , because of we have couple of ppl roaming who said it professional & bla bla in the corporate world… But believe me corporate world is full of hypocrisy .. they call it professionalism.

      i think remedy must be given to HR Manager….No problem if they terminate him…but they must give him everything that has been written in contract or agreement.

      I think , HR Press release or Comment will be appreciated to make this whole stuff more clear other than what being told in post…… I dont knw Why People shy to face such issues…

      • This package is only for those most senior Pakistani employees who teach how to milk more from innocent local employees by exploiting Pak-China friendship. I dont want to be personal but you can find very easily that how they are misusing company assets.

    • Nasir Maqbool!
      your comments are totally false. huawei is not providing any kind of transport for family members. even employees living outstation in company guest houses, huawei is not providing any transport facility. you can verify from any huawei employee. company laptops have so many restrictions and if you are really huawei employee you can check your computer that ur computer is spyed through so many softwares. i have spent over 5 years in huawei and ive never seen that huawei has employed any employee’s child
      Guys nasir maqbool’s statement is totally wrong

    • sir Ji…………… I got my Lap Top after 3 Months though I was on Management Position

      Lap Top for Childern ———– Confirm weather that employee was Mr. Zardari or Mr. Musharaf — Hummmmmmm

      Transportation for the Family —- YAR MIZAK NA KRU

  • Ya, about the outsourcing emplyees, you know 3rd party is doing contract for only 2 months. Reason is after 3 months, every company should confirm its employyes. SOS, our future is in danger.

  • Hey, you are ignoring that female employees at huawei are facing great threat in term of job security. Now instead of serving huawei, we have to please this damn Saudi company to secure our jobs. what a shame !!! chairman PTA, where are you??

  • I have seen the same Problems I am with you Mr Jahanzeb.
    Just DO Itttttttttttttt.

    • im also ex-huawei employee and have worked for abt 3yrs,I would say a highly unprofessional and mismanagement organization..Jehanzeb bro im with u and im sure there are many more,let us join together in order to expose the real face of Huawei which is i would say evil….

  • Let hands together and go to Geo Office in Hamid Mir Programm or Ajj Tv in Talat Programm, koe tu sunay gha yai sabh maajra, aisay kuj nae ho ga.

  • Don’t worry !!! Pro.P is the media , which has access to all over the world and Huawei will have to think about their decision tht is for Sure !! however, if later on it will be captured by other media sources that will also good for the cause…

    Believe me this is very shameful act from Huawei..I think Huawei should provide comment over this news.. Because , let this communication be dual..

    If they are allegation free and have not done anything..they must issue press release to the same forum …and logical please…otherwise left votes will also goes on the other side…

    one more thing , one person has said above that dont post individual matters…Meri jaan yeh individual nahi Sab ka matter hai poori quam ka….orr dhek loh in posts…it is not at individual….Ppl from huawei are speaking…if they were that much soother there…Why they are posting comments…..

    So Pls think before posting anything next time!!!

  • Hi, this is Xiao Li from China Tech News. Can I use above information for my story?

    BTW, this company has also not good track record in China regarding treatment of its employees.

  • According to HW rules, no blood-relative (such as, son, daughter, wife, husband) can work same time. Recently, one Chinese lady from HR left company because she got married with her colleague.

    How strange when we find higher management of Pakistan Office letting blood-relatives of some senior Pakistani executives to work in the company on managerial positions. just because they teach Chinese management smart ways of corruption ???

    Hint: One person sits at 14th Floor of Saudi-Pak Tower, Islamabad while other at 6th Floor. More, you can find yourself ;)

    • Dear Naina,
      Huawei has this policy before oct 2003.Now if some one is working in Huawei.He can accomudate his wife,Husband,Boy Friend,Girl Friend,Actually Huawei hire people on References because in Past there were lot of Mishaps which were done by emplyees during the process of resignation and Service.

  • I warn you to delete this news as soon as possible. We know you are working for ZTE. Tell us frankly, how much money they paid you?

    You ZTE spy.

    • Why don’t you guyz go ahead and correct the wrong doings. Being spy or no-spy makes no difference. The news is there to let the people know about the hard ships employees face. This story covers all those companies which goes against employees.

      And if you have ever came across this forum for news and views, you would have learned by now that this forum mentions all the companies who do something good and bad. Not one is particularly targeted.

      I am not admin here. But i want to stand by the author and admin of this story.

      • oh Mr. T….. Try to correct yourself first…you can not accused anyone without any proof. this media has proof for all this ill happened stuff with HR Manager. So don’t try to smart here… No one is spy of anyone..If you want to check the authenticity and record of this media…try to check history and its comments…and daily visitor stats and how much society is attached to it…

        i belong to professional t.v news and i know this media personally and professionally both… So pls always try to confirm anything before posting…

        and pls Pakistani Media is 100% responsible in posting news and facts and analyze it more than 200% before posting…

        yellow Journalism is not policy of our Pakistani Media @ all… and if you really count it that ZTE has paid this media any thing…Then please bring the facts here…attach some references….but i guarantee you ,that you cant even get a single reference out of it…

        Definately , other competitors will get benefit of it , But Hauwei has provided opportunity to its competitors…So Cheers!!! and Stay Calm !!!

  • Hi,

    Although I am not from Pakistan but being part of Huawei Family, I can feel the pain of my Pakistani friends.

    After going through all the news, i am shocked how PR guy responded by asking to consult court. I wonder this is not the response one can expect from a professional person

    Best Regards,
    Lisa Boyle
    Huawei – Europe

    • Well, Lisa, thanks for your concerns but its fact that in Pakistan totally unqualified and uneducated perons are on these important positions because of their political background. Those, who even can’t write 2 lines in English properly, call themselves PR. This is really very sad. Lets hope, all will change very soon. Keep in touch :)

      • Dear Tariq Bin Zyad

        This is the problem instead of solving problem and giving your comments on related to the problem you are going to make your relations with Europe Huawei — Please dont mind. and dont use such comments that “Those, who even can’t write 2 lines in English properly, call themselves PR” because we are not in a English Language institute we are in Telecom Company.
        I have no personal relation with Mr. Jhanzeb infact I have not seen him but THERE ARE PROBLEM IN HUAWEI HR SYSTEM AND WE NEED TO CORRECT IT.


        • I agree.
          We should condemn his non-professional attitude. Everyone knows, PR, for him, is Political Relations :P

  • Being a member of Huawei Pk, i can confirm that from last few months Huaweiz management particularly Pakistani are treating their employees in bad mannerz, ignoring PK Labor laws.

    I think there must be a platform where we raise our voices & fight for our rights..

  • everyone before conquering K-2, can anyone paste the contract of Mr Jehanzeb and lets see what it says before adopting any line of action or comments

  • No one is bound to serve one company and its against the basic human rights to put a barrier on moving forward for better prospects unless it is mentioned in the contract signed between the parties. HR professionals are usually not bound except some R&D and Strategic Marketing professionals who know about company’s future product launching and trade secrets. Similarly it is the choice of the companies to choose the right person among the best available lot. Huawei has hired hundreds of key people from ZTE just to avoid competition in year 2008 specially on more salary for limited time period and have spoiled their careers. Sometimes if someone guaranteed that the person is a key employee in ZTE, Huawei use to hire him/her without any hesitation. So how can one blame that all employees hired by Huawei from ZTE willfully are spies.

  • Normaly, we at HW dont give any response to such kind of bullshits. We know very well that after ______ for few days, all of you will be silent. Our director truly said “GO TO COURT, Who cares.” ;)

    (part of this comment is edited by admin)

    • Ohh Shah Sb, This all does not (Zaib) Suit to you…What you are saying Here…Try to be true one…Kal Tumaray Opper Be Wakt Aa Sakta Hai..Dont Forget Almighty is watching all of us!!! and one day we have to give answers of our doings.. So Please don’t put panic and ill statements…

      If you will put these statements , it will do nothing but weaken your side…Professionals are like from Huawei Europe she has replied and shared the grief and confessed the wrong doing of PR GUY…

      So, if you dont want to support the cause..Dont Do it…But dont post such comments to raise your position from present level to next level…Especially when you post it with your full name…

    • Atif Shah
      i know you, you are one of the special TC type :-D. but soon you will hear something special for you :-D and i know that.
      also it could be helpful for the readers here that how you shifted from HR to huawei Ufone marketing department? you know that shifting within huawei is impossible :-D

      • Mind it, he is just a sales guy but to decieve customers he used to pretend as “Global Sales & Marketing Department”. Sorry, no offense.

