Telenor Shandur Polo Festival 2009 Starts

Shandur_Polo_TelenorTelenor Shandur Polo Festival 2009, one of the oldest sporting events of Pakistan, is once again ready to greet you with its cultural hospitality and to excite you with the thrilling moments of Polo matches from 7th to 9th July. Continuing with its rich legacy spanning over 7 mighty decades, the Telenor Shandur Polo Festival 2009 will play host to thousands of spectators from Pakistan and abroad on the world’s highest Polo ground. The game of kings will once again repeat history and stage adrenaline pumping Polo matches with a new spirit and renewed vigor.

Pakistan’s widest and the most advanced cellular network, Telenor enjoys a very warm yet unique relationship with the people of Northern Areas and particularly Shandur.

Apart from being the sole sponsor for Shandur Polo Festival 2007 & 08, Telenor is the only cellular network that keeps you connected with your loved ones even at the mighty heights of Shandur – 14,000 feet above the sea level. Therefore, Telenor is proud to be the largest cellular network of the Northern region. Infused with the same spirit and in collaboration with the Government of NWFP, Telenor is taking forward its commitment by rejuvenating the sporting spirit of the Shandur Polo Festival 2009 for the third consecutive year.

The backdrop of Hindukush range, hospitality, scenic views, folk dances, thrilling Polo matches, the world’s highest Polo ground and above all, the unparallel coverage of Telenor, await you at the Telenor Shandur Polo Festival 2009.

  • Tania Aslam

    The place is more attractive than the festival itself.

  • U Fone rules

    Who said telenor is the sole sponsor of the event. This is bull crap.
    The event is owned by sarhad government and its their right who they want to give it to.