Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition 4.0.1


Purpose: Used to manage hard drives
License: Free
Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 98
Additional Requirements: No additional requirements
Limitations: No limitations
Date Released: June 18, 2009
Download : From Here

Even the most spacious hard drive memory can run out of space if it is not properly managed. Most the people using computers distribute their hard drive spaces into partitions. In this way they can manage their data according to categories and preferences. Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition 4.0.1 is a very handy application to complete the task. It is very user friendly and alarm the user about every bad sector created in any hard drive partition.

There are users who create partitions but do not manage them well enough. For instance, they spoil space but bundling up unwanted files. File management is yet another important factor. An application that helps the user in managing files according to category is very helpful. Hence the user does not have to search for the drive in which the file has to be stored. The application guides him to store the file according to the file category.

Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition 4.0.1 helps the user in managing files in an organized manner. The user gets a very powerful assistance in managing his files. The application is very attractively designed. Similarly, it is a user friendly application and all the options are quite obvious. The user has to select his hard drive and manage it according to his preferences.

Partition creation is very important for any disc space. If the already created partitions are not as per requirements then they have to be changed. For this purpose, the existing partitions have to be deleted. A very wise option is that all the data in the disk drives have to be copied before the partitions are deleted. Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition 4.0.1 helps the user in creating/ changing partitions without deleting data. The user has to select all the data that has to be copied. The user is asked about this option as well. After that the data destination has to be selected. This destination can be a portable memory space as well as any other drive partition on the computer.

This application includes a slight component of Microsoft Windows XP that is designed in the manner that it helps the user with a similar interface. In an overall manner, Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition 4.0.1 is a very useful application. It can handle all types of problems related to disk partitions. It is a click application and every command is executed with the help of clicks.

It is a requirement if disk managing is a problem for the user


As a hard drive managing application, Easeus covers all the tasks that are required. It cannot be termed as a must have.

  • Farrukh

    Playing wiht your paritions is a dangerous game, it is not advised unless you are an expert otherwise there is chance of data loss.
    Also backup you data on an expternal device before starting such operations.

  • I have listend that using these type of softwares can make bad sectors in hard drive, is it true ?

  • Qaisar Mushtaq

    yes, i am agree with Farrkuh. Its dangerous for the hard disk.

  • m.h

    can u tell me the price of orignal windows of windows vista home premium and windows xp service pack2. and also please tell me that why the copy right windows are corrupted in 2 or 4 months while the orignal doesnt’s corrupt so quickly.