Babar Iqbal Attends NA session, Lauded by MNAs

Babar_IqbalThe National Assembly hailed the worldwide achievements of the genius cyber kid, Babar Iqbal, in the field of computers, who was specially invited to a session of the Lower House of Parliament.

Sitting in the visitors gallery, the 12-year-old talented boy from Dera Ismail Khan was introduced to the MNAs by Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Babar Awan, who in acknowledgement of the kid’s achievements, said that Bill Gates has offered this young Pakistani genius to become a member of the Microsoft Corporation.

Babar is referred to as the “Genius Cyber Kid” for setting four world records in the field of computer sciences. He became the youngest “Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)” and the youngest “Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)”, both at the age of nine. He became the youngest “Certified Web Professional Associate (CIWA) at the age of 10. He became the youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) at the age of 12 in a Dubai competition, the participants of which were aged 20-35. By making this record, Babar surprised IT experts all over the world.

The boy in this age has won laurels for the country and deserves appreciation and encouragement, Dr. Babar Awan said. He added that young Babar did not attend any formal school for all his certifications and got education at home.

MNAs Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Prince Mohiyuddin, Khurshid Shah, Manzoor Wattoo, Dr Doniya Aziz and Sheikh Aftab said the achievements of Babar Iqbal were a matter of pride for the nation and his talent should not go waste. They urged the government to fully channelise Babar’s capabilities and potential by patronising him and announcing a regular scholarship for him in further studies.

Source: Din News

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  • Wow…
    we are proud to have such a genius boy in our country and we should learn a lesson from him that nothing is impossible and Pakistanis have got the talent but the thing is how to utilise that’s what we are supposed to find.
    I pray for this cyber guy to win more such awards.

  • Few years back, I was seeing similar kind of story on CNN or BBS about a little kid genuis in Science, who was from India. —-SENTENCE ONE

    India and Pakistan are most people below poverty line, didnot produce anything in industrial age, information age, automobile age, electricity age etc. —– SENTENCE TWO

    Am i only one seeign soem problem here? Why CNN or BBC whose job mostly is to degrade Asians, were showing this story to world?

    May be we are too دقیانوسی and jahils to understand what is really going on in world. And thats what CNN and BBC intent was when they were showing this story.

    Comeon guys, a kid is a kid. He can rote things but cannot make the strategy or do anything useful. Stop making these IT kids GODS. West do competition of kids on spellings because they know thats what kids can do. Without understanding history, sciences, and sociology, one cannot make anything substantial. Certiications is the western companies marketing gemick, to let people use their products or platforms to build things on. Dont be stupid.

  • I am also 12 year old kid, i created website of 14august last year. So why i am not appreciated. Whats this??????? I was also gave interview to AAJ TV which is telecasted last year. and you know, BABAR IQBAL have Not ORIGINAL Certificates…. So be foolish people

  • You need something solid to be proud of. If you just be proud of nothing, you will end up being only proud and not doing anything. Just I said, we are a failure nation at this point in time. We dont have any good market share in any of industries on international level. We sit on Japenese cars and think we are heros. I am not proud at all and want to do something solid and substantial to be proud of, rather than just being proud for no achivement to back that up.

  • We are really proud to be this pakistani kid.Bill gates offer him to join microsoft and dont be stupid his certificates are 100% origional.Microsoft is big and good company they are not using this way for advertising their products.People from all over the world using their products already including you mr.tod so they dont need to do advertising of their products in this way.This kid was the shaheen of pakistan and we really need that kind of guys.We are really proud to you babar iqbal.Pakistan zindabaad

  • I think our media should bring such breaking news as well instead of horrifing us by bringing bomb blasts news all the time. Its really a moment of proud for us that a boy like Baber is performing brilliantly in the filed of IT world over. We should support him.

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