Ali Zafar Priced at Rs. 16 Million by Mobilink for One Year


According to our (very reliable sources), this was told to Propakistani that Ali Zafar will be paid Rs. 16 Million for one year by Mobilink.

We were not able to take official confirmation on this news. His half payment has been released and remaining half will be given later as per agreement.

It maybe recalled that Ali Zafar moved from Telenor to Mobilink as its new Brand Ambassador.

This is sure that Ali Zafar will bring a good image of Mobilink brand all over the World due to his versatile and stylish personality.

  • Ali Zafar played his card well and this is a new-trend which will begin in the Brand Ambassador industry.

  • I was wondering why Ali Zafar has left telenor because they were promoting him well, but after seeing this Now 16 M is a handsome amount for someone like Ali Zafar to change his loyalty.

    But can you pleas tell me that is that kind of transformation is legal or not?

  • With this move by Ali Zafar, from what i think, the value of brand ambassadors will be decreased and i’m in the view that after one year… Ali Zafar will be more no more as Mobilink have more brand ambassadors as well… and after 1 year no one will take him, neither telenor, nor other mobile company will take risk to hire him and Jazz can throw him out if he demands something…

    • vry true, i m one hundred nd ten pecent agree with u.
      he loses its repute,as he z knwn 4 telnor

  • The number quoted by you is wrong. He was making more than 20 million from Telenor and the new Mobilink deal is close to 40 million.

    • Assuming your claim as true then do you think that money was the only reason he would consider for switching. It looks like some other factor if you are correct.

  • well if he was making more at Telenor then there must be a very strong reason for the switch…..and plus i think all those who know Ali Zafar, i guess he is much bigger than a few millions……he did the right thing by thinking rationally

  • i agree with kamal, i mean i dont know why this news has been taken so negatively ….. everyone has the right to choose the best for themselves, Telenor for sure was promoting him in a strange way , with Mobilink he is carrying a very different aura around…even if it was money then what????

  • Okay i just dont know im confused he was making 20 m at telenor and for 16 he goes to Mobilink hmmmz interesting either he realised that he would be put to good use at mobilink or im sure there must be something wrong with telenor and him for the move.

  • u guys cover everything then please get news on what ali zafar has to say about all this seriously that would be quiet helpful..

  • I don’t know if all of us have the right to blame Ali Zafar or anyone in this regard. In the first place, how much Ali Zafar earns where he spends is not our concern. It’s his personal matter and we don’t have the right to pin point on anyone’s earnings or anything.

    On a second note, this is not the first time this is happening that a celebrity or a person goes to a competitive organization. Even as employees we do prefer going to a rival company if they offer us a good salary or package. Don’t we? And at times, we don’t only go to the rival companies only because of the money … A lot of times its about a relationship that does not remain as it was?

    It’s just how Mobilink plans to use Ali Zafar in their campaigns; that is what is going to matter. A few months down the line, we might not even remember if Ali Zafar was with Telenor or not. And plus its Ali Zafar’s job to be in the media since he is a celebrity. If he would have been just like a normal employee.. No one would even know if he did this ..

  • This figure of 1.6 m is completely incorrect.I’ve heard that Ali has set the record by being the highest paid ever for endorsing a brand . can’t say how much but certainly not 1.6 . source is either incomplete or weak

    • Sir this is 16M not 1.6M, I am sure you must have heard something else and wrote something else.

  • I guess since there are rumors about the merging of Zong and Telenor. SO I think Ali Zafar picked up the right way ….

  • I’m wondering, is he paying due tax for this earning?

    I don’t think if it really matters for normal people that how much he earns because it will be unfair to value his star status in monetary units. However, it would be of greater value to the society in general and positive encouragement for other celebrities and important people, if you could also report that how much tax he is paying due to these assignments.

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