'The News' Website Under Malware Attack

Jang’s Web Servers are having touch time these days, earlier Jang.Com.Pk was under malware attack and today, The News website is detected as malware effected by Google.


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  • Saqib Rizwan

    Yes, yours information is right , The News website is detected as malware effected by Google

  • Sadly, these sites don’t take care of security issues and make their visitors suffer the risk.
    By the way, visit this website, which shows Jang(incl. GEO) having ties with India’s Bajaj

  • Kashif

    Google May not always right, as there are so many cases when Google signal wrongly.

  • Salam, hi

    its true! i saw yesterday the jang site is harmful… they gets iframe issue…..
    but today now its working.. and there is now any attack report from google…

  • yousaf

    Now UBL Site hacked.

    I am having SSL err and Website Under Construction Err

    • Umair

      I am having the same problem. One temporary fix is to Google ubl.com.pk and go to one of there others pages instead of homepage.

    • Umair

      Sorry. I am wrong. It all gone now. UBL site is having serious problems.

  • yousaf
  • obaid saeed

    Amir Bhai correction plz

    (Jang’s Web Servers are having {touch} time these days)

    i think its tough