Breaking: Downsizing at Mobilink Begins

As we had anticipated, today at Mobilink, downsizing has begun with full force and things happened in a way that was never seen before in company’s history. Employees were stunned and shocked the way they were terminated.

All these were permanent employees, who were not allowed to go to their seats either in the morning or after Jumma prayer and security was called to collect the company belongings e.g. Car keys and laptops, told us an inside source at head office. These scenes were very disturbing for other employees who now wait to be slaughtered in the same fashion.

There were reportedly total 60 employees in today’s hitlist which include one director and few managers and specialists and associates. This downsizing is going to last till October 2009 according to inside reliable sources of ProPakistani.

In a communication, Mobilink’s spokesperson confirmed the terminations, and said “This is nothing unusual. Employees do often leave for a variety of reason, for instance to pursue other career prospects, or on account of feedback received from their superiors. The overall headcount of Mobilink remains more or less the same, and the vacancies will be filled in due course – indeed we encourage qualified individuals to apply against such vacancies. Mobilink will also use this opportunity to enhance competitiveness, increase efficiencies in terms of performance and eliminate redundancy”.

There is a lot of anger and insecurity among existing employees.

On a similar note, a VP of Mobilink is in talks with PTCL and may join the landline giant in a week or so.

  • I work in Mobilink. All those employees have been terminated who performed miserable. And as quoted in the article above, no security was called. They have had a proper discussion. Plus they have been notified in advance a month ago. They have been given 3 -4 months salaries as well.

    Please check your sources. This is plain blaming.

    Company paal nahi sakti her kisi ko jo kam na kere!!!!!!

    • Mr. Insider you must from HR or Admin of Moblink, who totally biased and blame employees to save mobilinks dirty face. Accept it ….admit mobilinks hostility…..its not good to blame shift hide ur dirty act by stabbing at employees back…..people who have beenworking there for 12 years serving mobilink how come all of sudden their performance becomes so miserable..were they too incompetent..thats absurd…total trashy…

      signature to mobilink attitude “to save your a__ blame other person for ur mistakes…”

      • Eye Opener,

        I work in Mobilink and I would just like to advise you to get your information right! Yes, we have terminated employees but ONLY because they were VERY poor performers and needed to be weeded out. All around the world, this is common practice and Mobilink is no exception to this rule.

        As far as terminating employees in a “humiliating” manner, I suggest you get your information reassessed. In front of me 2 employees were given letters and asked to come and see their Line Manager, IN PRIVATE, and then they packed their stuff and left. NO ONE was treated in the manner that you or ProPakistan is claiming.

        ProPakistan, unfortunately, your editorial team has very poor taste in choice of words. You being an e-newsletter is expected to write in a more professional and ethical manner. Your word choices are appalling to say the least. Your “Insider” is obviously not a very reliable source. You should be acting more responsibily than you have.

        For employees like myself, we are happy that the poor performers were asked to leave. The company is having a very good year and we are happy that the company finally decided to get rid of these poor performers. It has nothing to do with HR or any other function, it just has to do with us FINALLY making the right decision and terminating poor performers.

        This decision has scared people, but for employees like myself who have been performing well, we are motivated, paid well and happy that our hardwork is recognized. For those who perform poorly, we are happy that they are out, and hope that the company can continue to do this in the future, whenever needed. This would also ensure that we remain motivated and ready to work in a competitive environment.

        • Lets hope the same or even severe happens to you soon & I am 101% sure that this will happen. BTW I have not been laid off at all & I’m not from mobilink as well but your erogent words forced me to say this. You are no one to celeberate the layoffs of your collegues. Just wait for your turn…

          Allah Hafiz

    • @ insder!!!

      if company has given them 4 months salary , then PR should give this statement to ProPakistani and i think they will publish it.

      Company PR can also give proper press release against the same news of doing addendum or telling their point of view with proofs.

      if employees have performed miserable no issue everywhere in the world Lay-Offs goes on…no issue @ all , this is common in organizations.

