Another Phase of Downsizing at PTCL

PTCL is shedding work force at senior and mid managerial level, told our high level sources at PTCL. After suspensions of couple of GMs last month, PTCL has now shown the exit door to two General Managers and 6 Senior Managers at Company Headquarters.

Contractual employees are uncertain about their future, thus morale of the staff is down due to this sudden wave of downsizing.

It merits mentioning here that these GMs and SMs were contractual, and their contracts were not re-newed. Same fear is sensed amongst other contractual employees.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I was just making an academic report on the employee relations in Pakistan and PTCL was the example i gave of how not to treat your workers. They have proved themselves once again :(

    • Dear mr sarwat …howz u….

      i am working in PTCL as a telcom engineer….and also doing Masters in engineering management from nust….i have to submit the thesis now..but i am very much afraid…which topic to choose and from where to get data….

      as u r telling that u have made academic report….can u tell me how u make it…….

      and which topic i must choose for thesis..its very kind to you to help me……

  • When the company is not profitable, suffering with huge losses with employees surplus. No compnay in the world can retain employees…

  • Well said. PTCL is now private entity and investors not invested to suffer losses. they have to reach minimum at break even. secondly telecom or IT industry is not big direct employment generation areas. Every thing is computerized so it was expected that new buyer will balance the number of employees as per international standards. Just see, Mobilink, Telenor …quite bigger than PTCL but employees are even less than 5000.

    • There is a difference between mobile and landline companies. are you agree with me ?? I mean land line companies are required more employees than the mobile companies.

      Please offer your comments !!!

      • Up to some extent you are right but how much extra employees are required for landline companies. Most of hired employees in PTCL are hired on political basis who are still doing nothing for the growth of company. Do you think a company having 3.5 Million subscribers need above 60,000 employees. Which other country is having so many employees in its landline company.

        You have accept that PTCL is not working efficiently. Previously it was in hands of Pakistanis but now it is holding by UEA, the country who is proving itself a hub of business. So never expect that when your country sold PTCL at higest price to them then they will try to get back their investment in minimum time.

        Ask Musharraf and his allies who did all this with Pakistanis. What was the problem to keep PTCL as public company?

        • PTCL has already detached/cracked down its workforce, while offering VSS in last year and offered a package, in which over thirty thousand employees accepted that VSS.
          Now, company has 29000 employees with 3.5 million subscribers.
          Your comments please.

        • jus wana knw k whether wapda is pravatized as wel…i knw ths isn’t relavant to the topic bt pls i realy wana knw…

  • I was looking for old class mates and found your name here. can u tell me if ur from saint paul’s cambridge school? plz reply on my email id

      • You have posted this news. Is it confirmed ??? But you have not mentioned that haw many employees will be effected from this downsizing!!!
        Surely, you are not one amongest them, as you have said, while commenting.

  • PTCL is hijacked by a bunch of hungry Arabs and their local boot lickers who are playing havoc with employees morale & company revenues.HR Department lacks any qualified HR person and HR head is a tout deserving a manager slot at his best.

  • Those who term en-ethical and unprofessional downsizing as TRASH need to be careful in commenting. True, downsizing in situations are inevitable but the way it is done is very important. The process at PTCL is NOT removing TRASH but well trained assets of the company.
    Commenting for the sake of commenting without knowing the actual situation is not unprofessional and en-ethical.

  • last line of my previous comment may please be read as “Commenting for the sake of commenting without knowing the actual situation is unprofessional and en-ethical.”

  • No matter how you see it, PTCL has 4 Million subscribers you cannot have 35000 employees for 4M. Compare that with Mobilink’s 28 Million subscribers with 5000 employees, or Ufone with 20 MIllion, or Telenor with 20M or Warid with 17-18 Million.

    Problem is PTCL has not been able to exploit their Vfone, as finance is a bottleneck to a open thought process. When I was at PTCL we estimated that PTCL being a landline company that had to maintain physical lines needs no more then 5000 employees. All rural lines, or lines more then one mile from any exchange should be replaced with a Vfone, using same post-pay billing as land-line.

    PTCL’s IPTV will be only effective with OFAN, but then iPTV cannot compare its service to DTH service. It will only cell if voice+Broadband+iPTV are bundled and service is 100% assured.

    Coming back to PTCL total employees, 5000 is the magic number. I suggest the management shouls look through emails of June 2007 and it will have a total org chart too for entire Pakistan.

  • Also….

    Nobody is trash in any organization. Organizational efficiency always trickles down, not the other way around!
    If a Board is good and effecient, it will bring in smart CEO and Management team and then the trickle down.
    Also you cannot shout at people or intimidate them as it happens in government oriented (incl PTCL) organizations, you have to give tools and bench marks.
    Hopefully PTCL will need to concentrate on trickle-down strategy!

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