Breaking: Downsizing at Mobilink Begins

As we had anticipated, today at Mobilink, downsizing has begun with full force and things happened in a way that was never seen before in company’s history. Employees were stunned and shocked the way they were terminated.

All these were permanent employees, who were not allowed to go to their seats either in the morning or after Jumma prayer and security was called to collect the company belongings e.g. Car keys and laptops, told us an inside source at head office. These scenes were very disturbing for other employees who now wait to be slaughtered in the same fashion.

There were reportedly total 60 employees in today’s hitlist which include one director and few managers and specialists and associates. This downsizing is going to last till October 2009 according to inside reliable sources of ProPakistani.

In a communication, Mobilink’s spokesperson confirmed the terminations, and said “This is nothing unusual. Employees do often leave for a variety of reason, for instance to pursue other career prospects, or on account of feedback received from their superiors. The overall headcount of Mobilink remains more or less the same, and the vacancies will be filled in due course – indeed we encourage qualified individuals to apply against such vacancies. Mobilink will also use this opportunity to enhance competitiveness, increase efficiencies in terms of performance and eliminate redundancy”.

There is a lot of anger and insecurity among existing employees.

On a similar note, a VP of Mobilink is in talks with PTCL and may join the landline giant in a week or so.