      But Organizations provides proper proof of doing lay-offs. like performance report to the employees.

    • Why did you hire ppl ‘jo kaam nahi kartay thay’ in the first place??? once you hire a person, you cant just fire him anyday..ok i dont blame Mobilink but i do blame your HR department for hiring so many ppl kay ab samajh nahi aa rahee..Plus 3 to 4 months salary is nothing for a person who has no job..One more thing, we get paid to pay our bills, pay for our children schooling and similar do you intend to help these ppl in paying their utilities and stuff..i am sad for all the ppl who are thrown out.. :( plus the whole world know that these ppl are fired from Mobilink (Thx to pro pakistani), who will hire them now?????

    • MR.Insider, there are 101comments against you. pls save your____ side!!! aur sunaoo*** yahan per sabh sunaee gey.

      my sis also worked there for 3 years and they also terminated her and all the security team which consist of more then 50 employees and the main reason is that the company is going down and they r not able to pay their employees but they have paid 2 months pay afetr termination..

      this compnay is going down and with the reputation like this no one will like to work here becoz people will feel insecure working on this company that they might be terminated any time

  • Very True eye opener. had they been non performer, were they informed and given time to improve. This is not the way to deal with the situation in giants

  • Hmmm

    This downsizing will not only cause insecurity in Mobilink Employees but also the employees from other companies.

    I hope and pray all the things settle down soon AMEEN.

  • Dear Pals,
    Size up or down sizing they are non of our (employees) concern. Every company works for money and in real world it’s the money which matters, so we are just particles to fill the air. Anyhow coming to the Mobilink kick outs, I would rather say they should be terminating all those moles in the company who were/are acting like blood sucking ticks, who were/are corrupt, who were/are as depressant to workers and making their lives hell. I been there once but i still can name more then 20 most corrupt, pain in the ass & arrogant managers, directors. But dont worry things will not change a bit. You will face same harsh behaviors, you will live like u r living & they will keep giving you enough to Eat and live so you can come back to work next day. That’s my friends; is Capitalism. If you believe and feel that you have will/power to change this whole scenario then kindly join my hands on face book group (Pakistan Private Sector Employees Podium).

    • That’s totally a brutal act to terminate an employ in that way.
      All we can do is to protest against these kind of brutal an vicious acts.
      Our Government should take some solid steps to prevent a common man from such kind of issues

    • Lets hope the same happens to you soon & I am 101% sure that this will happen. BTW I have not been laid off at all & I’m not from mobilink as well but your words forced me to say this.
      Allah Hafiz

  • I worked previously in Mobilink and found it the best employer in Pakistan. I also felt that there were hundreds of non-performing employees who were just taking mobilink foregranted and for them, working at Mobilink, was simply a picnic spot, come have fun, buffet lunch, chit chat, free mobiles, on & off some functions etc. Mostly these were girls and guys from burger families who got jobs in Mobilink through some references.

    I know these kind of employees were a burden on company, however, the way they are terminating these employees will simply ruin the company’s credibility and reputation in the market. There is always a good way to do even the worst things, and hence, Mobilink should have done this in a proper way, in case they have done this the way it has been explained in this article. Ofcourse company “kisi ko paal nahi sakti” but jab itnay arsay se paal rahi thi tou tareekay se nikaala jata tou behter tha.

    Anyway, this will not do any good both to employees or the company reputation.

  • daikha na guys i ws saingk yeh log karain ge cuz dey hav many xtra employes nd dose mobilink guys were shouting at me

  • i m the employee of mobilink and i thank propakistani to develop such side of open information as mobilink corrupt management and there relatives and yar are still violating the policies and downsizing will continue to kick in majority poor workers with no source. many names we will disclose to the world soon. they r so bad managers and directors who appoint fake degree holder,abusive language, pan, gotka, within department is usal. mobilink management have no attention on accountability of management,managers,supervisor and black sheep directors daily decesions and lobby culture to kill any true voice is usal. these managers create artifical enviornment and profile to kill no source employee. most famous mames are imran mosa admin karach director,zahid iqbal lahore director of customer services,mustafa paracha vp. and there are alot blacksheeps in mobilink we will mamed with proof. God bless us from blacksheeps at mobilink.