    • Please dont say that you are mr. perfect in this world and treat this issue as legal and everyone’s issue. Faces can change but this issue can confront all of us including you. thanks and we know his brother also works in the same company although its not legal as per company policy, thats why he is so touchy and possessive. He was hired purely for his brother’s reference in this company…

  • Although i have experience working with huawei, but being neutral, i would say it is illegal and against the labour law, if no notice has been served so far as per contract or all requirements which lead the company to terminate the employee has not been fulfilled.

    I would say the matter should be dealt with justice. But being the employee of XYZ company, i would support my fellow friend.

  • when you look at Pakistani telecommunication companies the name which comes as best employer is telenor, and the name which comes in bottom of the list is Huawei. In all categories, Employee benefits, Employee satisfaction, Employee retention, and salary packages.

    In these good companies employees are satisfied with their personal and professional growth. In huawei their employees feel like slaves. There is a total and clear discrimination between the masters(Chinese) slave drivers (Pakistani management)and slaves (Pakistani workers).

    The thing is that Chinese company came here and that started a good thing and things were good, but in time some soul seller blood sucking Pakistanis managed to creep their way in the management. These are the criminals who give their Chinese management these ideas to disregard law of Pakistani land they are like Qaroon of today. These criminals should be put in jail.

    If they are signing contracts that does not have PD fund or gratuity they are doing a crime and people who are responsible for this should be put in jail. These blood suckers are exploiting our people and must be stopped!!!

    • U r rite maiite! that’s pretty much the case with all multinationals in Pak. when they first started operations here (whether it was Warid, wateen, mobilink, ufone, banks etc) they were fine but as soon as Pakistani management took over these companies they became these devils they now seem to be.
      No comment on Jahanzaib’s case, in particular.

  • Dear Mr. M.T.R Jahanzeb

    Who am I? is not a matter but wish to discus your case. Please don’t be personal as I’ll discuss everything in very clear words.

    First of all I will say that your past experience in ZTE was not in proper HR, you were working in some different department, when Ms. Jenny took you to the HR department and you worked there few months or a year. The corporate ethics doesn’t permit you to go beyond the policies of a corporate cultured company. “Confidentiality” is a policy which almost every company keeps in its manuals and wish employees to fallow. ZTE has given you a lot but when you left ZTE you took the HR data with you to Huawei. At that moment I knew that in a year what is gonna happened with you as I knew the practices of Huawei. (I am not your colleague but had the same offer from Huawei)

    Now come to the point that you wish to sue Huawei please first of all read your contract again & again is it “Contract” or “Permanent Employment Agreement” make sure there is difference between both. Labor law has different conditions for both. Organizations usually prepare fake papers and reasons to play in court.

    Anyway Huawei is known the worst organization in Pakistan with reference to dealing with their employees; they violate the laws and destroy the future of our young blood. They should be stopped. Go ahead I am with you.

    I wrote second para just to teach you corporate ethics and to follow in future.

    • Dear A.Friend,

      Very well written, if he has brought some data from one place to other and spc. confidential one , he has done sth wrong.. But that was they part and was not @ all good step in corporate ethics. But this is also societal ethics to provide Proof for accusing someone.

      V. Rite , companies can build different documents at times and can provide logical proofs of bla bla…But here , ev1 is discussing that Why this happend to him…that all was against the law…

      If he had , done something with ZTE HR personnel information …why not you spent some time to tell ZTE Management about this act realising your Ethical responsibility..

