Mobilink Announces Huge Incentives for Managers and Above (Only)

By Jazzy

Recently Mobilink has purchased Honda cars worth 40 Million Rupees from one of Honda dealer for recently promoted senior managers in Pakistan, learnt by ProPakistani correspondent.

This is a positive sign that company is spending money for its workforce, but at same time its strange – as Orascom has different plans, to cut cost in the region by 10 percent. Moreover, Mobilink showed negative results in the most recent quarters in terms of revenues as well as new addition in customers.

When we dug the issue further and spoke to several non-managers of Mobilink, they were of the view that Mobilink spends huge amount on such Luxury items for its Managers, Directors and VPs – while the cost cutting is being applied for non-manager staff only, in shape of no bonus payment for 2009, reduced company subsidized lunch, and a meager annual increment of Rs. 2000-3000 at Associate level.

Non-Managerial staff is at their lowest level of satisfaction at the moment, mostly they are looking for job switch; which is also recommended by some HoD to their non-managerial staff, Propakistani reporter learnt exclusively.