PTCL to Extend Plus Package

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has decided to further extend its Pakistan plus package, as a limited time promotion of 1,000 free nation-wide minutes following the overwhelming response of its consumers towards this product. As per details, this package will now offer 1,000 free nationwide minutes @ Rs 199 w.e.f August 1st.

The decision has been taken to further affirm the PTCL commitment to provide innovative, cost effective and quality services to its subscribers. Senior Executive Vice President of PTCL, Commercial, Naveed Saeed said that it is our endeavour to ensure that PTCL as a market leader continues to take initiative to launch new and exciting offers for its subscribers.

Naveed Saeed said that in addition to our product offerings, PTCL strives to bring quality and convenience to its landline subscribers by providing best quality voice, instant connectivity, 24×7 helpline, directory assistance and one Toll free number (0800-80800) for acquiring a new landline, WLL and broadband/ Smart TV connection.

  • Its very bad news due to decreasing in free minuts as from 2500 to only 1000. I am very suprized that how still PTCL working with its HEADLESS MANAGEMENT. Everywhere telecom companies offering new and best packages but ptcl reducing its offers. I am very dishearted from this new setting of minuts.

  • hi, i am using ptcl dial up connection for net but it is connected at very low speed that is 28kbps or some times 31kbps..
    how can i increase my dial up connection wid ptcl me ..
    my email is [email protected]

  • wol is also provided free net serive on ptcl landline nubrs.. user name and password is wol..dial up nubr is 13131313 .but it is also connected at same low speed as ptcl(28kbps) but the main advntge over the ptcl it is not discontd again and again lke ptcl.
    so my q is how can i increase my internet speed wid dialup connection. plz mail me …
    my email is [email protected]

  • Extend ? Come on you need to change the title. It was 2500 minutes n now it is 1000 minutes, its not extension.

  • @Baber Rashid
    There could be multiple possibilities for your low speed dial-up internet.
    The first one is your modem and its settings. To confirm, bring your friend’s CPU with his working modem to your home and try internet on that system.
    If still experiencing the low speed, the fault is in your telephone line. Consult PTCL – hopefully they should resolve it.

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