Adnan Sabzwari – A Young Revolutionary Genius

Adnan Sabzwari is a proud Pakistani living in the city of lights – Karachi. Throughout his life, Adnan has spent days and nights pursuing his every dream and then conquering it. Adnan says: “If one has firm believe in Allah and is devoted to his cause then he can conquer everything.”

Adnan is a genius whose work can not be acknowledged just with awards. He is a young scientist who has given a new path to the youngsters of Pakistan, he is a Scale-Modeler, 3D Animator, Graphic Designer and also a Teacher. He has been through thick and thin both but he never got de-motivated. Everything he has done and achieved is due to his sheer hard work and dedication to his work.

He even denied an offer by the British Ambassador to come to UK and complete his research work. Adnan’s research work is always related to the general public and has come up with revolutionary designs to solve the common problems of Pakistan like load shedding, transport issues and educational problems of students.

Right now Adnan is in need of funds to complete his research work and is looking for sponsors. If you can help this Proud Pakistani you will be actually helping the whole Pakistan. Spend a rupee to make a better Pakistan.

Enjoy the following interview of Adnan in a morning show of AJJ TV.

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  • ahsan

    Adnan bhai can you explain why you have rejected the british offer for the research work?
    Don’t you think that the there are more research horizons there in UK!!!Further in this way you can serve Pakistan later(but in a better way!!!) after having a lot of research.

    • I don’t believe UK will invite anyone who only copies work done by others. If any Pakistani comes up with something that would alleviate hunger, provide clean drinking water and improve their life out of grinding poverty then perhaps he too will have my blessing.
      Unfortunately a nation where thinking is so badly flawed due to cousin marriages that no one is able to think what the nation really needs to join rest of mankind.

  • ahsan

    please tell us something about your academic qualifications and institution also. and if possible your email ID as well.

    • akhtar


  • Sameer

    Kindly send his contact details.

  • Its amazing he rejected the offer. Most of our new generation wouldn’t do that. Salute big man :)

  • Alam

    Salute!!! Proud on you!!!

    Salute to ProPakistani too for being publishing this.

  • Long Live ADNAN BHAI…..

    Hey Jazba Junoun tu himmat na haar…..

  • Hidden Eyes

    Right now, Adnan is teaching 3D Movie at Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology,Karachi. University Contact Numbers are:
    Telephone: 4988000-5, 4980072, 4980059, 498-7684
    UAN: 111-994-994

  • jawad

    gooog yar

  • From London

    Mashallah brother.
    One of other thing you did very good is you rejected the British Offer. Otherwise you know what happend. The first 2 years you may have to work in Mcdonalds or KFC to afford yourself and to get enough resources for your research. I can give you 100000000000 of examples or ask some one who are in london for Higher education or research.

    Pakistani till Death.

  • It was so shameful to note that such a learned and passionate person was being hurried constantly by the presenters. He could not even discuss his brilliant ideas properly.
    And the guy has to literally beg the authorities to support his research…..I mean how more pathetic can the system possibly get? Shame on the government and related authorities for not utilizing such a wonderful talent to its best potential.
    I suggest that we somehow set up an account through this forum and donate money through it.
    Screw the government we can make positive change ourselves.

    All the best Adnan.

    • Shahid

      Was there any prceeding to raise the fund for Adnan through this forum.


  • Mohammad Islam Hussain

    MashaAllah this is heart warming, May Allah protect you give you istaqama, strength and fulfill you dreams InshaAllah (Ameen) I will soon contact you for funding for you.

  • oroosa

    we r wid u adnan, dont worry at all, ur our asset, live long ameen :)

  • Bilal Ahmad


  • Auz

    Great man with extra ordinary talent, He is an example for every Pakistani.
    Being a Pakistani We should proud of u.

  • Muhammad Saad Hassan

    Dear Subbzwari,

    I have never seen you not met you. but i have heard a lot about you from my father. He repeatadly discuss you with us and among people. He always felt proud to tell people about you.

    I am Sir Rais’s son. i hope you remember him. he told me that during his inspection he accidently broke the tyre of your concord and you cut the concord in half and mend the problem. He still value you high in his heart.


