PTA to Develop SIM Information System

Mobile sector of Pakistan has observed an astonishing growth since last five years. Subscribers have been purchasing mobile SIMs via mobile operators’ service outlets, retailers and authorized franchises.

There had been no restriction on number of SIMs to be registered under a specific CNIC as a result – subscribers bought/registered more than one SIMs against their CNICs. The situation has lead to a security concern situation where a SIM registered under one subscriber(s) is being used by another un-identified user.

In order to address the potential associated risks, PTA has decided to develop a SIM information system by using which the mobile subscribers would be able to find out the total number of SIM(s) registered against their respective CNIC numbers with each mobile operator of the country.

The system would facilitate mobile subscribers to block those SIM(s) which presently are not under their usage.

The aim is to develop a software based system that would provide an Internet and SMS based interface to end-users in
order to retrieve the registered mobile SIM(s) information.

In order to facilitate the consumer, an SMS based system would also be developed empowering consumer to use his mobile phone for accessing required information. The system would provide the ability to send & receive SMS against a pre-defined number.

For the purpose, PTA has asked for bids to develop such a software based system. Interested companies can look into requirments here