PTCL Gets New Chairman

Najeeb Ullah Malik has been appointed as new chairman of PTCL by Ministry of IT and Telecom, reported Daily Jang Today.

Malik’s appointment came right after the resignation of former secretary IT and Telecom, Mr. Hafeez Ur Rehman, who also resigned from the board of director’s position at PTCL.

Now board of directors for PTCL includes following

  • Najeeb Ullah Malik (Chairman)
  • Salman Siddiqui, Federal Finance Secretary
  • Mushtaq Amhed Bhatti, Member IT Ministry
  • Khursheed Ahmed, Pakistani Ambassador to UAE
  • Mr. Abdulrahim Abdulla Abdulrahim Al Nooryani, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat International Pakistan L.L.C / Executive Vice President Contracts & Administration Etisalat, UAE
  • Abdul Aziz Saleh, Head HR, Etisalat UAE
  • Fazil Ansar, Executive Vice President, Etisalat UAE
  • Abdul Aziz Al Karyam, General Manager, Etisalat, Northern Emirates
  • Dr. Ahmed Al Jarwan, General Manager, Real Estate, Etisalat UAE

P.S PTCL’s website is still showing Hafeez Ur Rehman as their Chairman

  • the level of “good governance” the present government has shown is enough to seal the fate of this decision as well

  • Dear Sir, I am one of the user of PTCL land line i.e. 36997420 since 1993, now I have availed the facility of PTCL Broad Band and PTCL Smart T.V. from April or May 2009. Sir, since last about 03 (three ) months the my both the telephone line was not working and was completely held up one is 36997420 and another one is 36900742 (in which the facility of PTCL Broad Band and PTCL Smart T.V. was installed) and the bill for both the facility was paid by me, now I have again received a bill for both the telephone and since I did not utilized the facility of the same. Please note I have lodged so many times the complaint and sent my son various times to the NEW KARACHI telephone but the never gave any attention. I then tried to surrender the Device of Ptcl Broad Band and Device of PTCL Smart and send my son to surrender but the office bearers are told that to pay the currnet bill which I am unable to pay because I did not availed facility for the last three months and have already paid the bill for the last two months. It is therefore requested you to kindly look into the matter and advise them to take back the devices and refund the two months bill i already paid for not using any facility. Hope the quick response will be given to me. Regards. Shamim Akhtar Cell # 0345-2085516

  • PTCL never respond professionally
    After three months Mr Imtiaz reply to the complaint(Might be from PTCL)
    Nor tried to even dial the number which was given by the subscriber
    Hands Off
    Well Done PTCL
    Cuna Laga kar Rakho

  • A/ Chairman, PTCL

    Dear Sir,

    I am a retired PTCL officer, served PTCL then T&T Department for 37 years from September 1972 to October 2009. I have been retired on superannuation as Manager HR&A. Most of my service has been in overseas telecommunication transmission for which I am proud of it.
    Each and every retired person got increase in pension w.e.f 1st July 2009 except PTCL retired personnel. In last three years prices of commodities hiked more than 200%. My children are still studying and my kitchen and utility bills expenditures are dependable on my pension and interest from bank (Deposited amount received on commutation). You are therefore requested to please increase the pension equivalent to retired Govt. officers as we all were Government servant before 1995.
    Secondly please refer to the BPRD Circular No. 25 of 2010, dated November 04, 2010, issued by State Bank of Pakistan regarding Pension disbursement through Banks. Still it is not clear from PTET that what type of Account they want in Bank? All retired staff have at least one Bank A/c. Still they want an other Account required to be open? Next what is the Draft for “an indemnity Bond” for aggregate amount equivalent to six months pension. My Bank Manger does not know. It is therefore requested to please give one month time to complete formalities and send pension of January-2011 to the Account of Pensioners, already provided without further formalities and guide us and Bank Managers further.

    Barkat Ali
    (EPI # 10002303)

  • dear sir,
    the purpose of writing this is to inform you that my DSL on 0515124893 installed on 27.12.2011 is unserviceable since 30.12.2011.i have complained many times but its no use. i request you to kindly just disconnect my DSL. if your are unable to provide satisfactory services.

