Demand of Security Gadgets Soars Due to Terror Threat

The sale of security gadgets, such as close-circuit television cameras (CCTV), spy cameras, beam sensors, motion sensors and fire alarms, has gone up in the country in the wake of growing terror threat from the Taliban.

Previously, these gadgets were used by police, private security companies, multinational firms, banks, five-star hotels and moneychangers.

But the deteriorating security situation in Pakistan has forced people to use these devices at shops and houses to keep an eye on terrorists.

Local security gadget dealers reported high sales during the past few months.

“These days people prefer installing security gadgets at home and shops to hiring security guards considering the former a more effective solution to terrorism. They are buying CCTVs and night vision cameras for installation at houses, filling stations, hotels and restaurants,” said Shoaib, a gadget dealer.

Another security gadget dealer, Awaisur Rehman, said that most of the security devices available in the twin-city markets were imported from China, Taiwan and Korea.

The price of the CCTV cameras range from 2,500 to 150,000 rupees, he added.

Most popular for the domestic purposes is a CCTV camera with a digital video recorder, which can save data for four to six months, said Usman, owner of an electronics shop.

“I’ve installed a CCTV outside my house to keep an eye on suspicious people in the absence of her husband, who leaves for office in the morning and returns at night,” Uzma, a housewife, said.

Beam sensors and motions sensors are very effective against car theft, especially during nighttime.

Car dealer Ejaz Ahmed said he wanted to install more than five CCTV cameras in his showroom, as the CCTV cameras ensured safety of goods.

Via Daily Times

  • Now-a-days, Access Control playing a klargest role. every international firm in pakistan is installing connected access control and surveillance system.

    The chiona based products are good and efficient but compare to reliability and productivity as well as efficient and long lasted sis totally different thing.

    Waseem Raja
    IP Camera are more reliable then CCTV. I have one at my home can can watch the camera on my mobile remotely. pretty hard to do it on CCTV

  • Yes… now a days cctv cameras are needed for the home,companies,organizations and traffics… Using these cameras only we can stop the terrorist…


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