Miss Calls – A Complete Mode of Communication

Headline is pretty self explanatory, but we need to see how effective is miss call communication.

Who Uses Miss Calls

  • Students
  • Fast Friends (business friends usually hesitate to use miss call, though they know how much effective miss call communication is)
  • Those with limited cellular budget
  • And of course Girl and girl friends

Uses of Miss Call

  • For confirming any incident
  • For reminding you, that he/she is waiting and you should be quick
  • For asking someone to please call me, I am short of credit (or even if you have credit)
  • Asking driver to get the car at gate, when you are done with the party

Use of Multiple Miss Calls

Some of us make use of Miss Calls very efficiently, actually they pre-decide something and use miss calls to communication other party about depending on number of miss calls.

  • Plan A to be executed in case of 1 miss call
  • Plan B to be executed in case of 2 miss calls
  • Plan C to be executed in case of 3 miss calls
  • And so on

How Much Money Do u Save?

This is the main point of this post -I believe on average we do save Rs. 10 per day while using Miss Calls. I do save around Rs. 20 per day, thanks to Miss Call Facility : – )

Thanks God, Government didn’t notice that we use Miss Calls so heavily – that’s why Miss Call was not in the tax list last year.

How about you? Share your experiences in comments

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