Miss Calls – A Complete Mode of Communication

Headline is pretty self explanatory, but we need to see how effective is miss call communication.

Who Uses Miss Calls

  • Students
  • Fast Friends (business friends usually hesitate to use miss call, though they know how much effective miss call communication is)
  • Those with limited cellular budget
  • And of course Girl and girl friends

Uses of Miss Call

  • For confirming any incident
  • For reminding you, that he/she is waiting and you should be quick
  • For asking someone to please call me, I am short of credit (or even if you have credit)
  • Asking driver to get the car at gate, when you are done with the party

Use of Multiple Miss Calls

Some of us make use of Miss Calls very efficiently, actually they pre-decide something and use miss calls to communication other party about depending on number of miss calls.

  • Plan A to be executed in case of 1 miss call
  • Plan B to be executed in case of 2 miss calls
  • Plan C to be executed in case of 3 miss calls
  • And so on

How Much Money Do u Save?

This is the main point of this post -I believe on average we do save Rs. 10 per day while using Miss Calls. I do save around Rs. 20 per day, thanks to Miss Call Facility : – )

Thanks God, Government didn’t notice that we use Miss Calls so heavily – that’s why Miss Call was not in the tax list last year.

How about you? Share your experiences in comments

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  • Arif Kamawi

    Miss call ek masti hai .Yeh SMS se zyada sasti hai.
    Neeend ko bhagati hai. Khoon ko jalati hai.
    Dimag ko pakati hai. Aur appko hamari bus yaad dilati hai.

  • zubair

    now communication is so cheap in PK and sms is an alternate to this but i don’t like

  • omerfarooq

    LOL-Thanks for highlighting these saving facts in these recession times.

  • Idea Inn

    Hehe Nice post , But some Professional people do hate miss calls…, I use this tool very rarely coz, it may be disturbing for others in case they think ( if something serious may happen ).

  • W

  • Well yes its truly an Value Added Service for the cell phone users. In my office several of us are receiving ceiling for their cell phone usuage but still these OFFICERS use to send a miss call if they are outside from the office :D and saving some amount for company’s account.

    What to say about girl freinds as never had one but now my 2 and half years old twins are learning how to send a miss call or blank SMS to anyone in my phone list ;)

  • miraclesoul

    Now thanks to you, if government reads this post surely they will plan to impose some tax on it too :)

    besides i read some where i am not sure that telco’s will charge for miss calls just to avoid many people who use miss calls as a medium to disturb other people.

  • Few interesting questions like

    How many miss calls a day do you receive ?;)
    Do you callback anyone who gives you miss calls or only call back to those known to you ?

    • Najam – your comments are still caught by SPAM, write to akismet and ask them to remove you from the list.

      Interesting questions btw, maybe we do our next poll on this : – P

  • Usman

    i think only teens he is free service ko use kerte hain.can any one think k mobile operators miscalls ko limited ker dain..like user can give only 10 or 20 miscalls per day..so that network busy na ho.

  • Ahsan

    I dont use mis call now.
    SMS is quite cheap.

  • Phool4all

    well, the mic call is a bed habit that heart some time to others so , dont mic call to any body thanks 03458254724:)

  • Usman Javaid

    Hi Guys,

    Very interesting subject. Back in 2003 when Mobilink just established their Quality of Service department and hired few good looking ladies as the flag bearers of their quality assurance initiative, I was curious to know what their plans are and asked one of their female quality engineers. She told me the following: “After detailed data analysis and untiring efforts, we have analysed that missed calls traffic occupies a large portion of our whole network bandwidth, we therefore have recommended our marketing dept to charge missed calls” :-) I laughed like mad.

    Here in the UK, missed calls even have commercial use. For example, if you book a Taxi, when the Taxi arrive outside your house the Taxi driver gives a miss call to announce his arrival, called “Ringback” service.

    Ref: http://karenholmes.webbuildpro-newbury.co.uk/m_20.asp

  • well, this is really good facility, saves lots of time and money…but sometimes becomes very teasing by the unknown miss callers…

  • Ali Zia

    LOL- very strong observation :)

  • hahaha awesome , this post really made me laugh and i am going to share it for sure :). Good Job , Really a realistic post.

  • Muhammad Usman

    govt didnt notice but i hope they will after this post….

  • M. Sohaib Khan

    You have already brought this matter into the smart radar of government by publishing this blog. Now get ready to pay for that service in near future.