63 Paisa per 30 Seconds on All Network: Telenor TalkShawk

telenor_ad63Telenor has fanned the fire again by introducing lowest call rate Package – this time, its 63 Paisa (excluding taxes) per 30 seconds on all networks, and package is called Telenor TalkShawk 63.

By the way, Telenor took litter longer in responding to competition started by Mobilink back in January for 30 second package – Mobilink had introduced 68 Paisa per 30 second package then, which was answered by Zong’s 65 Paisa per 30 second package.

Ufone and Warid entered in the race too, but with Rs. 2 per 3 minute and Rs. 1.20 per minute packages respectively.
Telenor’s current offering being the industry lowest can only be matched by offering 62 Paisa package by any other operator – as 62 paisa per 30 seconds will be the lowest possible rate that any company can offer for other networks (given that interconnect rate is Rs. 1.21 per minute).

Telenor has played its card at a time, when Mobilink has reported 23 percent decline in YoY quartely revenues, while Warid is struggling with Singtel deal. Zong seems well settled with 65 Paisa package – so the only fear is Ufone, that may come up with a strike back; however chances are not bright.

Here are the Tariff details of Telenor TalkShawk 63 Paisa Package



Note: All rates are exclusive of taxes

  • All existing Telenor prepaid customers can convert to Telenor Talkshawk 63 for Rs.25 (inclusive of tax)
  • With IVR Dialing 345661/345662: Rs.0.25 exclusive of tax

Fore more details – visit Offical Page here

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  • Anonymous

    Ah! Dear. That was already covered at forums a long ago at following link:

  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous

    Ah! It would be 0.60 paisas per 30 seconds, that would be competetive.

  • Malik

    A small correction:)
    According to my knowledge, interconnect is Rs. 1.0/min.

  • ahsan

    can someone explain whether these interconnect charges are included in the tariff of 63 paisas per 30 seconds or will charged in adition?

    • Sarah

      you dont need to worry about interconnect. For you, rate is 63 paisa per 30 seconds on all networks (excluding taxes)

  • Malik

    As per website, only 63/30 sec will charged from the user…

  • Faran


    u knowledge is corct. it IS 1/min but dat is widout taxes.
    iv u include 21% tax, den it will mkke 1.21 as stated abuv.

  • Agrieved

    Wasn’t this already covered at following link at ProPakistani Forums:

  • A Cellular User

    Hmm 5paisas difference as compared to Jazz Budget ONLY

  • @Faran

    63 paisa is without taxes
    So why you mentioned interconnect rates with taxes ?

    • Sorry it should be,

      Why Aamir you mentioned tariff without taxes and then interconnect with taxes ?

      • Ch. Sajid

        There are no interconnect charges, only 63 paisa/30 sec is the call rate which is w/out tax and if v include tax it becomes 76.23 paisa/30 sec. I am using telenor and being charged at this rate.
        Cheers all!!

    • shahzad ayub

      because telecom companies pay tax as well that’s why tax is included in interconnect charges

      but telecom companies don’t receive tax that’s why tax is not included in tarrif of company (63 paisa only)

  • Saqib Rizwan

    Telenor is providing best packages to their users . I like their service and this new package too.

    • Ch. Sajid

      Yes as far as QoS is concerned, there is no match of Telenor.

  • @Ch. Sajid

    I’m discussing about those interconnect charges which are charged to telecom companies

  • jamshed

    the exact rate is 71 pasia per 30 sec on all networks including taxes, 63 paisa is excluding taxes, but still this rate plus the sms package that they are offering makes up the best package around in Pakistan, :)

  • koki

    sms rates are very high. ufone is the best

  • Kanwel Taha


  • Dear All,

    All the rates provided by the Companies are effected by Huge Government Taxes!

    So, what ever the rates are will be same all the time – No matter decreased by 2 or 3 or 5 paisas! If company is reducing 2 paisas in tariff Government Imposes Tax doubled to reduced rate!

    So, Zardari Sahib & Shoukat Tareen Sahib just think about the people of Pakistan!


    Mushtaque Asghar

  • now zong introduce 45 paisa call /20sec to all networks in paksitan

    this is the reply of every network Fnf charges

  • Plz Rate kam Kiya jay

  • Zaheer

    acha pakeag hai

  • Zaheer

    Telenor ko cheya ka pakistan main 3g service b shuroo karey