Mobilink only Telco to Sweep Two Superbrands Awards

Mobilink emerged as the only telecom operator to have won two Superbrands Awards at a ceremony organized by Superbrands Pakistan.

Mobilink’s flagship brands, Jazz and Indigo were both recipients of the First Annual Superbrands Award 2008-09.  Mobilink Jazz, acknowledged for singularly defining the set of rules that every other prepaid subscriber follows, has been dubbed as Pakistan’s flagship telecom brand in the 1st edition of the Superbrands Pakistan. Mobilink indigo, has been recognized for its solid brand character and values that make it the country’s leading post-paid brand.

Commenting on the accolades, Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President Marketing, Mobilink shared, “The Superbrands of 2008-9 includes an impressive roster of the best homegrown brands of Pakistan. These champion brands are tested for Market Dominance, Longevity, Goodwill, Customer Loyalty & Overall Market Acceptance. We are proud to state that not one, but two of our brands have made their mark in this arena. This acknowledgement reiterates that Mobilink is the market leader in every sense of the word and in undoubtedly Pakistan’s favorite cellular network.”

Mobilink Jazz, the pioneering prepaid brand of the Pakistan, reigns supreme both in its customer-base and quality-of-service. Staying true to its promise of No Compromise, Mobilink Jazz customers expect nothing else except the best in coverage, quality and rates from their favourite brand. Resonating to the pulse of the nation, Mobilink Jazz aspires to continue its dominance in the cellular arena by delivering on all the diverse needs of the Pakistani market.

Mobilink indigo is Pakistan’s premiere postpaid brand, in connectivity, customer care, quality and innovation. Its positioning as well as values are driven by consumer needs, whether business or individual. With various ‘first-time-in-Pakistan’ landmarks such as BlackBerry and loyalty programs Mobilink indigo remains a depiction of success and an iconic brand that is true in its promises, clean in its communication and differentiating in its value proposition.

Mobilink is also the only Pakistani operator to have been ranked amongst the Top 100 Mobile Operator Brands in the World by Informa Telecoms & Media.

  • The other day I heard somewhere that if you want to be successful brand you have to be strongly polarized. Many people should love your brand and many should hate your brand and there should be minimum people in the center / ambivalent zone.

    Sometime back, if my memory isn’t tricking me, Margarete Thacher — the iron lady of UK — said that it miserable to be in the center; you get hit from both the sides.

    I think Mobilink and its brands pass such litmus tests of being good brands. While some love them, others hate them. :-

  • Mobilink has held strong through the onslaught of competition and I think they deserved the awards for creating brand identities that are individual and with impact. They have catered to the masses and the classes and for that they make a pretty good case study for any marketing student! Good going, Mobilink!

  • May be they are right … but I’m not satisfy the services … they don’t know how to compete in the market … other carriers offering such great SMS offers but I haven’t seen any intriguing offer yet … they offer by the name SMS bundle but its very expensive … I dont think no one will afford to buy almost 50 SMSs for Rs. 24 which has only 1 day validity and other 500 SMSs for Rs. 90 and validity is 7 days no use … Telenor king of SMS and Warid offer such nice packages for SMS … Mobilink has to learn lesson from it.

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