    Muhammad Saad Hassan

  • umer

    we are proud of u adnan.can anyone tell how to easily send our funds to adnan?


    Dear Adnan Bhai,

    My best wishes and prayers for you. People like you are an asset to the young generation of Pakistan. I appreciate your idea of staying & doing your researches in the Homeland, which is really a tough decission. But to conclude, i may remind all the readers that ‘where there is a will, there is a way. Best Regards

  • amir

    He is simply a pagal that he rejected the offer. Why don’t this stupid man accept the offer of British govt and get more knowledge, more education and research work an then come back and serve ur country. Mr Adnan u live in an utopian world where u think God will come and give u some special HOORS to u.

    I am 100% sure that in near future either u will be killed by some unknown bullet in ethnic clashes or some riots or some bomb explosion. Even if u alive no Pakistani Govt will ever recognize ur efforts.

    Can’t u see what happened to Dr. Qadeer? He wasted all his life for Pakistan and instead of giving him recognition; he was put behind the bar with lot of insult. Where as just see what happened in India they made their Atomic father as President of India.

    For God sake don’t waste ur talent and go away from this terrorist country.

    • Mu Mo


      You called this man a “pagal” & “stupid”…first of all who gave you the right judge him…second who are you to think that every one who disagree with your idealogy is insane…I can understand you might be mad or frustrated due to the situation in Pakistan…STILL YOU DO “NOT” have ANY right WHAT SO EVER to SUGGEST what one should or shouldn’t do with his life…People in the US and other first world countries know Adnan’s work…and about his story…tell me WHO KNOWS YOU LOOSER ASS…no one I am sure…so don’t act like you are some kind of an intalectual…

    • Humza

      Mr. aamir he is not the pagal you are the pagal one. If you happen to have moved to a western country then congratulations to you. 90% of people like you who move to western countries do endup working at gas stations, mcdonalds or kfc so please lets not raise the issue of who is stupid and whose not.

      Half of our young talented youth have already been taken away by western countries and they are using them.This man happens to have love for his country. So if you cant encourage him please dont do the opposite.

      As far as getting killed and what not. His life span has already been preset by Allah. So thats not for you to decide how hes gonna endup. And great job in calling your country a “terrorist country”. Do us a favour by keeping your retarded mentality to yourself and dont spread it around. And come out of your fairy land if you will please. Nobody is going to come to change our country for us. Running away to west is an easy option. Staying there and trying to bring a change is the hard one.

      Long live Pakistan

      • dil dil pakistan

        alhamdolillah,there are people like adnan.our future is in there hands not people like aamir.thanks hamza for giving words to my thoughts.may allah give hidaya to aamir and all others who think that way.insha allah adnan will reach to his destination.

    • “”I am 100% sure that in near future either u will be killed by some unknown bullet in ethnic clashes or some riots or some bomb explosion. Even if u alive no Pakistani Govt will ever recognize ur efforts.

      Can’t u see what happened to Dr. Qadeer? He wasted all his life for Pakistan and instead of giving him recognition; he was put behind the bar with lot of insult. Where as just see what happened in India they made their Atomic father as President of India.””

      Most Punjabis salute Dr Qadeer’s accomplishments but to most Mohajirs he will always remain a traitor for selling his services to Paindoos in their eternal struggle against Hindus and Sikhs.
      Will we ever be blessed with a normal human hero who would help to feed, cloth and give us better life than the living hell most people live under in Pakiland today.

  • Zaheer Aawan

    EXCELENTTTTTTT MAN …. KEEP IT UP…. POORI QOOM KI DUAAIEN TUMHARE SATH HIEN …. KEEP SMILIN ALWAYS,,,, FEAMAAN ULLAH …1 thing more ma dear… jusss give me ur email or contact number….baqi batien phone per ya phri mail mien kahon ga ;)….remember me in ur prayers…

  • Guest

    Assalam-0-Aliakum, i am very thankful to Allah who gave us such a brilliant and a shining star, we all are proud of you. I pray to Allah , that he may bless you with his endless blessings. Khuda tumhara Hame-o-Nasar ho. Keep smiling, and may you have allot of success in your Life.

