If Celcos/ISPs can Filter SMS/Emails?

The answer was NO – “We don’t have required mechanism in place, both hardware and software, that can monitor and then filter out SMS traffic”, told us an official from a cellular company while requesting anonymity.

He said that nothing is impossible, we can track all the voice and data traffic over GSM network, but that requires extra features to be added in our systems, which aren’t there at this point of time, added senior official.

He was of the view that monitoring SMS is hell of a job, and it will require tons of dollars to be invested in order to attain it.

Same was response, when we asked an ISP official regarding the tracking of Emails. However, he said that websites that contain inappropriate content can be taken down, by requesting the respective host, “But tracking million of emails is not halwajo pakka howa hay aur sirf khana hay”, said the official.

So apparently, (also noted by Dawn Newspaper yesterday), FIA will launch investigation only after the complaint is registered.

It merits mentioning here that monitoring SMS traffic is not in practice anywhere in the world.

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  • Technically speaking, its not a problem for the telcos. They just have to install the module to run the filter. We already knw about SPAM filters in place..

    Generally speaking, companies want government to install this module so that they do the cost sharing..

    Rest.. they don’t filter all.. they just try to locate the originator of the malicious campaign.

    • I believe its not only money that matters, maintenance, latency, and capacity issues also come under consideration while deploying such features.

      By the way Pakistani nation stands in top list for SMS traffic

  • Being working in an ISP I know its going to be a huge expense on us if Govt wants ISPs to trace, search and hunt down such SMS or e-mails. Right now we are having a server placed in our NOC from the top most Military Secret Services which is already sniffing all outgoing e-mails. No one knows when they will ask us to stop our e-mail servers :P

    But what to do with those SMS which are generated by the Telcos to create rumor around and these SMS spread like fire :( delivering huge amount of profits in their accoutns.
    Anyone will ever take notice of these?

    PTA has already given a list of hundreds of web sites and blogs to be blocked on lower domain level and we are bound to do this. So keep praying your site keep running :D


    PS. Now I am hiding my Own name for these comments who knows after a year I will be released from Goanta Namo Jail :D

  • For sure telecom doesn’t have such mechanism to point out SMS against Govt of Pakistan or Political personalities, neither the Govt agencies have more than 30 persons working on cyber crime.
    Main point is that Govt wants to take away our freedom of speech. We cannot criticize any politician any more.
    If we do we will be behind bars for 14 years. ;-)
    Mostly this filtration is done by headers and subjects.
    So beware.
    But I think by doing this all the government agencies will drift away from original cyber crime or I way call that cyber terrorism will be free for doing anything!
    So its up to our Govt now to point out the right direction or increase the capacity of their resources.

  • yeh now they are going to invest hundred of dollars only because they love there fame and when it comes to the poor people of Pakistan theres no activity the on going LOADSHEEDING , huger, petrol prices all are going up only to afford these AS***le expenditures…

  • Its called “Demo-cracy”. They can ban every thing but they can’t improve their character. They can’t ban anyone’s thinking. Dil mein to bura keh sakte hein na…!

  • I know that Military Secret Service has placed servers in NOCs but what about encrypted data ?

  • As a mater of fact you cant trace anything on INTERNET. Blocking websites wont work either – they have done this in past they will do this again why don’t they learn from Mushi :P

    He also tried to stop these online gossips about his gov about filtering sms they don’t have such machinery nor that level of expertise. they even cant filter words in same network how the ruddy hell they think that they will filter traffic going out and coming in,

    common its not few thousand statistics says its million now trace it. About encryption mechanism due to all the respect to our gov :) (Which i am not giving it) they have law says we cannot use any sort of encryption while using INTERNET but hey no body watch you do what ever you like to do if they block the sites use proxies they cant block Google and if its up i must say its very dangerous for so called filter thinging.

  • Lol, I don’t know what exactly they are trying to do. It seems Govt can’t hear the truth?
    No country ever did such thing, we call it freedom and independence, I mean it’s a ban on freedom of speech? And as they say to filter every mail and sms, as I have heard USA still unsuccessful to filter words like USAMA, Al Qaeda blah blah blah, they are using only minimum parameters for filtering only emails and voice calls but not sms.
    To be honest in my view Government is just scared of listing truth so finally they trying to ban on people. What a shame for losers.

  • i think they are trying to scare the ppl… techniqlly v knm that its quit a difficlt task to setup a system with such features… bye the way the system should knw all the local languges too.. :) hahaha… who know who use wtt for wtt… :) apple(eng), sabib(URDU), mara(pushto), or wtt else… getting me na??

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