Pakistan Ranks 5th in Asia in Mobile Phone Users


With 93 million cellular subscribers (by May 2009), Pakistan stands fifth position for number of mobile users in Asia.

China easily ranks first with 644.8 million subscribers, while India scores second position by having 391.6 million mobile phone users. These two countries share 25 percent of total mobile phone users in the world, that is 1.04 billion subscribers of the world’s total number of 4.15 billion.

The third largest mobile market in Asia is Indonesia, with around 144.6 million, followed by Japan.

In fifth position is Pakistan, followed by Vietnam with around 73.2 million users.

The seventh is the Philippines with 71.7 million, followed by Thailand 62.7 million, Bangladesh 46.3 million and South Korea 46.2 million.

The top ten countries for mobile users in Asia have 3.48 billion people and 1.68 billion mobile users.

Source: Viet Nam Net

  • These are very good stats. But i think looking at it from a different angle will help even more. Specially when comparing to India. My question is what is our cellular penetration rate.

    Putting it simply what percentage of people have cell phone from the total population. I think we cross India in this stat. Do you have anything numbers to confirm this.??

    I am a great fan of Pro Pakistani and am planing to start my own blog soon.

    Heads up for you people !

  • [email protected] Well friend, according to population ratio, it is too less. Pakistani total cellular users are more than 100 million in population of only 180 million… and they are increasing day by day. You could imagine the financial ratio of Pakistan and India’s people

    • Aik Ghar main 5/5 ya 6/6 Mobile Aany sy koi Rich nahi ban jata :-S, Pakistan is also increased in poverty to 25% while it was only 10%…

      Oh My God.

      May Allah give show right path to these F**kInG Insane Rulers, who are against Humanity!

  • Hussain, I am amazed at your Dua from Allah? I am a foreign muslim living in Pakistan and wonder how dare you can use the word f*****g while mentioning the name of Allah in the same sentence? I can understand that everyone is fed up with this govt including myself who worry why everyone is keeping their mouth shut. but do ask pardon for above.

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