New Law in Action – Arrests Reported for Sending Indecent SMS

A student has been arrested from Okara for sending indecent SMS to Rehman Malik – he was reportedly shouting at minister against this new SMS/MMS/Email law, reported PkOnWeb Blog.

This news was further confirmed by FIA officials, which are already on their toes. A senior officer at law enforcement agency said that the directive has been there, all they need are the complaints for taking any action against offenders.

A fellow on TGP shared following

My friend received a Prerecorded Call from his own CLI on his mobile in urdu message

“Aap Kay Number say Ghair Ikhlaqi Msg or call ho rhi hain app in say guraiz karain wrna app ki services suspend kr di jain gi”

Actually he forwards Jokes (different types, against govt also : ) to his other friends)

Lesson: Watch out guys, don’t take things lightly.

It merits mentioning here that If convicted under the new law, offenders can face up to 14-years in jail.

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  • Bach kay rahna bhaio….. jaagtay rahna bhaio…. apnay cell phone ko tala laga ker rakhna bhaio baad may na kahna kay kahabar nahi howi ….

  • Najam

    quite scary….!!

  • Nasir Shahzad

    Rahman Malik & Zardari Sahib are our heroes. Tusee samajh tay gayee ho ge!

  • Pakistani

    Great Work Guys,
    Cheers to FIA , They have arrested the biggest Criminal on face of Earth .
    I just wonder which way our Pakistan is going ?
    If our Officials are so “sensitive” about how do poeple call them , they should behave like that.
    Do ever any of us got a message making Fun of Quaid-e-Azam or Alama Iqbal ?
    While our Great leaders have changed the pics of Qauid by “BB” just to get sympathy of “Foolish” Pakistanis.
    Now , I know FIA must be so Keen to Arrest me , And hope PROPAKISTANI team will give them my ip contributing to make another Dangerous Arrest.
    Just Discusting…….

  • Omer

    very well said nasir shahzad i’am with u ;)

  • Oooooo shit

  • AhmadNawaz

    Pakistani i am agree with you.

  • haseeb

    I Love(H) u Zardari & Rehamn mailk
    Smaj ta Tusi Gyi howa Ga!

  • shaaani

    Gillani and Rehman Malik has denied these laws of indecent sms and emails.

    Rehman Malik told a Tv channel, if a person complains about these kind of sms and emails on his CELL or PC then the authorities will take action against the accused person.

    Authorities wouldn’t take action on their own.

    • CIS

      Yes as usuall these authorites are sleeeping till someone wake them up and show a cursing SMS or e-mail or any web site online.
      So why bother to disturb these authorities, let them sleep tight :)

  • Saqib Qureshi

    Hum Tou Govt. k Sath hain, koi kuch bhi kahay :)

    • shaaani


  • musa

    president zardari is a great person
    president zardari is loved by all pakistanis
    president zardari helps poor
    president zardari and mr. rehman malik are patriots
    we love both of them

    samjh tu gaye ho ge