Who Develops/Generates Forward SMS’s?

If you ever wondered about the forward text messages you receive daily, who actually develops/genrate them?

If you think these forward messages are created by someone like you, but in a distant part of country, then there are very little chances. Reason I am saying this is the amount of text messages that keep on appearing on regular basis. I believe this job is not possible by individuals and that too just for fun.

If cellular companies generate such forward messages? Here are good chances, and reasons are,

  1. Cellular companies benefited the most if forward messages are circulated around the region.
  2. It can be only cellular companies, which can spend huge money on generation of SMS content

Mind you, cellular companies may hire VAS companies, which are there in market for such tasks. These VAS content provider companies charge cellular companies for this.

SMS websites can be another possible source of forward text messages. But in actual, these websites are either associated with VAS content provider companies, or they lift content from other websites and/or messages their receive on their phones.

Here I am wrapping up this post, unconcluded. You can comment below to help me decide, who actually develops/generates forward text messages?

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  • I think Govt. makes such messages so they can enjoy in spare time and cabinet meeting and ban them afterwards. A big round of LOL to them :D

    On a serious note Celcos make these messages so they can be forwarded like hell :D If you don’t agree with me then I’m not going to leave you until you say Yes Sir I agree. LOL I hate fights but love discussions.

      • LOL See for this you have to again remember the Jungle Law. The animals at higher level get all the bounties and animals at lower level get less bounties. What I mean is this ab Shair ko to 14 saal jail nahi ho gee na :P wait Shair to Mia Sahab thay. Argh Never mind :D

  • I am not doing it honestly. MAYIN TU DAR GIYA HON …
    LOL. A short news from Alcatel is that its now available all Metro Stores KARACHI , ISLAMABAD, LAHORE, FAISALABAD.

  • i agree with bites85

    they r generated by cellular companies sometimes these sms r more creative and innovative that u can think, this can’t be a normal person like u and me.

  • whoever create these forwarded messages, but these messages are created very intelligently….

  • @abdul basit…. good time to advertise alcatel ;)

    BTW as I mention earlier in my comments a few days back only the cellular companies are generating such SMS which spread like fire all around imagine one system generated SMS passed on to 1Million users and each SMS generate a revenue of Rs. 0.50 to Rs. 2.0 it will make more than millions of Rupee to each of the company :P

    Usually the generated SMS are type of Islamic genere like “Forward this Darud Sharif to 10 People and you will hear a good news tonight if you do not do this u will face some loss”

    Ab is jaisay SMS ko roknay wala waisay hee der jay ga or kam az kam 10 logoon ko laazmi fwd karay ga. Ab is may faida kis ka howa……….? zahir hay Cellular companies ka

  • Salam…
    I think most of the messages are created by cellular operators. But some creative people creat them too. But sometime I too creat message (i don’t think that i’m creative one) like…
    Informative ( ¿Do You Know? )
    News ( Breaking>>> )
    sometime funny.

    There are also some people who take text from Qur’an, Hadith, Newspaper, Books etc and forward them as text messages.

  • I think it is both VAS and cellular companies….it is benificial for both…..

  • hmmm,

    Sometimes I do create sms message myself, but I remember the frequencey is as low as 5 – 10 sms /year :p and i mostly compose birthday sms myself.

    beside that, there are many broken hearted peoples who are left with nothing else to do except sms messaging, so they do submit sms to my site and I read and approve them.

    I am not justified as cellular companies hiring VAS to generate forwarded text messages, but still the possibility exists.

    One interesting thing, cellular companies hold their personal sms messages collection on official sites like djuice have {I have seen it personally} but as the djuice site is one of the most pathetic and worst site to explore and browse, I am unable to list the actual url, however I will dig for it someother time and post another comments :)

  • I’ll stand in the middle and say that both the people and the telecom companies make these SMSes.

    I hate it when I get some SMS saying, “frwrd ths or u will get bad news in 10 hrs”

    10 hrs after that, my mother made me a cheese cake. AND it was delicious.

  • its all rubish!!!!
    i know who make such messages..
    any one wana know he/she c
    ontact me through my mail..i’ll tell the hidden truth

  • If you want to know who create these messages just write this whole post on your cell and send it to to all your friends.LOL

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