    • I worked with Mobilink guyz.. actually to me.. most of them dont work, as they mostly rely on Vendors.. Over hiring and Lobbyism was going on.. All the managers and directors of one department are having fueds with the other department..

      Openly the project departments are taking bribes from vendors… In fact I must say that most of the guyz are making forges bills.. as they all come on references..

      Technical and Marketing department both are very corrupt!!… and that’s because of the managers and directors… who create such an environment.. and the newbies get adapted to it.

  • mr amir n all aboves im sorry to say that you are all working in mobilink on behalf of those fired peoples jin ki badolat aj Mobilink ka market naam hay ap kia baat kar rahay ho gut ka pan.. Agar woh ap ko kaam kar k day rahay hain 100% or kartay arahay hain mujhay tu lagta hay k ap ko mobilink ki history ka kuch pata hi nahi hay ap sirf books language use kar rahay ho jo ap freshly uni say phar kr aa aay ho mujhay hasi arahi hay ahmakana baat par k kisi sb nay kaha k mobilink pal nahi sakti tu mayray bhai itnay salon say yahi woh log thay jin hon nay mobilink ko itna agay layga aay or inhi stars ki waja say Aj mobilink market main no. 1 chal rahi thi. Company aik galti karnay k baad galteyo k upar galati karti arahi hay or is ka natija company ko ab bardasht kar nay k lia tayar rahna paray ga aj mobi main woh log decesions lay rahay hain jin jo juma juma ath din nahi howay or woh itni bari positions par aa k bhaithay hain khair ALLAH ap ko akal or samajhdari day.

  • @amir

    Go and take lessons for writing dude. I think when Mobilink hired you, they were not looking for amicable skills. Any how, finger pointing on baseless ground will leave you with 4 fingers pointing towards you at the end. What have you done to change the situation? it’s easy to blame than to do something about it. Go and ask Imran Moosa your self if you have guts, he will answer your questions and blames in a peaceful manner. Bring it on man! Rest of the world is not interested in the black-sheeps inside but you and peers who are just alike or using blog mediums to spread news and create chaos.

  • Guys, get realistic here, anyone who was not performing a bit was given these letters and we all agree to this and it’s a simple and clean warning from management of improving the productivity with minimum resources like it happens in any major company globally, so stop complaining and start performing
    Secondly taking names like Mustafa Paracha is totally absurd and ridiculous,exposing your level as these people are responsible for the delightful experiences customers get at Mobilink touch points….. And no doubt we remain at No 1 position, despite so much of negative propaganda
    Amir, stop being stereotype and prove your worth to the company plus there is a forum where you can directly e-mail to CEO however with proof if accusing anyone

  • Downsizing, cost cutting, non-professional attitude of superiors with the juniors started to blackmail for losing a job also a known issue at mobilink but WHO CARES at mobilink. There are corrupt employees still on the safe hands of black sheep management in Mobilink therefore Guys again don’t defend / Utahoo Management ki as this culture is mobilink internal. I challenge you that noting will change in Mobil ink, don’t define policies which culprit management at mobilink follow as per there personal interest I claimed in almost every mobilink department at least one relative is there and this will be disclosed by Mobil ink employees if open investigations started that how these management relative or incapable yar of management have violated the mobilink policies. You guys think mobilink employees are mad that they will email to CEO for complain as many examples there that who raise true voice they have been vanished quietly from mobilink without any investigation. I gave you one important example if mobilinkers remember what happened about Service Excellence Training last year , All Employees shows complete dissatisfaction for HR, Management decisions, non merit promotions etc and this is not enough ask the Trainer Ramiz Allah wallah for the feedback receive from the training, shame on management noting has happened and changed , and Zohair A khaliq became hero and promoted in Orascam instead if this happened in Europe straight away CEO and the management got fired. Shame on us as a Multinational company we are governing it as SATH organization with no check and balance and no accountability instead in this forum instead in this forum above I saw comments to create artificial environment to defend mobilink of policies which are violated by management at mobilink. Shame…..

