Mobilink Announces Huge Incentives for Managers and Above (Only)

By Jazzy

Recently Mobilink has purchased Honda cars worth 40 Million Rupees from one of Honda dealer for recently promoted senior managers in Pakistan, learnt by ProPakistani correspondent.

This is a positive sign that company is spending money for its workforce, but at same time its strange – as Orascom has different plans, to cut cost in the region by 10 percent. Moreover, Mobilink showed negative results in the most recent quarters in terms of revenues as well as new addition in customers.

When we dug the issue further and spoke to several non-managers of Mobilink, they were of the view that Mobilink spends huge amount on such Luxury items for its Managers, Directors and VPs – while the cost cutting is being applied for non-manager staff only, in shape of no bonus payment for 2009, reduced company subsidized lunch, and a meager annual increment of Rs. 2000-3000 at Associate level.

Non-Managerial staff is at their lowest level of satisfaction at the moment, mostly they are looking for job switch; which is also recommended by some HoD to their non-managerial staff, Propakistani reporter learnt exclusively.

  • Just to clarify that all Managers-1 are entitled to a company vehicle and we had almost 37 promotions this year in the category so everyone can do the rest of calculation
    Secondly its not lavish spending it’s an employee right and a company policy since its existence

  • In accordance to the current inflation, Mobilink should have given good increments at the associate level because managers are already getting many incentives. But instead, this year no bonuses have been announced, the lower salary slab has suffered the most in this regard.

    It is true that the associate level employees are the un-happiest ones and wouldn’t hesitate to leave the company if given a good oppotunity.

  • Bonus is entitled to your annual targets which we missed by a small target (thanks to Rupee depreciation) therefore unfortunately we didn’t get it
    Secondly, agreed that employees won’t hesitate to leave for a good opportunity provided if THEY GET ONE plus better than ours

  • What i have seen in the corporate sector of Pakistan, Mobilink by far is known for its care provided to every employee and it far exceeds what other companies give to its employees. Mobilink employees have the best office spaces, excellent work environment and best incentives. As far as job switch is concerned, i believe every telecom needs best work force, where else to find the very best… none other than Mobilink of course…:)

  • I am surprised by the heading of this news “Mobilink announces huge incentives…) whereas no such announcment has been made, and what Ardisher said earlier is very correct
    Pro-pakistani should be a bit more mature in their News

  • It has not been a long time since I have started reading your articles regarding various telecom operators especially Mobilink but I fail to understand from where you get such information. I am ex-mobilink employee and worked there for more than 5 years before leaving for UK…With no offense, I would bluntly say that everything you write about this company is simply rubbish. Going back to your news of purchase of cars worth 40M,i would like to add here that, it is the part of Mobilink annual incentive package (which is there since 2003).The company recognizes people’s effort by rewarding them in various ways. We should appreciate that in this time of severe financial crunch companies like mobilink are still caring for their people which is not common all over the world. The policy of cars only starts at senior management level where as the junior managers are not entitled for any car. Why don’t you publish it as a news /Headline that “unlike all telecom companies Mobilink Manager’ II are not entitled for car benefit”- In future I would like to see encouraging news about telecom especially about Mobilink.

  • No one touched the core issue, that was actually for lower staff like associates who always complain about the promotion criteria and incentives for them. No doubt its a policy to reward the senior managers with cars depsite decrease in earnings of the company worldwide but at the same time the lower staff is being ignored.They are demotivated as the company this year didnt compare the rate of increments with the inflation rate in our country (lets not call it increment). Salary in terms of value was more in 2006 than now in 2009 for associates after spending three years.

  • Can you share the increment % of other operator’s too (if posible) in order to justify your stance

  • Telenor gave much better increments as compared to Mobilink. Employees were given bonus as well.

    Specialist is right. even after spending 3 years in mobilink, associates financial status has lessened even after so-called increments!

    Mobilink considers promotions and increments as the same thing for associates. associates who didnt get promoted cuz they spent less than a year in mobi got the same increment as associates who did get promote after spending 3 years!! now how unfair is that !!!!

    Even those who got promoted didnt reach the salary slab for a specific designation!

  • Come on mobilink Managers,

    Earning more than three hundered thousand 3,00,000 a month is still not enough for you guys to buy new Cars, don’t know what special you do, when you talk about performance you link it with your subordinates and when its incentive term you take it with both hands, how about the incentive amount for the assosiate 1 & 2, working at CSC all over the country (didn’t given) why ??? because mobilink didn’t get the required amount of profit, Hah…..looosers

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