Warid Introduces ‘Youth Blog Zone’


Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd., has brought the concept of traditional blog websites to mobile phones. Now Warid subscribers can register to “Youth Blog Zone” and express their views on a common forum. Warid ‘Youth Blog Zone’ enables the members to post questions of their interest and can also leave comments on blogs, thus providing a chance to interact with other members and vice versa.

How to Register?

To enjoy this existing facility, Warid subscribers can simply send “Youth” in an SMS to 1166 & get registered. Once they have registered to the service, they are eligible to initiate discussions and receive blog messages from other members of the blog zone.


Rs. 10+tax/registration.

Sending a Blog:

After getting registered for this service, you can initiate discussions & express yourself by submitting your blog via SMS to 1177.

The blog should be submitted within 138 character spaces. After submitting your blog, you will receive your blog ID from 1177.

The blog you submitted will be sent to all “Youth Blog Zone” members.


“Hey guys, did you attend “glow concert” at royal palm, awesome performance by strings & call. I just loved it!”

Block Unwanted Blogs:

If you wish to block an unwanted blog, send “block <blog ID>” via SMS to 1177. You will no longer receive opinions posted on this blog.

If you wish to unblock a blog, send “unblock <blog ID>” via SMS to 1177. You will start receiving comments on the blog as soon as you unblock.

Offline Mode:

If at any time you wish to get offline/ would like to stop sending/receiving blog messages, just send “offline” in SMS to [email protected] Rs. 2 +tax.

Staying offline for more than 30 days, will result in the termination of your registration.

Online Mode:

If you wish to get back online in order to send & receive blog messages,send “online” in SMS to 1177. A charge of Rs. 2+tax will be applied.

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