      & This doesnt matter , whether person has background in HR or whatever, Matter is that he has been hired and now illegally fired.. So there is no favor hiring a personnel without HR background experience.. Because they found him good and they hired…

      So, This is wrong to point out someone on the time , when he/she wants to correct stuff..and you discourage because of past matters..

      I hope u will not take it as personal but as a fact….

  • When it comes to Huawei — Harassment on workplace, Indiscrimination, the absence of Provident Fund and Overtime etc etc are routine matters.

  • I agree with Mr Jehanzeb.He has a right To sue his company.yeh tu zulim hai.He is Still employee of Huawei company butt no salary since Jan2009.This is against labour Laws.The People who are responisible for this should Put In jail.

    I suggest Huawei Company that solve this important matter on periorty basis.Settle all the matters with MR Jehanzeb according to labour law.Other Wise Huawei will lose his reputation in pakistan.Because Huawei is chineese company and china is avery good friend of pakistan.

  • I served for 2 years in huawei. Once upon a similar condition I tried to meet the higher management of Huawei.

    [Part of this comment is Edited by Admin]

  • Hello,

    As you know, the International Labour Organization (ILO) is the tripartite UN agency that brings together governments, employers and workers of its member states in common action to promote decent work throughout the world (including Pakistan).

    Lets start writing emails to Mr. Juan Somavia, Director-General ILO to inform him all situation.

    I am sure if ILO receieve too many complaints, they will hopefuly take positive action.

    ILO Building, G-5/2
    Adjacent to State Bank of Pakistan
    Islamabad (Pakistan)
    Tel: (009251) 2276456-8
    Fax: (009251) 2279181-2
    Email: [email protected]

    Office of the Director-General
    Tel: +41.22.799.6026
    Fax: +41.22.799.8533
    E-mail: [email protected]

  • I appeal desperately propakistani to take up the matter with print/electronic media and TV channels as well. Such companies both huawei and zte are ruining our lives. Government should take notice against these companies.
    Thank you!

  • Aamir, i asked for contract copy (Jehanzeb contract with Huawei)not contact #
    Secondly we do sign contracts when hired without legal adviced which at times are totally against the basic labour law and afterwards we are handicapped legally
    lets hope this isnt a case here

    • I have confirmed – he has got a contract which says “permanent employee”! He says its a several document contract, which says that all laws of land will be applied.

  • Dear Mr. M T R Jahanzeb,

    If you could remember that a person came to Huawei and joined Quality control dept in may 2008. You were selection person from HR dept. I used to site near your desk. I left Huawei just after serving for 12 days. I sent you my resign on mail.So you were astonished at my resign and you replied me that why you left just in 12 days.
    So, when i saw all above with an HR manger, i thank to Allah that he saved me from such an environment.

    I have all my sympathies with people working in huawei & ZTE. This is really like Jihad to work with them

  • jk –

    if my memory serves me right you were a secretary/ admin officer in zte. how on earth did they hire you as a hr manager in the first place?

    i am sure that you must have lied in your resume? ask yourself if you got this job in the first place by manipulating your resume? if the answer is yes, then you have no right to complain.. what goes around, comes around.

    btw – do you have any idea what the corporate lawyers in huawei are going to do if they find out that you DID lie in your cv?

    i am afraid you are turning this into a political issue.

    get a life – move on. people get fired all the time…



    • @ Zir

      I would say it was incompetence of the hiring manager, if he/she couldn’t judge the competencies of the candidate in question…!

      BTW, you are right in pointing out the fact that the corporate lawyers can & will find numerous way to making this a dirty game of blames & character assassination and much more…

    • Dear ZIR
      If you remember you were child few yesrs back that does not mean that you can not grow and will remain child forever. Every person can grow in career with the help of expereince and capabilities apart from weaknesses that every person has being a human. I know him very well, he in May 2003 was Executive Secretary to the Project Director for Pakistan & Afghanistan which is not a junior level position, later he progressed due to his efforts and enthusiasm for learning. Huawei has also appreciated his efforts during one year. Let me tell you Chinese people are not that bad, its people like you who make them bad by such wrong and misguiding statements.

