Where are PTA's Essay Writing Competition Results?

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had organized an Essay Writing Competition – and topic was “Protecting Children in Cyber Space”; in accordance with Telecom day on May 17th.

PTA had announced this competition through print adverts and announcement on its website on April 08th while mentioning the prizes and guidelines.

Many ProPakistani readers also participated in the competition – and they are the one who keep on asking me when these results gonna come. However, there are no signs of results so far, or if already announced, results were not made public. I am also waiting for the reply to my email; which asked PTA to update us regarding the results.

Students are claiming that PTA wasted their time – and not responding to the phone number that was given on the advert.

Hope someone will listen.

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  • See thats why i didn’t participate in this competition. Because i don’t have time to waste for all such fake competitions, lol the results will all be fabricated and the children who would have won would be children of high profile people…

    P.S. Pakistan Zindabad :-D

  • I regret that the results were not announced yet. We cannot blame PTA for not disclosing the results. There may be some reasons that PTA does not want to disclose. Such a reputed authority can neither damage their good will in the market nor cheat the nation for a little amount of money.

    We should consider the positive side of this writing competition. By the way, our suggestions and recommendations will work the most to remove the terrorism growing in the country through cyberspace. Our efforts will benefit our country in many ways and the other side is that I learnt a lot during completion of my assignment..

    I, myself, don’t want any prize or reward from any Authority for my contributions towards my country and wish to see my country a prosperous and developed one.

    Pakistan Zindabad

    Proud and Pro Pakistani

  • Amir Bhai!

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  • where are our results….???
    This is very disappointing…
    the competition took place in April and now its July.
    Do something… we are still waiting :(

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