    Ap ki bari bari meharbani ho gi. Hamari is mushkil say jan churayee.

    your customer

  • sir my ptcl broad band is dead like ur staff no complain internet speed is very low.i complained many time psl disconnect my DSL.if you are unable to remove my complain.

    Advocate High Court
    x-Vice President High Court Bar Association, Sukkkur. Ref No._________
    Opposite Police Station, Pano Akil, District Sukkur. Dated:11.6.2012
    Cell No.0313-3446777
    Cell No.0333-7222688
    Cell No.0300-9319732
    Fax. 071-5691497
    e-mail. [email protected]


    1. The Chairman PTCL Islamabad.
    2. General Manager, PTCL, Sukkur.


    Dear Sirs,

    It is requested that the 500 persons who to use lap-top and there are no signals around entire the areas including Pano Akil, city except Cantonment Areas, although we are foolish people to pay the monthly bill to PTCL for non-availability service of EVO.
    It is known previously machinery/equipment had arrived for installation EVO but the same equipment was shifted to some where else to deprive the facility of People of Pano Akil.
    You are therefore, requested to install the EVO Service within one month otherwise we may be returned our money and thereby to disconnect our EVO Connection.

    Yours very faithfully

    Shafqatullah Shaikh
    Advocate High Court.


    The Respectable Chairman,
    Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Limited.
    Head Office, ISLAMABAD (Pakistan).


    HOLDER OF PTCL TEL. # 021-24918630-5 “Account ID: 1214918630. And,
    HOLDER OF PTCL TEL. # 021-34854038-7 “Account ID: 1214854038 installed at same place.

    With great sorrow & grief, I the holder of above telephone numbers invite your kind attention, that I am payer of above telephones bills since last so many months & years but these are always dead, out of order & in of no use. Several complaints were lodged before the competent authorities of Karachi but all of them made no efforts. Because their lines are seriously suffered & also un- operation, hence the instant complaint with following prayer :-

    Your are hereby requested to kindly by making your efforts, direct the concerned management to make these telephones in order as early as possible & awaiting for possible response. THANKS.

    FROM: M.SIDDIQUE MALIK. CELL NO: 0300-2957596.

    “PFOIL HOUSE” B/10, Usman Goth, C.I. Area Liaquatabad, Karachi-75900.

  • all ptcl pensioers waiting last three years increase in PENSION………….AS PER GOVT CIRCULAR

  • Dear sir,

    my telephone number is 021-34648741 based at telephone exchange,
    gulzar-e-Hijri, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. I have been having the same PTCL
    number from a number of years but unfortunately the connection regularly
    breaks down taking the PTCL number near a month to be repaired. Now yet
    again my phone is inoperative for the past 20 days. My broadband
    connection is also connected with this number. after quite some digging
    have i found your email address and tried to make you aware of this
    particular situation. i suggest that you offer a conclusive final
    suggestion of how to solve this problem for it not to bother me again
    otherwise i might be forced to unsubscribe my PTCL connection.

    Saeed Ahmed Shaikh

    Complain No.60 already Registered
    Today complain No.24

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  • my number is 051-2218010 . dear sir my problem is DSL connection disconnect plz my problem urgently solve me connection stork in 10 days plz solve my problem

  • To,
    Mr Najeeb Ullah Malik
    Chairman PTCL

    With due respect, My name is Muhammad Sabahat Khan and a residential of Korangi Karachi. Sir I’m a PTCL user since a long time. My land line number is 021-35066263 and few months before I joined Broadband service , Sir it is completely dead since 6th Feb and I have complained many times on 1218 although I went to the Exchange too but there is no response from any of PTCL department and whenever I am calling them then everyday a same complain number they are giving me that’s 10. Hopefully sending you mail kindly resolve this matter. Sir every after two weeks I am facing problem, sometimes landline telephone or sometimes Broadband service disconnected. Requesting you to please take an action against it, I’ll be highly thankful.

    Thank you

    Mohammad Sabahat Khan


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