  • Mustafa

    really amazing!!
    How foolish the government and authorities are!!!!! They are begging for money and equipment and not utilizing their own talent????????
    A humble and devoted Pakistani
    Long live PAKISTAN…………….

  • Abdul waheed

    Yar, I want to contact with this guy Mr Adnan. Has any one his contact. Kindly tell me
    here is my contact number
    0331 5355250

  • Tajammul

    Dear Adnan,

    Amazing! Mashallah we are proud of your efforts! However, I would like to contact you regarding your further exposure assignments on electronic media.


  • jaisa ke iss bande ne kaha ha keh aap ko allah pe yaqeen hona chahiya isi tarah mujhe allah per yaqeen ha keh is bande ki lagan kamyab ho gi inshallah….

  • Adnan Subzwari

    Hi to All this is Adnan Subzwari

    Alot of thanx to all of you guys for such a great response

    I need your Duaaien so keep praying for me

    my contact # is 0300-9267728

    My classes are off these days at university so you can contact me on my mobile

    or at [email protected]
    thanx again

    • Mairaj Ahmed (Ahmer)

      AOA Adnan,
      Many congratulations on your ongoing achievements. What about your other projects you were working on?

      Keep in touch, you gen get my email from Minhaj.

  • akhtar

    nothing………just 4 u

  • sohail

    May Allah bless you brother..

  • a genius!

  • Usman Khawaja

    OUR ORGANIZATION WANT TO FUND THIS YOUNG GUY. Please let us know his details.


    • Adnan Subzwari

      Please contact adnan on 0300-9267728

      • Zack

        like ure simplicity

  • chaudry Zohaib

    hats off to u sir!!!

  • Shahid

    We should not be much optimistic. It’s better to take is logically. AAJ TV or some other channel should arrange series of program for the critical evaluation of Adnan’s idea of devicing ‘Fuelless Engine’.

    After listing Adnan’s views on AAJ, I explored the web and found that since many decades people in different parts of the world remained claiming to make Fuelless Engine, Water Fuelled Cars, Perpetual Motion etc. The detailed investigation on their claims and devices later on disclosed that they were fraud. [See pseudoscience section in Wikipedia

    I suspect that Adnan is confident to invent fuelless engine just by relying on some theoritical concepts. If it is true, then it is highly necessary for him to prepare a small but real prototype of that so called ‘fuelless engine’. Then a team of researchers should be invited to investigate and validate the engine. All this should be exposed to Media. I hope this will not cost him much. If it is, he should express it and I am very sure that patriotic people will cooperate with him. If the invention would be really useful, there is no need to submit the request to PM or President. It will draw other’s attetnion by itself.

    This opinion I have sent to Adnan to his email at: [email protected]. Same I wrote to but till now there isn’t any comments niether from Adnan nor from other readers.

    Best wishes to Adnan and to all who are doing good for Pakistan.

    Kind Regards
    Shahid (Saudi Arabia)

  • Fazal Hameed

    very happy to see the video. keep it up Adnan

  • yaara Cant we lyk help him i mean he shud open an account or sumthing we shud support him,help in any possible way we can . we dunt need the Govt to give the money we can raise money our self.

  • ATIF

    Awesome talent prayers with you bro.Allah is with you keep it up bro and please make sure don’t make any expectations from our government .

  • Faisal

    Hmmm gr8.
    Adnan In interview you only did share your final dreams without giving background idea’s that you have with you. What I think is you should have a platform (May you already have if so please share) like your website / any media full of your background ideas along with logics, so that a lot of other genius Pakistani’s may will polish your ideas and virtually can work with you.

    • Shahid

      I am agree with you.

      Please read my comments that I posted on July 1,2009.

      I regret that Adnan is not revisiting this thread.


      • Faisal

        I totally agree with you. In your comments you did provide a good food for thinking.

        • Shahid

          Thank you faisal!
          You are the first one who noticed my comment and giving some feedback. I deeply wish if Adnan can pay attention to the point that I raised.

          Kind Regards

          • Gohar Sultan

            Well Shahid has a valid point, but why can’t we turn things into something like opensource, public funded thing. or may be business.

