ProPakistani Celebrates Independence – Shifts From .COM To .PK

The month of August has started and around the world Pakistanis are preparing to celebrate Independence Day. Its time to salute our forefathers who gave their lives to get a separate homeland for the Muslims of sub-continent.

Everyone has its own ways to celebrate Independence Day – only our spirits are same. We at ProPakistani thought how to celebrate Independence Day which can actually be of any benefit to the Pakistani Cyber Space.

After discussing with our team we came up with this decision that we will change our domain TLD from .COM to .PK. The reason is this that everyone who starts any kind of website/blog prefers .COM and thinks that it’s the best TLD even if the website/blog is related to Pakistan.

Only a handful of people use .PK TLD. Actually it’s an advantage to us that we have a separate TLD but we restrain from using it thinking that it will give us low rank on search engines and an overall negative effect. Also it costs more than .COM TLD. But face the truth we are Pakistanis and only we can promote .PK by using it. Only then it will get it’s own identity. We can contribute a little so it can get good reputation and become good in standards. Even if we loose some traffic because of this change it will be worth it.

It’s true that .COM has its own benefits but by working with .PK we all can help each other out and make web full of this TLD. So that’s it friends we have successfully transited our blog from .COM to .PK to contribute to the overall presence and betterment of Pakistani Cyber Space.

We also urge all the webmasters out their to try out .PK and use it as their primary TLD. From now you all can find us at ProPakistani.PK. It’s our way to celebrate Independence Day. Share your thoughts via comments.

A happy Independence Day in advance to all of you.

Note: All .Com links will be redirected automatically, RSS readers will remain in-tact.

  • Congratulations Aamir and your team. You actually have taken a very bold step as .pk has some SEO issues with it. Focusing Pakistan is a point but still the search engines don’t really like .pk thingy.

  • Awesome mashALLAH, keep it up guys. You rock!

    When they see me they will see a Pakistani,
    Whatever I may do I will be a Pakistani,
    Whatever I may become I will be a Pakistani,
    I am who I am but always a proud Pakistani.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  • Congratulations on the shift Aamir!

    I am happy for you and this blog. I find it the best in terms of the knowledge it provides.

    I just hope it doesn’t affect the SEO which is a major point.

  • .pk should also be promoted by the Government of Pakistan. In may countries their national domain TLD is promoted and sometimes given preference in the matters related to government institutions.

  • Wow thats a big step indeed…wish you good luck and like saad said hope it doesnt have a negative affect on your blogs seo !

  • Mobaric ho ProPakistani Team.
    I love each and every thing/steps that promots Pakistan and Pakistanism.

  • I approve of this cctld. Wish you best of luck, i hope the registry seriously work on the betterment of this extension.

  • To ehsan and saad and whoever thinks it would have diverse effect are some what wrong, this website is targeted towards local audience and with this extension it shall just fetch more traffic. I hope the owner did page to page permanent 301 redirect.

  • i would say thats a very patriotic move

    Congrats to Aamir Atta and all Team members of ProPakistani

    Long Live Pro n Pakistan

  • Congratulations for shifting to .pk
    Aamir Bhai what is happing around with all educational boards web site no results are appearing. Can U plz tell us.

  • As always, ProPakistani in the lead, mashaAllah! :)

    I wish you guys the very best and hope that everything works out fine inshaAllah. :)

  • Great..!! congrats ProPakistani!

    Rumor news, was under attack by some kids from lahore? The guy told me i had to believe him, because he has provide me some prove. :(

    • Popular websites do get attacked, and i am reluctant to say that we are popular enough that we get attacks on almost daily basis.

      But we do have shields in place to fight such attacks.

      and BTW, changing domain name can’t protect you from hacking attacks : – ) its very childish

      • Koi Nahi Aamir Sb, Yeh toh chalta rehta hai…Per Tareed yeh Tasdeek Required hoti hai her news per …Thx for providing your comments…

  • But, your site security is very bad. i feel that. I have solid news that site was unaccessible for more then 5 hours.

    You should focus on security of your server instead popularity. What would you do if you lost your all efforts you made so far.

    Hope to take positive action against these threads, we wish to see ProPakistani.Pk on #1 in Alexa.


    • Alam – we do have country’s top security auditors on-board with us.

      Refer me if you know someone better to manage ProPakistani’s security?

  • Strange @ Aamir. I wish to meet them here, if they could tell what sort of security so far implemented.

    Why don’t you hire me :P

      • Wow !! ths nice way to get a job….by the way guyz…i dont konw aamir or anyone in ProPakistani..but i know one thing , the guyz who published well famous “article” on Paki hackers “Muhammad ali Raza” is part of ProPakistani…as his profile shows he is sys. security analyst…

        @ alam , if it happened !! no issue Yaar !! this happens every where in the world ..The world no.1 Alexa website remain down many times because of couple of reasons and bla bla…

        Even now a days Iphone hacking rumor is on the board…Yes ! every known thing got hacked!!! tht is true…

        So , i think Aamir Would be having much better security for his website…

        @ Alam, Suggestion for you , Why not you share any website that is audited by you for secuirty and remain impossible for hackers to get hack?? Please share here….

        Lukin Fwd!! Thx…

  • Disappointed @ RajaSb

    It seems, you are challenging me. Whatever i said, i have the proof. If i am wrong about the down time of ProPakistan few days ago, Aamir can figure out. He can tell you that do they have down time that day or not. I shared with my gang for great updates about telecom,It news. But they replied with bad face. Although i requested them to stop this. As ProPakistani is the site that provide us good updates. The more important is we are Pakistani, why should we target our people instead the bad people attacked recently on Government sites…

    I would never want to reply your expressions and make the as victim for my gang.

    Lets hope to have good days in future with ProPakistani and the community.

    Allah bless everyone.

    @ Aamir, sorry for the last week. They won’t hurt you more.

    Best regards.

  • I don’t want to be part of this fight but correction correction – as people claim that the site was done it could be for any reason update, new modification, shifting servers or any sort of attack.

    Yes my name is Muhammad Ali Raza i am part of ProPakistani for long time and i do handle security issues here for long time and as far as i see i am doing my best to protect our servers.

    Something very true that nothing is 100% secure – and if a person or group claim that he/they have somehow made something 100% secure i would love to test it.


    [I had to edit Ali’s comment: Aamir]

  • Be professional :). I hope Aamir will look after his “security Analyst” comments in future before publishing.

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