What is 3G – And Where is 3g?

What is 3G?

  • 3G (third generation) is a collection of international standards and technologies.
  • 3G increases efficiency by improving the performance of mobile wireless networks.

1G – 2G – 3G

  • 1G – Analog networks
  • 2G – Digital wireless phone on circuit switched networks
  • 3G – Digital wireless phone on packet switched networks

The Speed

  • Up to 144Kbps in a high-speed moving environment (Present)
  • Up to 384Kbps in a low-speed moving environment (Present)
  • Up to 2Mbps in a stationary environment (Future)

Note: The speed for 2G is 9.6 kbps – 14.4 kbps.

World’s First 3G Netowrk

On May 30, 2001, NTT DoCoMO launched the world first application of W-CDMA, one of the IMT – 2000 global mobile communications standards.

With a maximum downlink transmission speed of 384 kbps.

Personal Scene

  • Take on-line shopping for example. You will be able to view and select still images of merchandise, then make payments from your electronic wallet (Digital Catalog Shopping).
  • Video Mail
  • Mobile Banking
  • Digital Information Delivery (Audio and Video)

Home Scene

  • Directly connect to a home automation system and be able to turn on/off home appliances such as lighting and air conditioners.
  • You will have a greater control of your home security system by displaying security monitor images on your cellular phone terminal display.

Entertainment Scene

  • You will be able to view plays, concerts, and sports events in real-time.
  • You will be able to download your favorite music, movies, and games at your leisure.
  • You will be able to use the electronic encyclopedia, even with photographs.

Business Scene

  • Retrieve vital business information from anywhere around the world.
  • Conduct video conferencing with branch offices and business partners.
  • Send/receive customer and sales data.


  • Greater efficiency
  • Lower development costs
  • Backward compatibility with 2G standards
  • Key benefits:
  • Up to double voice capacity of the network.
  • A 10-fold increase in data speeds, from 14.4 kbps to 144 kbps.
  • An approximately 50 percent increase battery performance life in standby mode.


  • Not all handsets are 3G ready
  • Higher revenue consumption
  • Network roll-out investment

Revenues From 3G

  • Charging for network access and airtime.
  • Charging for content and value-added services or transactions (NTT i-mode).

The Impact

  • No one can really predict how much impact 3G will have on our lives, but the impact will certainly be great.
  • There will be a lot of e-commerce opportunity once the 3G is wildly used; however, finding the one golden opportunity is going to be challenging.

And Where is 3G

  • Please discuss in comments!

  • PTCL evdo is advertising its USB product internet as a “3G Wireless Broadband”, is it right to say it 3G ?

    If not then what is the rule against another false advertisement in Pakistan?

    • There is no rule enforcement against false and misleading advertising in Pakistan, where 500 SMS/day or 8000 SMS/month can be advertised as “unlimited” and no action is taken!

    • well PTCL EVO “IS” a 3G Technology but its based on CDMA not GSM…!!! so its a 3G CDMA!! but here in Pak we need 3G GSM (UMTS/HSDPA)

    • Telenor would be the first Telecom company will bring 3G technology in Pakistan in the end of this year hopfully

  • Pakistan mai 3g service pata nhi kab launch karey gay yeh log hum boht pechay hai sari dunya say abhi humari telecom industry ko boht zaida upgrades chaye but pata nhi kb hoge yeh poray
    aur bhi boht zaida services hai :( jo k abhi tak implement nhi ki gaye…

    • ohh pai jaan!! we are among 10 countries of the world in telecom growing!!!

      we have GPS in the form of car tracking system, MAPS on GSM devices and much more

      We have PTT..Ufone is offering it

      We have IM’s in all the operators services.

      Dear Arslan, Pls always roam for info before saying anything concretely ….

      3G inshAllah jald ho jayey gaa!! just pray k Pakistan k hallat achay ho jayien…then you will also see 3G…

  • 3G would be a dream for next 6-7 years. No chances of 3G under Zardari’s Regime coz they have made investment in 3G unfavorable.
    Telenor was the only one interested in 3G but coz of presseure from India, they are now even going to leave GSM (Partially-i.e., Going into Partnership with ZoNG).
    Since all others arn’t interested in 3G, So don’t even think of 3G for next 3 years(Expected period for next elections).
    Now, when new Govt. will come, they will take at maximum 2-3 years for that.
    So, a maximum period of 6-7 is required to be awaited for UMTS/HSPDA.
    [Sorry in advance for such annoying truth-lol!)