    • Amna, shame on us for having an employee like you in the company! We are market leaders and considered one of the best companies to work for, and this has not been because of the things that you have mentioned above.

      I challenge you to go and talk to Ramiz Allawalla and let him tell you how good a company Mobilink is. From the millions of rupees that the company spends on employees like you, it shows how much of a poor attitude you have. Employees like you are scums for the company–people who are ungrateful for everything the company has done for them. I used to work in a Fortune 500 company in the US, and I can easily say that the types of perks and incentives that Mobilink gives and the way the company takes care of its people, even companies abroad do not do that.

      I suggest that you quit the company because we dont need people like you over here. And once you leave the company, I bet you wont find a company like Mobilink who bothered to invest their time and effort in making you a mature and competent professional. Shame on you for being so ungrateful!!

  • I think a little bit more pressure has to be applied to employers regarding firing people. In westrn countries, it is not easy to fire empoyers other than some serious performance issues, even then there is severence payment involved. Also there is a try to retrain those employers and put them to new challenges. Then there is support from Government to those who got unemployed thorugh unemployment benfits depending upon their previous salries. A company operated in society so it has a responsibility towards that scoiety. It cannot do whatever it want, there are always alternatives avialble. This becomes more critical if the company owners are outsiders, nobody should be allowed to come from outside and try to damage the society. If the numbers dont make sense, and employees performance is not totally hopeless, company sould not be allowed to lay off. It need to have legal and ethical limitations. i recoomend layedoff employees to go to court to make employers realize they just cannot do whatever they like and play with society citizens lives. In the end, we cend ustomers will shun such rude industry player.

  • Mr. Usman ! u r rite bt it is nt a western country dis is pakistan manzz!!

    agr yahan par govt unemployeed employeees ko salaries dainay lagy tou sara budget isi pe lag jaye ga!!

    balkay yeh sab honay se pahlay hi hamaray hukmaran sb kuch apne account main dalwa lain ge nd ghreeb banda waisay he ro rha hoga

    • I Agree.. hum logon ka kaam karnay ko dil nahi karta.. Jab tak zardari hukamran hai..koi fikar nahi…Taliban aa gae to phir shayed kaam karna per jae…

  • Mobilink managment just wana reduce the employees so they r doing cost cutting and neagative behavoirz as well……

    And no one can come in Mobilink with out refernce and no one can stay respectable and for long time without PAWA :p

    so guyz hope for the best :)

  • @Usman & Usman Ali

    Please correct your information about firing in the west, they even dont let the guy to enter the office, take the company assets from the parking lot and say SAYONARA to the employee there and then. This is the corporate culture and it happened to thousands of employees in UK, US, Europe and Dubai, who got fired due to recession.

    I only say, if these guys were incompetent, then why they were promoted to Senior levels in the first place. If they were corrupt and the Mobilink Management found proof of their guilt then why only Lay-Off with 3-4 months salaries? They should kick their asses in front of all employees and get back what these guys took. Freeze their salaries and provident fund.

  • For anyone who thinks that this has been done on the basis of performance, let me add this for your information,

    One of the employees terminated received Century Award a month back …. u can say they ranked him in Top 100

    There are others who got promoted this year after performance appraisals ….. n now got terminated

    This is for sure not being done on the basis of performance, those with better contacts in management can save themselves, other have to leave.

    If things had been so fair n transparent at Mobilink …. since beginning …. this could hv been avoided.

  • @Everyone…
    Dont panic on firing or the manner of firing…Its a normal thing in Capitalism … and capitalism does not recognise moral principles, it only recognise the profits…

    Im right now working in dubai … if you want to hear firing stories, then ask someone who just came back from dubai, telling everyone that he is on “vacation” of 1-2 months. Here people are being given options of being fired, Working on half salary or going on unlimited leave without pay ..