            It won’t require a lot, it just the matter of strategy.


            • Shahid

              Thank you Gohar for your comments.

              First we have to identify whether our direction is right of wrong.

              See the following site. Several plans are available here to make fuel less engine, heater, gravity motor etc. I am sure till now hundreds of people would have purchased these plans. But we don’t see any fuel less engine in our surroundings:


              Another site…the spiritual family of Ministers, Scientists, and Engineers in service to all mankind. If they are truly serving the mankind, why there devices are not being used around the globe?


              Discussion about the above site:


              I might be wrong in my conclusion. I believe the readers of this forum, all are intellectuals. All of you are invited to do some sort of research on this matter so that we can reach the correct conclusion.

              Kind Regards

              • Gohar Sultan

                Shahid, WITTS was launched last year, and no matter how cool stuff you have, making your products / technologies viable for commercial market do take certain time and a lot of effort. And in our case regional bindings are major concern too.

                As far as WITTS work is concern it seems real cool.

                But i think if we (Adnan and all the supportive community) follow any fundamental, consumer grade problem like we do have massive energy crisis in Pakistan, and as Adnan has claimed in his video that he is able to produce a generator with no fuel input. That’s awesome, and it convenient to convince investors and to find buyer for product.

                If Adnan publish all the technology (relative to one product) as independent technology project and we can take it further to MIT technology community where by Adnan will be able to get exposure to the world and financial issues can be solved by just manipulating the technology information and by making the end product.

                It just all top of my head, i believe we can plan some more workable path to follow up things.

              • Faisal

                I am sure more then 90% who are visiting this thread even not trying to understand what shahid saying. He is not saying that adnan is a fraud man and we should not support him. Gohar, shahid and me only is asking for adnan’s technical open source platform, So that with money he can get a lot of donation in the form of technical support from other genius Pakistani’s.
                I would like to add that peaceful power from atomic energy is no dream of the future. In future we will see a lot of small size atomic generator’s as well. Some companies like Adams and others are working on it. But if adnan have better idea to solve energy problem then why not? We all are with him but through proper channel.

                • Gohar Sultan

                  i don’t see Shahid, Faisal and Adnan either at the Group, Guys please join we need to make a concrete effort just not talking heads.

                  • Shahid

                    Sorry I was much busy and for two days I did not check my mail.

                    I am working in Saudi Arabia. The forum that you created, unfortunately it is not accessible from here.

                    There are only two comments by Adnan Subzwari over this thread in which he just sumitted the thanks and mentioned his mobile and email. Since after that I could not read him. Tell me, without his participation will there be any benefit.

                    Kind Regards

                    • Faisal

                      May be Adnan is busy in some of his work. Let’s join the group so that if he will come we can continue.
                      For joining group please try this link

                    • Kashif Nawaz

                      Hi Guys, This effort seems good. But I got one confusion, Is this group meant to be specifically for Adnan’s work or It is an open platform where any one can present his/her work.

                    • Gohar Sultan

                      Shahid, i believe its not only Adnan who is facing problems and require to be noticed at the broader level.
                      I am sure, in Pakistan we do have millions of brilliant minds but never got required audience to listen to them.
                      So, lets just not look forward for Adnan only but also all the great minds or may be the potential ones.

                      I think Adnan should participate with us. I will contact him.

                      Gohar Sultan

  • Gohar Sultan

    I just love the Adnan’s achievements, and i really feel like we can do some focused effort to get real productivity, And to support innovation.

  • Sheraz Ahmed

    Dunno whether his “charter” has items in it which could be brought to life, but at least some one here is THINKING :-) That too is a new life for the dead nation.

    If there is any thing that can be done, in an effort to raise some funds for this guy, I would be happy to be part of it. It is worth a try. If it didn’t worked, no problem at least some one did some research work. And if any of this worked, it will be good for all.