      • Hi, I agree with Mr. Specialist. Chinese people are really very cooperative, friendly and professional here.

        Before, asking justice, I suggest you to eliminate Black Sheeps among your ranks who could destroy your noble cause.

        Best of luck :)

  • Huawei treats its employees like slaves 100% true. But I doubt any thing will come off in your case as per present state of affairs. I know for a fact during the time of mushi marshal and I think still huawei khi office is right in the residential area of defence which is a total nuisance to all the neighbors. If fauji administration of DHA could not do anything to them how the hell civilian jehangir matters anything to them. Come on boys wake up you are in Pakland where everything goes. huawei employees are sheep in line to be slaughtered for Pak-China friendship. Funny thing is butcher is always a Paki.

  • Mr. Naseem Usmani’s response is actually representing the whole Company’s attitude and really disappointing. I would suggest writing down Mr.Ren Zhengfei the president of Huawei and attach all of these comments alongside. The issue is not only the victimisation of one person but it is more of a company reputation in Pakistan and needs to be highlited in a very strong manner specially the director’s behaviour.

  • @ A Friend: Well said, and you stated some hard facts.

    @ Mr. T: That ZTE spy bit was hilarious 

    @ Everyone: While it is morally/ethically wrong to share confidential information with competitors (specially something as sensitive as the salary structure & Organograms), but the unfortunate reality is, it happens everywhere & strong reasons to believe that it happened in Mr. Jehanzaib’s case as well.

    Some might say Mr. Jehanzaib got what he deserved (those ZTE people who were hired for Huawei, after Mr. Jehanzaib joined Huawei); others might say this was bound to happen (keeping in mind the history of Huawei).

    The fact of the matter is, it’s an ugly spat, and washing dirty laundry in public wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone (Huawei & its brand name or Mr. Jehanzaib or the other employees of Huawei or even the competitors of Huawei).

    Yes, the labor laws are ignored, mutilated & twisted as deemed fit in order to achieve the desired objectives, but this happens everywhere in the world and in all sectors of economy in Pakistan, if all that has been mentioned is indeed true than it is very unfortunate thing to happen and very poor judgment & vision shown on part of the Huawei management.

    Several of the respondents have left responses which support the different rumors (mostly negative about Huawei & its people management practices) but unfortunately none of them has given any solution.

    The question that begs attention at this point is what we can learn from this? All of us are working somewhere and this or something similar could happen to anyone of us…
    Usually the employment contracts are drafted after getting legal advice regarding all the clauses, yet all employees have the right to take their copy of contract and get it reviewed by a labor lawyer before they sign the contract, even after you have signed the contract and you smell something fishy than do not stay quiet, try to get a justification/reasoning out of it.If you don’t than don’t wait for the company to fire you, either leave it with your head held high or take the matter to the authorities.

    While wishing all the best to Mr. Jehanzaib, its high time that the regulatory authorities like labor court or PTA to start some sort of investigation in to such bad practices (standard benefits, terms of employment, working conditions, outsourcing models etc etc)

    P.s: Please make a health discussion out of it, and don’t use this forum to vent your pent up frustration.

  • Hi every one… I have also been an ex-employee of Huawei. They are always treacherous. They promise for appraisals that never come. They betray about many policies. They make you work more than 14 hours a day with no extra money (no money for over time after 20 hours) and in recent times, only 2 ppl out of 10 could claim that over time because of department quota. you can never make decisions at your own because chinese supervisor is always on your head (may he be a recent graduate from chinese university). That is pathetic about Huawei.
    I intend never to work in Huawei in Pakistan again! Mr. Jahanzeb should contact people like us and we will join hands together with him against Huawei pathetic attitude.

  • Is it true that Mr. Jehanzeb is organizing Press Conference this week at National Press Club, Islamabad ??? If so, please remember to announce venue in advance. I am very keen to join it :)

  • Anyone who has worked in Huawei, even for few months, knows the following:

    Chinese are probably the worst employers
    They don’t trust you
    They treat Pakistanis only as helpers or translators
    They don’t fullfill their commitments regarding Salary or Bonus or other things
    Its just like they are using Pakistanis as tissue papers

    Go ahead Jehanzed, we are with you.