    Barclays bank Middle east hired a huge lot of poeple from Pakistan … and fired them when they either reached UAE Airports or Bank office for joining. There were some existing who were fired just on arriving the office and security told them that they are not allowed to enter….

    Bad Performance is always the reason described for firing someone anywhere in the world…There are legal complications involved if you fire someone without the reason so Bad performance is the only reason…whether actual or allegded…So there is no benefit of arguing that whether these people were really bad performers or not….

  • I am not working in Mobilink but as a future worker in corporate sector, I think corporate horses should be bridled by regulatory authorities and labor laws. Capitalism consider only profit but only in theory. Corporate cannot ignore the society in which it operates, since it is society that give it work force and its society who are its customers. Moreover, Corporates need Government support as we have seen recent bail out of pure capitalist institutions in US. I wonder if PTA can play some role in this regard, or SEC or some other institution to teach these corporates “A corporate social responsibility lesson”. If orascom don’t want to do business here, f===off. We will give their license to someone else. There are lot of hungry Corporates in world to cash on emerging markets, in a business where more growth is on the horizon, if not much from subscribers number than from ARPU. Regarding corporate culture, a company culture is reflection of society culture. If you find lot of managers who are assholes, it simply means there is lot of assholes in the society; it’s not easy to change that. HR people should be nice people, because if they are assholes, they will hire more assholes. Again I would say there should be employment benefit from Gov. for a limited period (1 year) depending on salary earned before. It will keep the household going, benefit economy in short and long term, give time for person to retrain, keep consumption level high, increase risk taking on a society level, increase well being …………… It can also be given in the form of loan. Also foreign investors should be allowed to run a business on 100 percent ownership. It’s like selling your land to foreigners. They should only be allowed to do business in partnership, preferably with Government. Also there should b stringent labor and company laws on how they operate.

  • @ usman….i think u gave an interview at Mobilink and was not hired… and in this humilation your are bashing Mobilink.Fuck off your self….

  • “We work in a market system that happens to reward what we do very well – Disproportionately well. Mike Tyson, too. If you can knock a guy out in 10 seconds and earn $10 million for it, this world will pay a lot for that. If you can bat .360, this world will pay a lot for that. But, if you’re a marvelous teacher, this world won’t pay a lot for it. If you are a terrific nurse, this world will not pay a lot for it. “”

  • AOA.
    Its amazing situation, at one side the governmet is claiming to ensure the “Roti, Kapra, aur Makan”.
    while at other side it assisting the factors who are doing against the Government So-Called Policy.

    Just Think about it.
    Take care.

  • @[email protected] Your nick is purepakistani but you are here sup[porting naively to egyptian company. thts bit odd.

    I am supporting the cause that corporates should be more socially responisble for their own good. Does this mean I have given interviews to all corporations in world and being rejected and now bashing them all? What a stupid remark. You better run for elections next time because duffers win big time in elections and our democracy thrive idiots like you.

    Corporate and Government both should shoulder the provision of cushion to human resources in highly volatile economy. Corporates should provide retraining to expereinced employees to prepapre them for new challenges. As in this industry, a lot can still happen and its people who will realize those solutions. Mind you, in Jappan, there is lifetime employment. It brings lot of benefits to company. On other hand, Gov should also retrain people that have become unemployed and also give them unemployed benefit, to help them retrain themselves and become productive citizens again. It will be good for long and short term economically. It will sustain consumption, encourage risk taking on a society level, increase monney circulation, and active citizenry. The list of benefits is long. People will do work not for roti, kapra and makan only, they will work to do something that is required and need of time.

  • Hi,

    I am supplier to all Orascom subsadries in Pak, they are not pay master to there suppliers.

    so they run networks & customers with others money.

    But for Employees they are good, there polieis are good. they pay goood salaries & provide best facilities.

    So this kind of things even not happen with a PEON of Mobilink then how with Director level. its bluff & lie i believe. like some one want to get cash of this news who can be other operator.

    best of Luck Mobilink Guys!!! we all pray for you.