    Sheraz Ahmed
    Project Manager
    [email protected]

  • Zack

    hi, adnan saw ure video… and read here as well……… i like the way u put ure theories.. don know if u have been contacted by anyone or npt regarding wat u r doing and wat u have done… but i guess u don wana ignore the fact that not everyone is such a position that their family are on their back to support……. i have an offer for u i m an indivisual…….. not intrested in anything………… but gadget lover that wat all i m ……. i worked hard to achive what i have right now….. but i can promise u one thing …….. if u r willing to do what u have been doing and need any financial support……… u might get depending on u deliver what u promise…….. theoratically coz experiments fails and thats the truth …… so investing in something u have 5% chance of successs…….. then u can contact me on my email address……… [email protected]…. u might get a helping hand…….wish u best of luck…..

  • Shahid

    Gohar! Did you have any contact with Adnan?


    • Gohar Sultan

      yes, i am in contact with Adnan.

  • Kashif

    Dear Fellows,
    There are lot more challenges, i am sure one one who believe on God and efforts should succeed. Let me give you an idea what should happenend when he will succeed inshaAllah in fuel less engine. Actually the Biggest Motorist Crocodiles. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki etc, will never ever wanted that this kind of product should survive in market, nor the energy sectors people who is running on commissionary basis should faciliated it , they will try there best to fight against the people benefits. This is called monopoly, i have my firm believe the fuel less engine has already been invented but due those monopolist It never ever goes in hand of common man. Ofcourse i think a movement 100, millions thousands people required to used fuel less turbine. ( Logon ka dana pani band ho ga to wo is baycharay ko nahi chorayn gay )

  • Kashif

    I have heared different stories , even 15 years ago one person of lahore develop a system in water tank which work over some gravitational forces and produce enough energy for a single house. I read this news in Jang. He also tried that Govt. Support his efforts, but during those day politician were playing same games which they are playing and used to it now. This is not the case of Paksitan. Even in india the monopolist ( Sarmayadaar Ghadaar ) also done same. Now the change is that we have the Media , the Web and people social network we can protest and to implement what is best of us.

    • Shahid

      Dear Kashif
      You raised the issue of ‘monoploy’ and you also delivered the answer. It is the age of Media and Web. No one can maintain his monoply so much easily. Lets assume there might be some sort of monopoly of big crocodiles in our region. My question is that, does the ‘same’ monopoly exist all over the world. Obviously not.
      I believe that if something is truly invented for the benefit of mankind, it cannot be seized by these monopolist.


  • Kashif Nawaz

    I completely agree with Shahid. Problems and hurdles have to be faced, We shouldn’t sit back because of such issues.

    Kashif Nawaz

    • Gohar Sultan

      I completely agree with Shahid and Kashif, as Iqbal said “Ajj tk us qoom ki halet nahi badli jis ko na ho khayal apni halet k badalnay ka”

  • M Junaid Khan

    salam to all, seems like you all people are interested in doing something for the beloved country, but unfortunately what i see is none of you is willing to share any ideas to share, only adnan is the one who is the focus, well my friends.
    For past 3 – 4 yrs i have many practical works on internet by people from other countries. i have done a some of readings on these subjects and wish to do some practicals but currently the main hurdle for me is time. will take sometime but be sharing many weblink to give you guys the idea of what can be done, any person with a bit technical knowledge and practical work will be able to accomplisth them.

    Junaid Khan
    [email protected]

    • Kashif Nawaz


      Dear Junaid, I don’t think it is only focus on Adnan, Actually sticky thing I got here is that, he proposed solution for our current major problem, i.e. Energy

      Rest, I think we are all opened to share work/experiences and ideas. And every one who is adding some value is a Hero to whom we respect(thats my personal statement)


  • Sherazi

    Shahid, their is a professional annoucment in Canada, QC that they will launch new cars which will run on electric, they also annouce that they already made 100 cars which are in working condition.

    I have a clock which works through water, and I also have the list of things to be used to make electricity, simple components.

    so in simple words ” WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY” try….. Allah bless all muslims of world

    • Shahid

      Dear Sherazi
      Here we are discussing the idea of “fuelless” engine. Means generating massive energy without any source OR without any known source of energy. Running the cars through electiricy is not an extraordinarly thing. Extraordinary thing is that the energy(electricity) for those cars is being generated without any fuel, solar or other known source of power. You did not clerify this thing.

      You write: “I have a clock which works through water and I also have the list of things to be used to make electricity, simple components.”