  • Huawei’s HR has circulated a document to all employees to clear their position. But i am sure they are using the same tactics which they have been used several times to forcibly terminate their employees. Here is the the complete detail of the documents.

    Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Pakistan Representative Office
    Pak. HR Doc.【2009】No. 01 Approved by: Du Jianfeng

    Regarding Jehanzeb Khan’s shallow attempt for maligning company’s reputation publication

    M.T.R.Jehanzeb Khan (ID: 00704745) has worked in Huawei Pakistan as an HR specialist from Nov.20, 2007 to Nov.19, 2008. His labor contract was terminated by the company on Nov.19, 2008, due to violation of company code of conduct. Details are as following:

    1) During his working period, Jehanzeb often didn’t follow official working hours and was always late to work. HR Dept issued one warning letter to him on Aug.27, 2008 stating to be punctual. Even after issuing the letter and various discussions with his supervisor, there was no change in his attitude.

    2) Secondly, as a recruitment specialist, Jehanzeb seriously disobey Huawei recruitment policy regarding hiring blood relatives in the company. He violated the policy by attempting to recruit his wife in Huawei directly without informing in advance to the management until HR Dept. discovered it.

    Considering his bad behavior and non serious working attitude, HR Dept. decided to terminate his contract and helped him finish the whole termination process.

    But even after leaving company, Jehanzeb deliberately created trouble against Huawei by factually making incorrect statement through media. He got one article/letter published in which he made a shallow attempt by maligning company’s reputation.

    In order to clarify the situation and state the facts clearly, Huawei being a multinational telecom vendor is very much aware of its responsibilities towards the welfare, legal rights and betterment of its employees. Company legal Dept. has issued one formal warning letter to Jehanzeb which demand him desist from making these and other defamatory statements and despite our offer to resolve the matter amicably, any kinds of future attempt from his side to further defame Huawei through any means shall leave no choice but to take legal actions to the fullest extent permitted by law.

    We hereby publish the whole matter about Jehanzeb and let Huawei employees be acquainted with the clear truth which will assist in giving explanation to our customers if necessary.

    Human Resource Dept.
    Pakistan Representative Office
    May 29, 2009

    Submit to: MENA HR ER Dept. MENA Legal Dept.
    Cc: ME HR Dept.
    To: Pakistan all Dept.
    Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. May.29, 2009

  • Finally it took 7 days for huawei to find a unethical reason without any truth in it and made a dent in its own face. This is basically employee deceiving version..

    Huawei should have immediately submitted a response and a press release to the same forum but they discussed internally what to do next and hide the company weaknesses by misguiding and throwing mud. In fact they hired one legal person in HR to look after this specific issue.

    Can company reproduce the termination letter that was issued to him on nov 19 for their employees satisfaction based on the same reasons and an inquiry report duly signed and received by Mr. Jehanzeb on nov 19 towards justification of false claims made by huawei for termination.

    The truth is that he has not been issued a termination letter yet in fact he was harassed and forcibly separated in hurry without proper documentation. By the way what about other blood relatives who are still working in this company which shows there is no such policy for blood relation.

    Is this policy not made for Director PR whose daughter worked in this company and he is still working in this company..i am not publishing the names of blood relatives whom i know just to stay decent unlike huawei. if anyone wanted the names i can mention privately..lets unite for the issue and tell them the power of collective wisdom and union through legal process addressing CJ OF PAKISTAN

    • Dear specialist,
      I think its time to fight for Mr Jahanzeb rather to target some one.This issue has been raised by Mr Jahanzeb So we should support him instead of blamming others.
      Thanks for Understanding.