  • Well for end customer like me, the equations is very simple. We will use services of companies that are socially resposible and good for country. It is specially easy when you all offer the same thing. Employees have to be treated respecfully. Today they are treated bad, tommorow any of us can be treated bad. Inefficient incompetent low life insecure managers is a disease that is very old and widespread. In our country where nothing happens without Sifarish, this breed of species is wide spread. Character of people in a company is reflection of character of people of society and i see nothing much to be proud of in @decency,[email protected] department. Therfore, while coporate culture is hard to change (without changing society), lay off kind of things should be taken seriously as it affects society. Mobilink need to show if it has retraining facilities for its emlpoyers or not. Otherwise bye bye

    • Usman, you seem to have a lot of negative things to say about the company, without actually being a part of the company. Thus, your entire perception is based on what you hear, rather than what you know. And your sources of information are obviously very biased and comprise of those who were most probably fired or know of someone who got fired in the company.

      Grow up pal, this is real life, this is corporate life. It has nothing to do with culture, it has to do with performance. If you perform, you’re in, if you dont, you’re out!! Simple as that! This equation applies across the world and is not only subject to Mobilink or Pakistan.

      Mobilink would not have been at its stature today without doing something right!! IF we had all safarshees, if employees were treated so poorly and paid low salaries, then we wouldnt be where we are today.

      Go read other blog entries above where people have talked about how employees were treated abroad when they got fired. We are very quick to point fingers locally and blame others for creating a climate of fear, however, what people like you dont realize is that companies abroad, when they fire someone, they treat them like scums of the earth!

      I suggest that you be grateful that companies like Mobilink exist that have brought in billions of dollars for the country and has employeed thousands of people and brought in a good name for the country. Our brands such as Jazz and Indigo have been consistently recognized worldwide as one of the best recognized brands in Asia. This is a distinction that all of us should be proud of as Pakistanis. Our ability to generate such profits is down to a highly motivated and hardworking group of people. None of this would have been possible if we had a culture that you have described in your blog.

      I for one, certainly hope that the company continues to get rid of poor performers and may this trend of firing people on poor performance continue. I for one know that I will also have to remain totally focused and work hard if I want to continue growing in this organization.

      • I am not talking about one company. My point is general and very easy to understand. If a work force is fired due to market forces, they are innocents and need to be taken care by both corporate and society. If they are fired due to individual problems so that he or she is a harm to organization, then again society need to take care of those individuals, retrain and make sure they survive.

  • Do corporates or other companies ever think about work environment? And how it relates to productivity, creativity and innovation?

  • From discussion here, it seems like work places are dreaded places. No wonder our Nation is unable to produce anything substantial in its history (Talking about business/economics not defense).

  • I would appreciate if you guyz could tell me about the Mobilink HR department in ISB,including Staffing managers,i am asking because i am part of federal inquiry in to this lay off.

    Any replies will be appreciated.

  • Dear mates I thought I wouldn’t write again after my previous comments but after reading views from all of you, I had to write again. All of you are educated, trained professionals then why are you unable to see the bigger picture? The broader picture is “THE CHIPS ARE DOWN”. It’s not what Mobilink is doing; the thing is what is next? What to do now? Will it stay like this forever? How will I feed my family? What will I become after losing this job or the next or the next like this? The end of capitalism is approaching, the ice started to melt. It started breaking glaciers like General Motors, Citi Group etc. We are the part of this system, but we are at the receiving end. We are acting as tools to make profit for the company and when we don’t they throw us out like garbage or scarp without noticing that we gave them the all the services they require. Mates! It’s time to choose a side, it’s time to make a decision Do you want this system to run like this forever or you want your family, friends and acquaintances to have a real life without slavery, without classifications of upper & lower, where you get the proper wages of your work.
    I have seen something, something not new to me but I never put attention to it because I was winning and when I was winning I give shit to think about losing, actually nobody does that. But now I am looking at a different world where capitalism is dying, stinking; this much that it is making life hell for people around. You can see for yourself Ericson fired people NSN did, Unilever did and now Mobilink. So stop blogging, stop pointing fingers, stop abusing and stop insulting workers power; now it’s time to work. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR CHAINS. YOU HAVE A WORLD TO WIN.
    Mail me at [email protected]. Thanks

