Wateen Online Gaming Service Launched


Wateen has commercially launched WOGS (Wateen Online Gaming Service). WOGS is a subscription based service which will allow customers to connect to wateen dedicated servers through a software client and play multi-player computer games online with friends from the comforts of their home or favorite gaming café.


  • Support for dedicated servers for PC games
  • Web-hosted game and server statistics for select games
  • Proprietary software client for end-user
  • Monthly Prize based tournaments for the most popular games
  • Gaming Portal with free-to-play web games, account management and community services (forums etc…)
  • Internet independent and can be connected via any broadband Internet medium
  • No Internet volume deduction of gaming traffic on Wateen’s Network

Games Available:

– Call of Duty 4
– Call of duty 5
– Team Fortress II
– Left 4 Dead
– Counter Strike 1.6
– Counter Strike: Source
– Battle Field II
– Quake III


The package structure is simple: Rs. 900 for three months.

To know more visit Wateen’s official website or a cross post covered here.

Wateen’s Forum for Gamers can be accessed here: http://games.wateen.com/vBulletin/index.php

  • c0d3r

    I would like to add that wateen are not the first one to launch these gaming services. Micronet Broadband (MBL, ISlamabad) was the first ISP To launch its gameing servers back in March 2007. MBL have quite a few gamging servers and hold the edge in gaming services and quality are are FREE to play on from anywhere in the world.

    Wateen however are the first company to launch PAID service for gamging. Though this might be for revenue generation, it is quite a bit of a problem for gamers, especially who are school/college students, or even professionals earning ,oney. In this ercession, no one has the budget to spend extra and even more for a gaming service, especially if there are other venues that offfer better quality at no cost whatsoever!

  • Cha!N ShooT3R

    Coder u r rite…..MBL is the best for free gaming….INSHALLAH soon v will get good traffic in mbl servers….

  • Dragon

    Since we’re clarifying record you’re information is completely incorrect c0d3r.

    Worldcall has been the most prominent and oldest free game server provider. LWW was the first company to offer paid gaming connectivity.

    Fact is, none of this really qualifies as a gaming service. I won’t go into the veracity of you claims…suffice to say that you’re an admin for MBL.

    This is something you should’ve disclosed before writing the comment btw, but I guess you’re not a part of a professional gaming service :) For the record, i’m a part of the Wateen Online Gaming Team.

  • c0d3r

    @Dragon: Abt the first gaming service, i didnt take into account worldcall, my bad.. and that is correct :) WC have had their servers for quite some time, but the service mbl and wateen servers provide are far better imho :)

    As for qualifying as gaming sevices.. what else do u want for anone of these to qualify as a gaming service?

    And lastly, i am not an official part of any gaming service, i have been doing all this for free for two yrs now, , w/o any cause but the general good of the Gaming scene in pakistan. So for the record.. i dont even care if u are a part of any “PROFESSIONAL” gaming service.. :|

  • Dragon

    There needs to be a service provided. Gaming servers alone are imo not enough to qualify. This is admittedly debatable.

    You missed my point, cod3r. I respect all admins that work for the good of gaming in Pakistan…it’s the only reason we’re doing this project.

    My point was, if you offer an opinion on a public forum, you need to point out that you are an admin (paid or not) for a COMPETITOR. Otherwise, you lose validity…people will assume you are biased and were withholding that information intentionally.

  • c0d3r

    Hmm, service provided.. well, for what wateen and mbl are offering pakistani gamers like me, i think this is a service in itself :D Who wud have thought wed be hosting Multiplayer gaming services in our own country , around 3-4 yrs back !

    And the respect is mutual for admins :) Coz were all linked togather if we are to raise the Gaming scene in Pakisntan :)

    And as for ccompetitor or not, my only interest as a gamer, is that we offer Free gaming, thats it.. i have no other points.. coz ive been playing since the start of both of these services, and i truly believe that there are other ways to get the break even cost rather than charging gamers.
    Ive had discussions with maverick aswell, with the same point. I advocate free gaming.
    As for my reply, i accept that i didnt remember wc in the first post, howeverm this is a public forum, and irrespective of me being an admin, my only point , from the public, is why the paid service, with reasons to suport that (in the first post)

    PS: Its nice to actually talk with somone sensible, coz we all remember the wcg Metal fiasco, and i dont want that to happen again :S

  • Asim aka ASKnASK

    I’m neither a Wateen fanboy, nor an MBL admin. So I’m gonna present a very neutral picture here.

    I started playing Call of Duty 4 late last year. At that time, the MBL servers were pretty deserted and Wateen got all the traffic. Both servers were of course free.

    Recently, both servers have had traffic, with Wateen dominating the scene a bit. However, the provision of this ‘gaming service’ from wateen will rob them of quite a bit of the traffic. See not everyone wants to spend almost a 1000 Rs on something when there is an alternative available, for free. Wateen has sugarcoated their offer with a lot of claptrap. But the fact remains that they want money from us for something that they’d been providing for free.