      Dear! This is the age of science and technology. No one will believe your words until unless you write your comments logically and strengthen them with appropriate references.

      So, whatever you wrote, kindly come up with proper proofs and references for them. The paragraph that you wrote about the cars in canada, kindly tell the readers from where you got this news so that they themselves can visit that newspaper or company’s website to know the complete mechanism of those cars.
      The clock with you, that works through water, please tell the name of the manufacturer. We assume that it would be a good, well know company. The readers will visit there website and read the detail of this clock to know whether it is getting the energy “only” from water or something else being happend behind the scene.
      Also publize your “list of things to be used to make electricity” and justify that these are able to produce mass energy.

      Kind Regards

      • Kashif Nawaz

        Dear Shahid, although our major problem at this time seems to be the electricity, but this forum shouldn’t be only focus for that, What ever one person has to make meaning and add value for productivity, that should be supported and I believe focus of this thread is to join hands for promotion of good ideas and their implementation,

        I agree to Shahid in a way that what ever we say or put forward for our idea is supposed to be based on logic.

        And we have forums to share knowledge as well like TEDx for which an event is being held at LUMS Lahore today at 4:00 PM

        We should all join hands and get together to have some productive sessions and come up with productive work as well.

        • Shahid

          Dear Kashif
          It would be worthy if people put forward different good ideas over this thread. But the key objective of this thread has become (at least for me) to discuss about the fuelless engine.
          Unfortunately no one (in addition to Adnan Subzwari) seem interested to trigger the pure technical discussion over this topic. It was better if we reach some sort of conclusion on the matter of fuelless engine instead of deviating to other topics.

          Kind Regards

  • Syed


    with the regards, I really very happy to watched ur interview and ur work, InshAllah u will be sucesses in ur future everybudy with u always u can contact me for any help from me.

    your loving friend

  • malik

    this guys is Amazing Mashallah we need more of these pakistaniz so they can change the future of pakistan for the better. he is an inovatory and geniues like these can creat more job oppoutunities for the people of pakistan. May ALLAH HELP HIM > i pray to Allah with Sincerity that may ALLAH HELP HIM< IN EVERY WAY… AND SAVE HIM FROM JEALOUS PPL AND PROTECT HIM FROM AN EVIL EYE. AMEEN..

  • basit

    Dear Adnan
    u r great,whole nation proud on u.
    best of luck

  • Waleed Nasit


    I admire this guy’s hard working nature and honesty of purpose. The models he made are quite interesting.

    But the “Charter” of inventions he gave is a bunch of crap!

    It really funny how we can’t even differentiate b/w real and fake research. A lot don’t even know what research is.

    Most people just believed his fancy words without ever bothering to ask how will he make it possible (including stupid hosts of the program).

    Does he have working models to support his claims? Any theorectical/ mathematical proof? “ANY” supporting evidence? Nothing!! Just words!

    Also, the claims he made are rather bogus and superficial. Heck, even I could do better than him. For example, I am currently working on these:

    -A teleporting machine – travel to other places with speed of light.
    -A time Machine – travel to your past and rectify your mistakes.
    -A formula that can make you invisible
    -A chemical that can convert anything into Gold.
    -A 100 mg tablet that can keep you alive for 1 year without eating/drinking anything.

    So, how about you guys direct your funds to me now. :)

    • Shahid


      What is your contact? I want to fund you :) :) :)


      • Waleed Nasit


        Glad to see a wise guy.

        I wonder when will we wake up!

    • Bukhari

      LMFAO !!

      “car jo pani se chalti hay”

      totally agreed wid u dude …
      he sounds more like a fake ..!!

      • Waleed Nasir

        Matlab, ab pani bhi mehanga ho jaiy ga.. :S

  • Hassaan Ahmed

    Do anybody have any means of contact for Adnan Sabzwari (mobile, email or postal address) ??? I’m a Chiniotian too and desperate to get in touch with him … Thnx for your support guys !!!

  • Waleed Nasir

    Can anyone provide a link for Adnan’s Animated movie?

