NetSol Makes a Major Breakthrough in North American Market

NetSol Technologies Ltd., a Pakistani multinational Information Technologies company providing global business services and enterprise application solutions to private and public sector organizations worldwide, has made a major breakthrough in the North American market by signing a contract with a local company with huge portfolio to implement key components of the NetSol Financial Suite (NFS) group of products, based on a deployment for an estimated 160 dealers in the Mexican market.

The implementation builds upon a successful proof of concept stage and will include the NFS Wholesale Finance System (WFS), a robust and flexible system for Floorplan lending business.

Based on the concept of “one asset, one loan,” NetSol’s WFS facilitates asset tracking and costing with features such as credit request management, loan management, stock auditing, and billing and settlement. An add-on to WFS, the web-based Dealer and Auditor Access System, provides dealers with specific, secure access to their contracts and auditors with complete and secure access to the data and statistics needed for thorough reviews. With these tools, WFS helps users stay ahead of the competition, managing communications efficiently through a wide array of interfaces, including banks, dealers, distributors, ledgers, and document handling and processing applications.

Salim Ghauri, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer NetSol Technologies Ltd., said this agreement further expands NetSol’s presence in the Americas. He said NetSol has been working hard in the North American market over the last few years and present breakthrough is a major achievement.

He said the state of the art NetSol products were winning feathers for Pakistan one after another in different regions of the world. “The present contract in North America will change the IT scene of Pakistan in near future, he added.

According to him, the Netsol Financial Suite, with component products including WFS, is adaptable to all market conditions, making it the suitable choice for large customers operating on a global framework who are looking for a cost-efficient, scalable enterprise solution for their credit and portfolio management needs.”

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