Buying and Selling iPhone in Pakistan

iphone_homeiPhone 2G and 3G were the market turning and booming devices in Pakistani handset market. When people came to know about the highly sensitive touch-based phones with multi-dimensional features like playing 3D games – we saw them rushing for iPhone devices, which are now easily available in all markets of Pakistan. Moreover, dropping prices of used plus unlocked iPhones have helped people buy this device with financial comfort.

No doubt, everywhere in the world, iPhone has drastically changed the market paradigm. Major mobile handset leaders are busy in copying iPhone while manufacturing touch-based devices.

Let me tell you about some important tips that you may consider before buying or selling iPhone sets in Pakistani marketplace.

Buying Iphone

While buying iPhone (2G or 3G) following aspects must be kept in mind:

  • iPhone Original Housing must be clean and in tidy condition, meaning that, it should be 90% clean and scratch-less. Whether you buy an iPhone for 50,000 PKR, but afterward when you will sell it, you will get less price (almost 10,000 rupees decline) if your iPhone is scratchy.
  • Applications and Installation must be unlocked, meaning that iPhone must be unlocked for installing applications or downloading and installations from Apps Store or some other 3rd party applications vendor. Otherwise, you will have to pay Rs. 3,000 for breaking it down.
  • SMS forwarding option must be available in the iPhone. It doesn’t come in by default, so users have to install an application. If it is already installed, you will get your cost saved by Rs.500
  • Accessories, like Hands free, Pouch and Charger must be original and not a cloned china products. You can easily check the difference while buying.

Used iPhones are easily available in market starting from Rs. 25,000 for (used) 2G phones. However, 3G iPhone with 16 gig memory may cost you Rs. 37,000 – 40,000

Selling Iphone

Selling iPhone in Pakistani mobile market is bit tough these days, where most of the market buyers are not interested in paying for such high priced gadgets. Even if you go to same shop from where you had bought iPhone – there are good chances that he may offer you an exchange (of iPhone with BlackBerry Storm or Google G1).

However, you may get a shopkeeper to purchase your iPhone only if it is in very catchy condition, and your phone has following attributes

  • It should be in immaculate condition.
  • Original Accessories
  • LCD Screen must be clean , scratch less
  • Applications installed
  • Applications installation unlocked

So think well before you invest in iPhone – as resale value is not good. You may easily loose Rs. 10,000 when you go out for reselling this handset.

  • Should a customer of Pakistan, living in Pakistan consider iPhone 3G to purchase? I will recommend to all such customers who want to purchase iPhone that they should go for normal iPhone (version 1) because 3G is not available in Pakistan and no need to pay quite high for 3G phone.

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    • Go for Blackberry. Its mush better, light wight and have more features than iphone. The perice is aslo better for blackberry

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  • Well
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  • mohsin ali waheed says:
    April 7, 2010 at 1:37 pm
    i was recently reading a iphone price on website and it was just 100-200 us dollars. why iphone is so expensive in pakistan.

    100-200 us dollars just the price of the phone! We have to pay 15 dollars every month for 24 months.
    which equals to $560 !

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