PTCL Gaming Lounge Launched


PTCL is introducing on-line gaming (under the brand of ‘Gaming Lounge’) as a new value added service to its broadband customers, where they can have access to multi-genre and ‘peer to peer’ games and battle it out with friends and family”

This new service will give PTCL a new competitive edge over other competitors in the market since PTCL is the only and sole telecom provider providing licensed and legal content and games. This will be the largest on-line gaming portal in Pakistan.

Key Highlights

  • Over 125 Online games of different genres
  • Online Peer-to-peer gaming
  • Free to PTCL Broadband users
  • Accessible Only through PTCL Buzz gaming portal


  • Peer-to-Peer: Enjoy playing games online with friends and rivals alike to battle it out in terms of skill and strategy
  • Multi-Genre Games: Games of all kinds of genre available for online multiplayer gaming. Strategy, action, adventure, puzzles, etc.
  • Over 125 Games: Choose from over 125 games from different genres including popular multiplayer games such as MOHAA, Counterstrike, Call of Duty, etc.

Access PTCL’s Gaming Lounge here:

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  • Faixy

    125 wow good news !

  • WOW.

    But no WOW. PTCL’s service just turns me off. I’ll stick to Nayatel.

  • xplosive

    nice portal launched. Liked it

  • shariq

    Its best of all as far as i have explored it.

  • Wow!!!! this website is awesome especially design is great.. i feel very happy to this launch from PTCL……..

  • Edge

    Simply a benchmark set by PTCL. Congratulations to all there at Converge Technologies too. It seems like the guys sitting there are habitual of thinking and working to go an extra mile for PTCL. One of my friend is a part of CONVERGE TECHNOLOGIES and they are the once behind both PTCL entertainment and Gaming portal. One more thing to add is that all the stuff displayed there on the portal is totally copyrighted by the same company and hence making a mark that whatever they do, you always find them pushing perfection.

    I hope there is a lot more to come!!!

  • Technology Blog

    I cant register. User name already in use i tried many but no success

  • mushtaq

    nice collection

  • Arslan

    Great step man lets see is it going to compete wateen’s gaming service…

  • omerfarooq

    Is it only for PTCL DSL subscribers or PTCL EVO subscribers can also go for it?

  • omerfarooq

    And Ahhh! Warid’s website says “Under Construction” at the moment.

  • Asghar

    I just tried to play on its CS server and its not responding.. may be ptcl announced it in a bit hurry before setting things right up there.

  • Kashif

    Do anybody knows ? Is PTCL is reliable ? Because i have used it when it was starting up their business in Karachi. And it was bad experience. Somebody said that it’s now reliable. Because i need reliable DSL connection and that’s why i have PTCL telephone line and hope that it would be reliable in future ?
    So they setup gaming so that people used it when there were no Internet traffic. hmmm. Is they have reduce the downtime ? Service quality is better like it was 1 1/2 year ago. or sitll you have to pay money to lineman or have to go to PTCL exchanges to remind them that i am your valuable customer please surve me.. :)

  • Saleh

    …this is such a disappointment. ONLY FOR PTCL USERS? Talk about being biased!! PTCL has kept this stuff for their customers only, which makes this yet another marketing tactic to get more customers and nothing else. I thought Wateen was lame for CHARGING people to play at their gaming site but this surely takes the cake. Anyone who is a hardcore gaming lover and plays for the love of the games will give a thumbs down to this service because usually people play in teams and clans that they have made up with friends and long-time gaming partners. If they have t be broken up because of restricted service…what’s the use?

    I still prefer LDN Gaming and play there with my clan of 25. Not impressed by this at all.

  • That’s really going to be exciting i had visited game portal its awesome. Hoping it will work for PTCL as other big rivals coming to Pakistan as Witribe and Wateen.

  • Rafay

    Cant access the site?
    Cant seem to click anywhere.
    Anyother ptcl user facing this problem.

  • Trick to access PTCL Entertainment & PTCL Gaming Portal

    For more information. normally 80% Pakistani ISP User’s can access PTCL Gaming & Entertainemtn Buzz Portal

  • kamil

    guys try out wateen’s gaming service its for everyone, great serveres. no hang ups. you dont have to be a wateen user just to get the service any body and every body can use it…. for just 900 rupees for a 3 month subscription.
    how ever we have limited games…….. thats why the servrs rock

    also they offer tons of cash prize for online weekly tournaments
    dare you!!!!

  • muhammad khan

    this is very good way of providing services like ptcl is providing, but i have a suggestion that ptcl should provide more games 4 download.

  • ITFriend

    Now Join Us the “LARGEST WAY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY” in URDU first time is pakistan….So join Fast & Learn & Tech..HERE 100% FREE…………!!

  • khan

    I have a retorical question, to register the site asks for a dsl broadband number. What number is that?? my ptcl landline number or some serial number on the device??

  • i like ptcl gamming D:

  • Syed Haider Hassan


    can’t register. it says user already exits but i never made id on it. ??
    tried different usernames and emails but no use??

  • Taimur Zaman

    Please make permanent Servers of Call of Duty 4 ….. and call of Duty 2 Please…..