  • Dear Huawei Head Office / Top management you have replyed the justification of termination of Mr. Jehanzeb as a legal termination after 7 days. Now can we expect that you will reply the justification of NO medical, No leave incashment no anual leaves and no life insurance with in 14 days? (exactly double than previous )

  • Dear
    In the past Huawei has fired so many employes on the name of information security.
    now i am asking when so many outsourced engineers sit in the premisis of Huawei, actully who belonged to subcon,
    now where is the IT person now,Where is that policy….
    You can’t trust such compney and the people who are on the top managment whose blood is now changed to chinees by staying and getting benifts for their own…
    but i am telling them they are the next…

  • Dear Friends and Colleagues:

    I thank you all for your comments and support. The letter circulated by Huawei management on May 27, 2009 is absoulutely misguiding and they havent given me any sort of severe warning letter despite my email afterwards nor do they amicably wanted to resolve the issue.

    I would cordially invite those who want to join hands in hands with me for further necessary actions in the light of new judicial policy 2009. Kindly send me your emails personally, My email is [email protected], please remember that “United we stand and divided we fall”.

    Sincere wishes and regards


  • This is really insulting behaviour for employess to be outsourced in a subcon who were under you and ask you sir now you ask them sir and obey them.
    Very pathetic situation

    please do the needful and result oriented???

    Dear Jehanzeb
    weldone we are with you at any cost.

  • Chinese telecom companies never give permanent status to their employees. I spend about 4 years here, they are not even loyal with their contracts.

    I am surprised to know permenant status.

    Chinese Policies / Invest Money —> Earn Money —> Run Away.

  • Dear All,

    i am working as Deputy Director in Huawei Pakistan since last 8 years. Today i want to let you inform about some hidden truths whice might be no one knows until now.

    To be very true in Huawei Pakistan only Chinese invovles to decide management rules/policies, even i am in the top management but Mr. Jacky Zhou (Director TSD) never ask about my opinion before making any decision. I and Mr. Jin are the all in all of maintenance dept. but what is going on since March this year is:

    Mr. Jacky and some times his secretary Zhumijian call to us and set target that this month you should cut down 10 employees.

    We can’t objection and just say ok we’ll meet this target in time. How?
    As we have hired one outsource company SNS to avoid any inconvenience about direct termination by Huawei like Jhanzeb.
    So i call to SNS HR guy and first shift 10 selected employees (engineers) to SNS and then after 1 month later i inform to SNS, about poor performance of these eng. having C grade in last 3-4 quarters which is our internal grading and set whatever we want, just terminate from SNS as well. Target accomplished.
    Actually i am very sorry to say i am also bound becoz my higher ups are not wait of my decision, if i’ll not act according to their wish then they will stop my increment/bonus or might be terminate. and in Huawei everyone knows that basically i have Diploma holder and technician of SCO, But just becoz of my strong analytical skills i reached here and earning around 2 lackh.

    My suggestion to remaining Huawei engineers please pay your high attention to buttering your manager it will be more beneficial for you then work.

    Actually there is no management policy in Huawei at all, chinese make decisions by calling meetings in their guest houses in the nights/weekend and implement in the morning. Even i and Mr. Jin implement new tasks and targets to our team leaders everyday even some times after every 3-4hrs and then after two days we forget as well because of heavy work lood.

    Moral of the story: if you want to be successful then just allow your manager to fuck you and you fuck this compay like Chinese are fucking Huawei more than any body.


  • Dear ALL,
    Huawei give us a lot of support and also we have learnt a lot of things from it which will be usefull in future but the way of termination is not good.
    because we have done a lot of projects for huawei moblink project a mega project but when their work finish they told us to resign.

    it is not fair bcz a lot of person loose their future career

  • Dear All Huawei is such a ________ company that it has again started Big Hiring after fininshing the firing

    [Comment Edited]

  • welldon govt of pakistan,,and ptcl..thanx 4 ur behav like animals with ptcl terminated workers….shame 4 presdent ASIF ALI ZARDARI,,,YOUSAF RAZA GILLANI PTCL MANAGMENT AND SO CALLED MEDIA GEO.ARY,AAJ,DUNIYA,SAMA,ETC…One more thing,,where is CHIEF SAAAB,,CHIEF JUSTICE OF PAKISTAN IFTIKHAR CHOUDHARY SAB…SLEEEEPING?….o never mind,carry on chief saab,,,hav a nice dream..

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