    There are pros and cons of both the companies. I’d like to list a few points now.


    * Lack of supervision. There are not enough proper admins, or rules for the server. I myself have seen it turn into a hacker-heaven simply because there were no admins around.

    * Lack of stability. The servers have been going on and off way too regularly. Like right now, I don’t think the MBL servers are functional. Last night, when all the players were kicked off the Wateen server because it went premium, a lot of people would’ve been looking for a free alternative. But MBL wasn’t there when really needed.

    * I hope you look into it. Also, c0d3r, tell your admins to tone it down a little, if you know what i mean.


    * They ask for money.

    * I don’t like some of the admins. They’re fishy. In my opinion, now since they’re gonna be charging money for offering this ‘service’, there needs to be increased transparency in this whole admin thing. First thing.. ANY member should be allowed to demand Punkbuster Screenshots of any other member, be it the admin himself (there can be a quota set for that, like 3 screenshots max a day or something). Secondly, If there is a complaint against a member, or an admin, it shouldn’t be dismissed by saying ‘I’ve seen his nuts. He plays fair’. Guess what? We don’t trust you or your judgement.

    * I’ve been called a hacker by a lot of people, even people i least expected it from, like 5N1P3R and Gen Butts, both of whom i used to respect, despite a lot of people saying that they hack. So the above point really needs to be implemented.

    Anyways, If MBL can manage to keep the COD4 servers running properly, I’m sure they’ll get all the traffic they want. BUT, if they don’t get their act together REAL SOON, people are gonna get that 900 Rupee 3 month WOGS subscription… And I have a feeling that they’re gonna keep renewing it after the first three months once they buy it.


  • c0d3r

    Since all the traffic was playing on wateen, including us :) .. we were at a point of closing the cod4 servers.. which was stopped by a poll on the forums, by the community. Eventho the cod4 servers were top notch initially, but since wateen provided a lot more servers than ours, so most of us including us aswell, played and still play on wateen. So lack of adminship is there coz there isnt much interest , but things are on the verge of changing. Since wateen goes non-free, hence well be back to any free server we have, and that means that mbl cod4 servers will be getting more attention :) Give us a few more days thats it.

    @Lack of stability: yeah, the simple issue, the copy running atm, is the one we betatested initially, and then experimented all the stuff. Hence its gone a bit unstable. But a new fresh installation is on the cards, and will be done. Then no more crashing (i hope!)

  • Asim aka ASKnASK

    See? Today the server is full. But… It just crashed once :) However, I have full trust in you guys. I’m sure this will be sorted out soon.

    For the last two days, I’ve been playing on a Brit server, with a 240 ping. Still got a 25-3 score =P

    Really missed playing with all these local pros.
    Thank you MBL for not being blook-sucking ticks.

  • c0d3r

    lol, as lon as im alive, i wont let mbl be a blood sucking pro lol.

    As for cod4, servers already getting admin attention, hopefully it wud be better from now on :D

    Free gaming ftw :)

  • [JDL] GameR

    According to me, Wateen’s, So called “services” are biased as i personally feel that the Admins favour there own friends and relatives….I’ve been facing such situations in the past where I was insulted but still the Admins took no action…Further i was Banned and no proper support was provided to me, I talked to Maverick and Kashi but they didn’t helped me either. Paying for such services is a waste of Time and Cash…its better to stick to free servers avoid such money suckers such as wateen….
    PLease discuss the COD4 server issue with the Admins so I can play again…Lol…FREE GAMING WILL REMAIN FOREVER.

  • Dragon

    AsknAsk, I always look forward to feedback from the community. There is a perception of favourtism from the admins, but my personal experience says that more of than not its a false alarm.

    I have a reasonably unbiased view of the service myself, meaning i’m not a fanboi of WOG. I think we are trying to segregate the gaming market with a initiative that has only the best for professional gaming in mind. If we pull it off, we’ll be able to transform it into something bigger and better (hopefully). If we fail, you’ll have all the free gaming you want.

    Most admins for the service will be elected btw. Just thought i’d let you all know. In the meantime, I wish everyone the best.

  • Wateen user

    According to me Wateen is very good service after unlimited. and hope that they will provide more packages in future as well

  • …..Haadi…..

    wateen is not a good net giver
    I mean it

  • i like too much that wateen has creat awebsite when i khnow about this websit i was vere excited

  • proud pakisatniiiii :)

    i love Wateen as much as I can :))))))))) ppl don’t get jealous to me and my lovable service Wateen.. You ppl defiantly know about How come I am happy with wateen? because I know every service creates some issues while using…. I also faced some issues but always get proper solutions from Wateen..

  • humza

    very pooooooooooooooooooooooooooor service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amna

    very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood service::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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