  • IF the company already informed them or given the 3 to 4 months salary it seems to be normal. However as told the security called to take the property of company is not a mannerable way.
    This kind of measures cause negetive intelligenc among the employes which result in low outpu

  • Guys one thing is for sure Mobilink’s HR Dept is consisting (Sorry to Say) IMPOTENT people they cannot even handle a simple case and in result they simply ask you to resign. The present CEO of Mobilink has started all bullshit things after taking the charge and this was very much obvious. Firstly when people were leaving the jobs by themselves no new hiring and promotion were offered. Mobilink Its Marketing has lost its 3 important guys who are now working for Ufone. Recently another Marketing personnel who was promoted as M-II with a raise in salary left Mobilink and joined Telenor as Marketing Manager of Djuice.

    I just want to say all the big Dogs of are playing their games with Luxuries provided by the company like BMW’s to all the VP of departments. The people who are working on the lower level are literally suffering from the big boss attitudes. In the recent appraisals people who really performed well through out the year 2008 were not promoted to their expected designations. HR of Mobilink is just working as a Puppet, Mobilink HR seems to be very professional consisting of highly educated people sitting in the office but this is the outer picture even the talented and fair people cannot practice their professional education faithfully, you just have to look into them they are worse from inside but yes its a fact that are forced to do so. HR is not controlling the employees the Directors and VPs are controlling everything.

    I can write alot about the insight of mobilink’s few department but it wont help anyone. All we people read give our comments and then forget about it and that how it goes.

    Take Care everyone and plz No Offense

  • And one thing if you want to check out the real and True HR Department practice in Telecom Sector then you better meet any of Telenor’s employee. I am not a telenor employee but the EMPLOYEES JOB SATISFACTION LEVEL at TELENOR is higher then any other Cellular Company. And HR Dept of Telenor is genuinely controlling everything. The scene of equality among all employees of all designation is remarkable and is really very interesting if you study there policies you will be definitely amazed.

  • Few members of the blog say the names of the people should not be mentioned. I would say that we should! Becasue if Pakistani consitutute (democracy) allows then Yes we should name those blacksheep. If you cannot tell the names then you are in democratic country.

  • Our Government is place of corrupt people, what else you guys expecting. This corruption is very small in size as compared to the corruption by our politicians. Media which has become a vital instrument to unfold such corruption is not playing any role in Pakistan. Have you ever seen any TV channels showing corruption done by polititian especially if he is in active government? Everybody is scared of speaking truth because bad people don’t hesitate of wipe out true people. May ALLAH show all of right path.

  • Capitalism is dying but what is becomming clear is GOvernment’s need to play more responsible role and all cannot be left to markets. I think we as a nation are going through learning how to survive in a market economy. We need to develop live for a day attitude that will help us navigate the fast changes in market/society/world easily. When people fall through edges, Gov need to temporary suppor tthem so that they start running towards a new challenge. How we will compete in international markets is also quite challenging when your opponents are capitaists, how can you capture and retain market when supply of capital(alotugh in form of credit) is available to your competitors. Reflecting upon this is very essential for international players. People working in international players should understand the system, its survival of the fittest. West is working on Darwinism, so when you are working, you need to remeber that.

  • Advice for all those employees of mobilink who were terminated, simple get a decent lawyer and kick some butts.
    It might not come out good but atleast you guys should go down fighting.

