PTA Arrests Mobile Jamming Devices’ Retailers in Karachi

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), in collaboration with Federal investigation Agency (FIA)  has  arrested two sellers involved in illegal sale of jammers in Karachi.

This initiative is part of the pursuance of PTA’s efforts against illegal sale of jammers. PTA carried out extensive survey and upon investigation and confirmation, successful raids were conducted by PTA and FIA on different shops at Karachi Electronic Market in Saddar. A total of 30 jammers were recovered and owners were arrested.

Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen said that under Telecom (Re-Organization) Act 1996, PTA is to ensure that the rights of the licensees and telecom users are duly protected. Sale of illegal Cellular Mobile Jamming Device and its usage has resulted in call dropping and degraded quality issues. Resultantly, the public and service providers were facing inconvenience due to illegal and unauthorized sale of jammers, their installation and operation.

Chairman PTA further said that Government of Pakistan has issued a Policy under which installation of jamming devices /disablers without permission, is illegal.  He said that PTA as a regulator is vigilant and shall take all measures to stop this unlawful activity. He also warned all those involved in selling or installing of jammers to stop such unlawful activities, otherwise strict action will be initiated against them as per the law.

    • All cellphones remote and internet devices and wireless systems have some frequencies and jammer can block / jamm their signals

    • All cellphones remote and internet devices and wireless systems have some frequencies and jammer can block / jamm their signals and device unable to work

  • Mobile Jammers dilute/jam GSM signals, and thus mobile coverage drops in certain amount of circumference due to jammers.

    Remember Musharaf’s convey had such jammers, due to which mobile phones didn’t work when covey is nearby.

    These jammers are not allowed by PTA, through its directive, unless authorized explicitly by regulator

  • Ironic! since only today I learned the working on Jammers in one of my ‘Digital Signal Processing’ lectures.

    In short! Jammers produce a very high frequency signal which causes to interfere with the GSM signals and the GSM signals are dropped as noise by the receivers in the mobile.

    • or i may say

      J/S=Pj Gjr Grj [email protected] Lr Br / Pt Gtr Grt [email protected] Lj Bj

      [email protected] = R rais to power 2
      Pj= jammer power
      Pt= transmitter power
      Gjr= antenna gain from jammer to receiver
      Grj= antenna gain from receiver to Jammer
      Gtr= antenna gain from transmitter to receiver
      Grt= antenna gain from receiver to transmitter
      Br= communications receiver bandwidth
      Bj= jamming transmitter bandwidth
      Rtr= range between communications transmitter and receiver
      Rjt= range between jammer and communications receiver
      Lj= jammer signal loss (including polarization mismatch)
      Lr= communication signal loss

  • A GSM Jammer is a device that transmit signal on the same frequency at which the GSM system operates, the jamming success when the mobile phones in the area where the jammer is located are disabled.
    for details view

  • After seeing this post a picture of a project came up in my mind which is being presented by our senior in their final year that was a mobile jammer and can JAM your mobile signal upto 30 feet range

  • lol,
    dont know about all this but very recently i came to know car thieves too use it to block the signals of the tracker installed in the vehicles. One of my uncle got his car snatched and his vehicle was last tracked in Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi( it is a thickly populated area and no question of out of coverage) by tracker company people and after 2 minutes his vehicle was out of coverage and tracker people could not locate the vehicle and the investigation report tracker people gave to my uncle for his insurance clearance mentioned something like that use of illegal mobile jammers which can be/are placed in a a vehicle are the cause of out of coverage. it also mentioned that those jammers get power(to operate) through cigarette lighter socket.

  • Sub theek hai… per the question that is to be asked is How did these Jammers into Pakistan??? these retailers should not be the one to be hanged…. rather it should be the officials who allowed the import’s of such devices….

  • Mobile Jammer is becoming a basic requirement of those companies or industries where the manpower is wasting time in mobile personal communication instead of their duties.

    I want to know the legal way to use mobile jammer?

    Do somebody advise me about it?


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