PTCL's Seminar on 'Corporate Solutions'

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) organized a seminar on “Corporate Solutions” to help businesses meet their demands amid global and local competition on an immediate basis.

Participants from corporate sector were given presentation on technology during the seminar to update them on technologies like 3G Connect, Leased Plus, DSL, VPN, IP Connect, Digital Cross Connect, DRS, VSAT, IPLC, Video and Audio Conferencing, Business Communications, Broadband on the GO, Managed SAN, i-Sentry, Unified Communications, Web Hosting, etc.

It was aimed at updating the corporate customers affiliated with multinational companies, banks and DFIs, pharmaceutical sector, oil and gas sector, the government departments and such other clients to improve their everyday business performance. PTCL is making its efforts to continue introducing much needed quality services to its corporate customers. PTCL has played an important role in the progress of IT and Telecommunications and further intends to introduce these services on the occasion of sixty-second Independence Day of Pakistan.

SEVP (Business Zone South) PTCL Abdulla Yousef, Sr Advisory Team Member (Commercial) Dr Sadik Al Jadir, EVP Corporate Services Zaman Gulzar addressed the gathering. EVP Corporate Services and Product Development, GM Corporate Services, Kamran Mehmood, GM IP Operations Abdul Qadir, Sr Manager Product Development Syed Ali Javed, Sr Manager Corporate Services Salman Saad Khan presented upcoming new services of PTCL.

  • no use man the quality of ptcl will still suck and the customer service dont ask mann you know better….

  • After many years IP Operations South Karachi got a technical person as GM. In past on chair was a senior person and defacto GM was a SE (having less wisdom on using technology and authority).

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