Who Develops/Generates Forward SMS’s?

If you ever wondered about the forward text messages you receive daily, who actually develops/genrate them?

If you think these forward messages are created by someone like you, but in a distant part of country, then there are very little chances. Reason I am saying this is the amount of text messages that keep on appearing on regular basis. I believe this job is not possible by individuals and that too just for fun.

If cellular companies generate such forward messages? Here are good chances, and reasons are,

  1. Cellular companies benefited the most if forward messages are circulated around the region.
  2. It can be only cellular companies, which can spend huge money on generation of SMS content

Mind you, cellular companies may hire VAS companies, which are there in market for such tasks. These VAS content provider companies charge cellular companies for this.

SMS websites can be another possible source of forward text messages. But in actual, these websites are either associated with VAS content provider companies, or they lift content from other websites and/or messages their receive on their phones.

Here I am wrapping up this post, unconcluded. You can comment below to help me decide, who actually develops/generates forward text messages?

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK