Augere & Supernet in Talks for Possible Merger

Rumor is that ‘next in line Wi-MAX operator’, Augere and Supernet will merge and become Single Entity. Supernet is a wholly owned subsidiary of TeleCard Limited, a complete communication solution provider in Pakistan which offers comprehensive voice and data solutions in the country.

When contacted higher officials at Telecard, they confirmed that both companies are seriously on table for using each others’ services, however, naming it merger can be too early to confirm.

Augere, a Netherland firm whose main focus is on broadband delivery in emerging markets has been selected by TeleCard for its Wimax operations.

Earlier, we have seen reports of merging of Infinity and LinkDotNet. Lets see, where this deal finalizes.

  • Naval Vaswani

    Well its good one more cometitor in Broad Band indutry of Pakistan. This will help to grow all together. The market is yet to be fully explored as many segments are not yet targetd