Augere Wi-MAX Likely to Hit Market in July

Augere is reportedly launching its services before schedule, reported ApnaTime in addition to our soruces confirmed the same.

ApnaTime further claimed that Augure is currently doing the friendly user test (FUT) in Karachi and soon it will be available for public.

According to the company, Augere is quite happy with the results of FUT and it is going to target the niche market with its high quality services and not going to become a part of price war.

  • The reason New companies keep on coming in due to the fact that existing companies do not better there service

    Btw when are they Launching – any date ?

  • Whenever a news comes “etc is entering the market”, its obvious that they will also be encashing the innocent customers. But be aware, customers are now knowledgeable and updated. No comparison with the services of Linkdotnet,and no doubt they will be the market leaders. Tried wateen, wi-tribe and PTCL, they all are simply fooling the customers. After using all these services i found LDN feasible and reliable.

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