Wateen Online Gaming Service Launched


Wateen has commercially launched WOGS (Wateen Online Gaming Service). WOGS is a subscription based service which will allow customers to connect to wateen dedicated servers through a software client and play multi-player computer games online with friends from the comforts of their home or favorite gaming café.


  • Support for dedicated servers for PC games
  • Web-hosted game and server statistics for select games
  • Proprietary software client for end-user
  • Monthly Prize based tournaments for the most popular games
  • Gaming Portal with free-to-play web games, account management and community services (forums etc…)
  • Internet independent and can be connected via any broadband Internet medium
  • No Internet volume deduction of gaming traffic on Wateen’s Network

Games Available:

– Call of Duty 4
– Call of duty 5
– Team Fortress II
– Left 4 Dead
– Counter Strike 1.6
– Counter Strike: Source
– Battle Field II
– Quake III


The package structure is simple: Rs. 900 for three months.

To know more visit Wateen’s official website or a cross post covered here.

Wateen’s Forum for Gamers can be accessed here: http://games.wateen.com/vBulletin/index.php