Official: SMS Tax Taken Back [Update]

Media, including State run TV, PTV has reported that government has decided to take back SMS tax, due to high customers’ demand, especially the youth of Pakistan.

Hina Rabbani Khar, while concluding budget discussion in National Assembly said that on huge demand from youth, government has decided to not to tax SMS services.

I rate this tax withdrawl as a victory of media and youth of Pakitan. Media played massive role, with exactly depicting the thoughts of the people of Pakistan. While, cellular customers explicitly opposed the decision on all fronts.

It was bit disappointing behaviour from cellular companies, who were contented with decrement of SIM activation tax and GST from 21 % to 19 %. They didn’t move much for the movement which was run by media and cellular subscribers for the withdrawl of SMS tax.

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  • Kashee

    Hurrah thats gud news.

    • qaiser94


      • qaiser94


      • Kashee

        hey Qaiser94 please mind your language. Dont use abusive language. Mod plz del his msg and also ban him

        • qaiser94

          sorey kashee.

  • omerfaroqq

    In a row second good news after Pakistan winning T20 World Championship.
    May be third good news in this series might be, Mr.Pig(Bait-ullah-Mehsud) is crushed to last level in Pakistan.

  • AhmadNawaz

    Another victory of media n youth…i think cellular companies were happy with 20 paisa tax as it was impossed to all equally dont effecting the competition between them, but decreasing the load on the network.

  • Saleem Chohan

    Here we must also appreciate the clear stance taken MQM on this tax. This was the only political party which said without mincing any words that they wanted SMS tax to go because this was against the desires of youth of this country.

    Hadn’t they put their weight against this proposed tax, decision might have not been reverted.

    Two thumbs up to MQM!

    • Faheem Shahzad

      Hey Saleem, how can you say that ‘two thumbs up to MQM’?

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      • Faheem Shahzad

        Dear Admin,

        Why are you getting biased by editing my comment? A person is promoting the most corrupt and terrorist party who has made entire Karachi, their hostage and you are stopping me from raising my voice?

        Why so ????

        • Let’s be gentle and start using soft words even when we are opposing someone. I do respect opinions but let’s not use abusive words.

          Thanks for understanding!

  • Faraz Feroz

    ok youth…. now stand for the electricity rates
    there are so many serious issues for our youth .. then why this fuzool SMS thing?
    regards Faraz

  • Corporate Wars

    Dear All
    even though i am not a big fan of corporates, but i can confirm you that behind the scenes of emotional propaganda by media ( note the amount of advertising sms battles get for media) 2 arabian and 1 chinese company lobbied hard for SMS tax to be taken back. we all know how much influence they have in our cabinet.

    therefore, not that i am against the argument that media did it (actually for their own agenda, they ere successful) its just that we as a nation need to think more than what media paints for us, only then we can go ahead and make rational decesions, about every thing we are struggling with.; be it International affairs, home politics, war on terror of SMS Tax, .. we should give it a minute of thought before believing any one spoon feded information.. trust me when it comes to corporate agendas, .. media has the biggest stake.. being a corporate it self :)

    • I am wondering why their PR departments didn’t know about these efforts. Otherwise, i would had loved to say what you just above!

      • Corporate Wars

        my friend.. that is smart isn’t it… since thanks over reactive media, which corporate would dare to openly endorse/oppose SMS tax.. you must have read all entries on your site.. just consider the emotional side of this issue.. u have to agree that playing with fire is not an option for any srvice company.. puting water on fire from a distance is smart!

        one should wonder how govt. will cut its spending to meet both ends since its actual budget calculation must have gone down tremendously..:)

  • faraz: the youth doesn’t pay electricity bills :p when they start… then there will be a movement against that too :p

    • yasir iqbal

      I would say that Government had no youth in mind otherwise they would have taken some bold steps for them like ‘decrease expenses of the assemblies and spend more on education & sports’.
      SMS tax itself had lowest priority, comparatively other taxes on the basic needs – food, electricity, gas, oil etc, when will someone think about those taxes?

  • Saqib Qureshi

    Dear Freinds! Yeah this is very Good News for us. Congratulation to Every Body. Sab ko bht bht Mubarik ho. Hun Mojaan hi Mojaan.

  • qaiser94

    wow! yeh huwi na baat!!

  • Woooh this is very good now.