Wi-Tribe Soft Launch in Islamabad on June 1st

As we have earlier reported about Wi-tribe soft launch in Karachi & Lahore, this time we have news for our readers about soft launch in Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

Reportedly, Wi-tribe is soft launching on 1st of June,2009. Most of the places have been brought under coverage area. For now, people can call on their call center (111-187-423) to get the CPE (Consumer Premises Equipment). Upon querying, it has been brought under attention that their company operated outlets will be operational within next 2 weeks.

For now, their outdoor CPE don’t have extra cost. Its of same price as indoor CPE. For tariff , re-visit the old post here

  • omerfarooq

    If they fail to provide Unlimited download, they won’t be able to compete much.
    There packages are already hugher in price with 512 kbps at 1200 and they even don’t have Wireless Broadband(USB EVDO) service.

  • Mohammed Talha

    You are totally wrong omerfarooq,,, I have Wi-Tribe connection and it works excellent…. It is true that their price are high but if you compare it with Wateen, PTCL, LinkDotNet and Mobilink Infinity. then you will always say Wi-Tribe is the best. For more information regarding Wi-Tribe Pakistan feel free to contact me at 0313-9825429.

    • Hidden Eyes

      How can we compare them with the rest of the lost when they haven’t launched commercially as of now. You have to wait and see brother.

      omerfarooq has a valid point.. if the customers have trend to go after cheap rates, then tell me brother, why would any body go after wi-tribe in first place??

  • Muhammad Nadir

    @ M.Talha—— I disagree with you, i am a user of witribe in karachi, their service is wretched. You must be an employee of wi-tribe, thats y u r praising them.
    Any ways, i agree with Omar and Hidden, if a company thinks that they can come with this much hiogher rates and win the market share, then they are simply planning to fail.
    my expe with wi-tribe was so ……

  • Muhammad Nadir


  • Terrorist

    I agree with omerfarooq, this is a new Wateen a.k.a Yateem in the making

    • Kaifee

      YATEEM lol gud 1

  • Ahmed

    I was expecting something new and different from wi-tribe when they launched. But not interested in it anymore.

    A lot of forums and blogs are covered with these wi-tribe employees disguised as ordinary people defending their stupid product. How pathetic.

    • Zakir

      Ahmed, if wi-tribe employees are trying to defend their offering on these blogs, then it is TRULY PATHETIC. wi-tribe doesn’t have sufficient coverage in the four cities where they have launched. Selling a service without sales outlets is stupid. wi-tribe’s management does not know how to sell broadband. Their sales will be worse than Wateen. PTCL with higher speeds, unlimited downloads, zero upfront charges, and entertainment portal will rule other ISPs and is close to 200,000 customers already.

    • Kaifee

      thx god still using worldcall (~_~)

  • Sunny

    Wi-Tribe sucks big time you lot its more Why Try Bhai = Wi-Tribhi lol

    • Hidden Eyes

      I have seen people around here telling us about Sucked-up-service… but no body has given a reason here.. If anybody has issues, we would love to hear it from them. We still don’t have ample idea about the service quality of wi-tribe..

  • Muddasir

    Yes you right anyone who is facing any kind of problem should provide details otherwise blog reader remains confused that what kind of services they are actually offering..

  • Momin

    there is no point to be confused…

    the company provides a best methodology to prove their quality assurance. (I am not company employee, I just bought the service 2 days back)

    – Check, the team test the service and what ever the signal they test at the spot, they won’t dis-appear (Consistency)

    – They give you 7 days trial period, any time we can refuse to take the services, even in my case the sales team made a follow-up visit too to check if i am troubled or its working good. (Excellent Sales Strategy)

    – The Service remained so awesome in these two days and even now that i referred it to almost most of the ppl in my area, 4 yet turned out to be using this.

    Emagine, if 4 in 2 days can take this decision, how many can turn into using Wi-Tribe in a month…

    Hats off to Wi-Tribe, the service is really nice and consistent. what you claim, you provide

  • nasir Ch

    hahahaha……..nice technique
    u’ve adopted the tech of Zong, same idea dude…
    every one is shifting to zong, etc etc…
    i returned their toy in 3 days, and still trying to get my money back….
    u must be getting good money from them.

  • Ali

    yaar i m using witribe service in karachi clifton area seriously the service is awsome i m using a 1 mb package n still having a constant speed from these guys tht is constant 120 kb above download n 25 kb above upload(kb here is kilo bytes not bits) excelent customer sevices n i had to pay no higher up front charges for cpe plus guys they are givinng a 7 days free trial wid 100% reund gaurantee i think u should give a try ya one thing i would say i m waiting for a unlimited package which wateen has launched but services are awsome as comapared to others

  • Riffat

    People who are looking for reasons for Wi-tribe being so bad:
    * poor value for money
    * low speed in comparison with other service providers, such as PTCL and MAXCOM or even World Call
    * Capped Downloads (In this time and age, really?)

    I have tried it for a month and I’m totally going for MaxCom now.

  • i am wi-tribe user 1mb 12gb in begining it work fast and good but now it has soo slow speed youtube page opens in 5 minutes..!!! i m fedup,,, wi-tribe is not good..