  • Akram

    hahahaha, bhot he aala , car jo pani say chalay , jahil admi main waada karta hun tumhein 1 krore rupees dun ga tum mujhay aise car bana do jo Hawa sy chalti ho , road par na tikay air based ho , uss ka weight 10 gram sy ziada na ho…hahahaha…. Jaa yaar kar di indians wali baat!!

  • Rizwan Jamal

    Today my wife told me about adnan sabzwari, after taht i read this page.
    I am impressed with his work.
    If some one has his contact info please forward it to me [email protected] , any thing his email addres , phone number etc.
    we want to help this proud pakistani to do his research.

  • Khurram Nawaz

    Its really encouraging to see someone among us who has the courage to create somthing from Pakistan,where people do not have a habbit of creating any thing of proprietry nature, all we do is make photo copies or immitate other. This guy confidence level shows that he can make it happen, so please appreciate his thoughts and support him!

    Adnan wish you be in safe hands……….

  • Salam Adnan Bhai (incase u happen to read this forum) Best of luck with your efforts… btw the quaideazam movie sounded more of a intrest to me, would u like to share ur ideas and howabout u plan to make it, i can use some of my expertise to assist u as a volnteer….. u can even comment on ur facebook group since im a member there….

    Rab Rakha.

  • Anonymous

    AssalamoAlaikum Everyone,
    I will like to thank Adnan Bhai for showing up on media as an example to all of us Muslims. I am really encouraged and most amazing of all, seeing his videos has reinforced my belief that Allah Almighty can really put a person to extraordinary service of his fellow brothers if the person shows strength of will and perseverance in his struggle towards his goal.

    I am sure great people like Zaid Hamid and Adnan Bhai and many among us(still shy to show up) will definitely with the grace of Allah Almighty put Muslims and Pakistan in an uncomparable position of power sooner than we can imagine INSHALLAH!!

    JazakAllah everyone,

  • Azad Tahir

    ITs Great Yar ALLA Keeep it adnan yar we are with you you are realy a sign of victory for youths of pakistan guys see this n learn some thing all the talking which adnan bhai said here is correcy please guys think n check your self whats the ability you have i also wana say to all the parents that please just trust on your childerns n provide them facilities or enhace there passion and console them please thanks for reading take care khush raho


  • Saad Saleem

    Asalam O Alaikum!

    Nice work Adnan. We need such passion. Join hands with us to do some thing interesting in research & development of something related to your field. Mail me if you read it.

  • Nasir Muneer

    I personally know Adnan since 2000 when we use to teach at Adamjee Coaching Center ( Physics Practicals of XI & XII). We had a great time there for 5 years. Adnan I wish you all the best for your future plans.

  • Shahid

    Dear All
    Appreciation is a good practice, but I think till now every one is relying just on this ‘verbal’ appreciation to Adnan. Recently I watched Adnan’s video that he uploaded at two month before. Not observing any aid from the Govt, now he is expecting financial cooperation from the nation to carry on his research activities and come up with a proper functional soultion for the Energy Problem in Pakistan.

    Kind Regards

  • Engr. Haji Muhamad

    Dear Adnan,

    You are great and we all Pakistanis proud of you. Keep inventing buddy. May God Bless you.

  • Engr. Haji Muhamad

    Dear Adnan,

    Please make your own website or group so that we all can be in contact with you.

    [email protected]

  • syed ahmed

    I offered him financial support, but he has not contacted me yet.


  • Syed Bilgrami

    Dear All,
    I was really encouraged by the efforts of Adnan, I also understand that a collective effort is needed, instead of helping him individually, why cant we set up a donation page or some thing similar, so that it wont become burden on one individual.
    All suggestions are welcome.

  • zafar khattak

    adana bhai ur great wealth of pakistan.i hope u will sucess in emission one day and all youngs pakistani is with u.inshahullah


    Watch it guys…perfxt slape on President Zardari !!!

  • Dean Łomża

    It’s excellent page, I was looking for something like this

  • muhammad37

    Allah krey ……….

  • ihsan

    Adnan I am proud of you and proud of your work, I saw your programme I want to know more about the CD you talked about. I want to buy it because my brothers and sisters have lot of problem remembring the words of science.
    I really appricate if you can mail me..
    [email protected]