If Celcos/ISPs can Filter SMS/Emails?

The answer was NO – “We don’t have required mechanism in place, both hardware and software, that can monitor and then filter out SMS traffic”, told us an official from a cellular company while requesting anonymity.

He said that nothing is impossible, we can track all the voice and data traffic over GSM network, but that requires extra features to be added in our systems, which aren’t there at this point of time, added senior official.

He was of the view that monitoring SMS is hell of a job, and it will require tons of dollars to be invested in order to attain it.

Same was response, when we asked an ISP official regarding the tracking of Emails. However, he said that websites that contain inappropriate content can be taken down, by requesting the respective host, “But tracking million of emails is not halwajo pakka howa hay aur sirf khana hay”, said the official.

So apparently, (also noted by Dawn Newspaper yesterday), FIA will launch investigation only after the complaint is registered.

It merits mentioning here that monitoring SMS traffic is not in practice anywhere in the world.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK