Warid Will Pay Franchisers’ Commission through Top-up instead of Cheques/Drafts

Through inside sources we have learned that Warid has gone a step further ahead for cutting its cost, by making a company policy to distribute franchisers’ commission in shape of top-up, which is otherwise paid out in form of bank drafts/cheques (by all telcom companies).

We will have to admit that Warid is bringing innovation in cutting its operating cost, and there must be very intelligent minds behind all this; but at same time, this really gonna give tough time to franchisers if they will have to re-sell top-up to actually get commissions.

Moreover, Warid needs to think about its affiliate re-sellers (franchisers) in far flung areas, where sale is already hitting its bottom limit.

Making efficient and intelligent expenses is truly understandable, but Warid has to take its business partners along, if they want to run long.

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  • Another JOKE. Hey the only reason the Warid are cost cutting is to improve their balance sheets so that Singtel buy shares at a higher price. Has everyone gone mad in this country. Stop being slaves guys and wake up. Its about time, employees of Warid and stake franchisees must fight for their rights. This is a silly policy and PTA must intervene. Place a hold on thier licence until people are paid what is owed to them. As far as this policy is concerned, speak up now or be slaves forever. I am sure SINGTEL are also involved in this decision somewhere and we must stop outsiders coming up with these irrationl ideas. Warid must have paid the higher ups a lot of money to execute this stupid idea. Hey pack up franchisees, as Warid need you not the other way around. FRAUSTERS the lot of them.

  • hmmm…a vey innovative approach, I must admit.
    Thumbs up for the people behind this idea.

    • This idea by any means isn’t profitable. I think Franchisers should respond by moving away to other teleco’s franchises.

  • An Idea for Franchise People:

    Apply for UBL Orion. This is how you can transfer your virtual money to hard cash.. Simple ABC!!!

    When opportunities are available, who cares about problems these days ;-)

  • this is a great idea from warids point of view , with out involving the cash , they have reduced the cost as well as increase the sales

    I like this idea

    • many of our friends said here that its great idea,intelligent thinking,innovative and etc.and unfortunately all my respected friends are not aware of the ongoing situation of the telecom industry in our country as profitibility ratio already dropes rapidly in this situation this type of decision is not a positive move and an other thing that why not warid gives all their employees pay in shape of scratch card or ezeeload and their sales 100% improve.how you feel if you doing a job and at the month end you will receive the product of your company instead of your pay check/commision check so this is not a right decision.

      • Mr Ali, very good idea. I like your thinking. I am sure this will give Warid’s management a taste of their own medicine.
        In my view this payment of commission in shape of scratch cards is not good, and will create problem for small business-men running franchises.
        I think PTA should step in, and if Warid management cannot run their business, then the company be sold to someone else.

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