    • it will not take that much time …tht is for sure!!!

      and it is bit logical for delaying 3G investment..because, devalue of Rupee against dollar has increased drastically!! today Dollar is @ Rs.81.40

      So for deploying 3G Operators need infrastructure , for which they need to spend money in terms of foriegn exchange in $..

      So this is the case when it comes to discount rates and foreign reserves. As we are already in shortage of foriegn reserves and if Telecom companies will invest billion of $ in 3G deployment , this will result in more deficit in current account of Pakistan and hence devalue our Rupee more!!!

      So be patient!!! i know this is been late for so much time as it was planned in Dec.08 , but unfortunately , due to environmental issues,i think this is been late…

      i am curious like you to get it ASAP.

      So cheers pls!

  • Telenor was ready to start 3g,but mobilink and ufone opose 3g,they happy with old technolgy cause of no spend more investment

  • Dear salman bhai

    lagta hai u havnt ever had the experiece of having these servies may keh rha tha yeh sab services sary networks mai nahi hai to kya faida sirf aik network provide kr rha hai ptt woh bhi sirf peers par

    and as far as gps is concerned woh traker system hai jo sirf cars mai use hota hai mobile pai jo gps hai it’s different than that aur jahan tak maps hai gsm devices mai it sucks

    the real pleasure is of having gps enabled devices gsm just uses the wap or any other way of connecting to the internet..
    still there is a way more advancements that are required i our telecome industry

  • Inshallah Bohat jald 3g service launce hoge
    aur aik aur intersting thing kiya app ko pata hai 4G ka sab bara infrastucture aur network kis country may hai
    its PAKISTAN dear
    in form of WiMax
    sab say ziyda wimax operator pakistan may hai

  • @Sumair :

    Is that true, EVDO is 3G, I think it connected to our Laptop to PTCL’s 1st connecting point with the speed of 3.X gbps but not 3G.

    Anyone can comment on it ?

  • Where is 3G……….??
    3G is in usa, uk, france, australia……………………………………………………………… & even in bloody india.

    But not in Pakistan.
    Although EVO 3G internet is preasent.

    • There is no 3G network yet in India.

      I rather see 3rd generation being skipped in Pakistan, 4G (Long Term Evolution – LTE) coming to Pakistan instead. Makes more sense as well because LTE is far better in terms of user experience and cost/bit.LTE (4G) networks are planned to be first deployed in Japan, US and Europe sometime in 2010-2011.

      The operators in Paksitan are not witnessing phenomenol demand for data, GPRS/EDGE meets the current demand very well. If we can rely on our existing networks until 2012, LTE would be the best choice to scale our networks.

  • Dear All,
    its a nice discussion and above all in nice tone…. the problem which i think is that why we are always adopting the technologies… why we are not thinking of producing it… all the backend support we are taking is from European countries… why… rather then thinking that when we will be having 3G in Pakistan…. why we are not thinking that when we will produce 5G….i was having the same thought that Telecom in Pak is going very fast and we are the most advance in telecom sector… its true but again … we are just adopting technologies… people abroad are talking about mobile networks(mobile IP)… (correct me if I am wrong) so i think rather then thinking that we are having largest network of WiMax (which is good) we should think how we can develop our expertise…. these are just my thoughts….i hope no body will take it personal

  • Pakistan main telecom operator katay hain Unlimited lakin khuch b unlimited nhi hota her service ki limit rakhi hoi ha

  • guys you are talking about 3g,4g and one man even thinking about 5G it is very funny. in my city we don,t have a single G from last one week. all networks are shut down here for us.Coz of some security reasons.
    yes we can hope for good. but right now we don,t have any network here.

  • Hi 2 all..I’m joining ths v.Late i think 3g in xpectd in our country till mid of 2010..So till thn u guyz can use zong..Its quite fair not best..They are offering me 25-30kb/s in Rwp..Their internet packages are quite afordable..2gb 4 240rupiz..
    While ufone is offering the same package 2gb for 580,so umeed pe duniya qaim ha..Lolx

  • all info is gud to read but the question is when cellullar companies intends to launch 3G setup in Pakistan?????????

  • sab mil ke dua karen zardari ki hakumat jald challi jae to sab kuch sahi ho jae ga is hakumat main tarakki ik khuwab ban gaya hai.

  • pakisan is developing country, we all say this simple statement but how we are?we are far behind from india both the countries are established on same date this is just because of our political issues

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