  • This is the result of choosing sardars and so called Marda Hur as our representative that we are helpless before mobilink and such sort of the companies. They have earned a lot from our country without passing technology. We bought millions of mobile sets. I don’t know that whether anyone was produced by our country. Why our govt. impose ban on mobiles import and ask the companies to install factories here if they want business with us.
    Khuda nain Aaj tak us kom ki halat naheen badli
    na ho jis ko khail aap apni halat k badalnain ka

    • Well I never seen any technical jobs in mobile operaters in Pakistan. Only sales kind of jobs are posted. I wonder if there is any technical stuff going on or they are filled with general managers

  • Its amazing to see that how Mobilink Employees are digitally trying to rectify there negitivity online. What ever the reason, firing a few people even at the director level doesnt show that a company is not doing well….there are alot of people who are working in companies who dont deserve that particular position and there performance is zero, but even then they are there for many years….so this means that particular company has not been monitoring there employees performance. And to me Mobilink,I think, has not been evaluating there employees performance in the past and now they have realized since the times are little tough they thought that they should start evaluating there employees performance. So they had to fire a few people who were just wasting time and utilizing resources which technically is a cost.
    I think we should start a thread on Pakistan Tobacco as well because the rate at which they fire people is mind boggling.
    And im not an Employee at Mobilink neither i was fired from PTC :P

  • @ ALL:

    I am also an employee of Mobilink, working in North region. People who are saying that the terminated employees were humiliated they are BADLY MISTAKEN, as I was I have witnessed everything, they were asked to leave in proper professional manner and things required to them were provided to them.

    @ Current Mobilink Employees:

    I am really surprised to see there comments about terminating and humiliating employees, basically they there self are BLACK SHEEPS. People who don’t work their self and are afraid that they will be kicked out comments like that.

    We have so many examples that a company fires 100 and 1000’s of employee. Recent example is of Boeing Company.

    One thing should we keep in mind that we work for an organization, we don’t own it so its part of JOB so accept it with open HEART.

    So CHILL now.

  • Typical Example of Argument where you dont know anything.

    Somethings i read along , that i would like to clear :

    “Why someone who got the century award & someone who had been working for 12 years fired ? ”

    You are right , if he had been working here for so long , now at such a high post , why should his performance SUDDENLY go down ? . Here’s why , what the outsiders dont know is the dramatic restructuring that has occured in the above mentioned person’s dept. His reporting line had changed , the new reporting line noticed the lack of performance and the case was opened. Old reporting line was found corrupt in another case and dismissed as well. Its a typical case of a higher up , taking his favourite juniour up the ladder. So the decision was justified when things became clearer.

    “Bad Treatment to the Employees on Firing”

    There was none , they were asked to leave in a private room in the presence of their Senior. Infact some Company Assets were left to them untill they are stable enough to leave them, in honor of their service. The above mentioned person still has the company car and is using it.

    So lets not point fingers without knowing facts , there’s no point in getting emotional over these issues . I ask you , if you were running a company , you were not making profit , would you still keep the employees that are not giving you any profit ? or would you replace them with better ones ?

    And for the last time , its not “DOWNSIZING” , the headcount will be replaced by other people more suitable for the job, these senior management positions cannot be left empty , anyone with a right mind can realise that.

    Please get your facts straight before accusing needlessly.

  • @ Insider…All dear ones… plz join facebook and try to share “GOOD” views there…
    I think AL-Qaieda is the Master Mind behind this…

  • Mobilink has 460 head count of firing employees, 60 have been done so far. Mobilink is firing first bad performers side by side employees without any reason, Rashid Khan New CEO has not a great Back ground in past related to mobilink as well as in Banglalink. Mobilink “RESHAPING Lives”, is it so.
    Fire honay hain hongay aur hotay hi rehtay hai.
    Such yeh hai we can’t stop these scoundrals.

  • Mobilink Fired another director in IT. It is astonishing how incompitenet people are still on the job and compitenet people are getting laid off. Mobilink will have a very long lasting impact of these moves. It looks like to be a sinking ship with higer executives caring only about their perks and enjoying the nice time.

  • Mobilink has been fired lot of out source except that have strong refernce @ mobilink.

    I worked in mobilink more than two years and now no job.

    Who is responsible. ? ? ?

  • close