Ufone Activates Utunes without Customers' Consent

Apparently Ufone activated Utunes on thousands of numbers without customers’ consent and informing them via SMS that they will get Utunes free for one month – and they can un-subscribe by sending this and this message to this number.

We don’t have details if Ufone activted Utunes on all Ufone numbers, or if they are activating them in phases. When one of our reader called helpline and asked about why Ufone activated this service, without asking him – CSR replied that he can de-activate it if he doesn’t require it.

But the question is why was the service activated in first place? And moreover, service is free for one month only – and latter on it gonna cost the customers – which is Rs. 24.2 per month.

This reminds me of PTCL (parent company of Ufone) when they had activated Pakistan Package on all of their numbers.

Ufone is likely to achieve two things with this action

  • It will take customers on-board for Utunes, and will make huge money
  • Default Utune is a promotional Ufone song, which is selected for all customers – that’s an free advertising for all on-net and off-net numbers calling Ufone numbers.

So watch out, if your Ufone number has got Utunes activated un-willingly, simply shout at CSR and ask him to un-subscribe – PTA won’t mind recieving your complaints too.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Thanks God, I am save from this. I am never in a favor of utune and that too without ur will!

  • Not only this they also activate often on my family ufone numbers without any activation request of which later they reject to accept that they activated.

  • An illicit act of a mobile company to earn revenue. Most of the users wouldnt even know that they have been activated with this service to feed ufone with Rs.25 p/m. Totallly illegal and unethical.

  • Thank God I had ditched my Ufone number some time ago after using it for 2 years. The service had become awful, no new genuinely cheaper packages were launched, MMS costs Rs 6 to recieve! I wonder why Ufone’s management are trying to push it towards futher irrelevancy in this highly competetive Pakistani market.

  • yes happened at my dad’s number and they didnt even inform him and its that stupid “dunya ki sab se sasti kal” track they hav put on and my dad doesnt even knew it till i informed him…its illegal and unethical!

  • i like ufone very much b/c i win 2 times 50 free mins . and call rats are very very low

  • I also have the same problem.. i havnt activated any kind ov tune but.. it activated by its own self.. it activated, not a big issue but when i request to deactivate it they have no respond..whats that..?? my balance is reducing all the time :-( I am not a rich person i am a simple student.. DAMN.. Ive no extra money to spnd like this.. I started to hate ufone seriously.. and many other reasons i have to hate it.. that was just one.. now wht i am gonna do is gonna change my network.. that is it..

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