Gaming Keyboards and Mice, Worth Rs. 19,000 – Will You Ever Purchase it?

logitech1Gaming has always been a keen task for all computer geeks. People spend lot of their money on buying gaming add ons. New gfx cards, rams, motherboards all are being introduced in new models every day. And prices are touching the sky, but what about a mouse or keyboard, when Logitech introduces Gaming ad ons and a single keyboard costs 250 CAD approx 19,000 PKR.

Will you purchase it ?

It has now become a trend , that a company launches new Game with very high specifications that old cards fail to withstand its load, so the Gfx companies introduce their new models. But in this race of gaming, one of the most important gadget is our keyboard and mouse. And we try to make it as much friendly and comfortable to our hands as we can, because after most used element, “software”, it is the only so much used hardware which we touch J not only touch in fact we have to be handy with it.

Companies introduce new and new devices with latest technology and much high prices but what about this keyboard, in which we can even buy 2 to  3 P4 branded computers : – D

Yes this is introduced by Logitech, named as, diNovo Edge with on board touchpad and Bluetooth wireless technology. This is not about the features of keyboard, rather to discuss the really high prices of these gadgets as you can check the following prices where a Razor Mouse costs 4700 and just a mouse pad 3100.

Have a look at following latest prices of these gadgets


Above Prices are via

No matter how much handy they are, and serve the purpose, but the thing is, do you agree these device worth this? I mean where just a mouse pad costs you Rs. 3100,

I won’t buy such a gadget that cost too high for no good reason, how about you?

  • Lol…i lov gaming bt i only spent 2500 for MX518 gaming mouse & 750 on steel series pad =P…..i thnk my stuff is affordable…

  • True, companies launch new games with high end specification. So the hardware need to be changed but I wouldn’t go for such an expensive add-on unless I am also a gadget geek.

  • I won’t. My CPU is worth 60,000 PKR with one of the best GFX card but I am using the normal 250 RS wala mouse. :)

  • my friend bought mouse for gaming worth Rs. 13K. And hw also bought mousepad seperately. So there are people who buy these things.

  • gaming is a hobby,and like all serious hobbies it requires serious tools of the trade. I own a Cyborg R.A.T 9 mouse. that cost me $300, and it’s worth every damn penny. and no i’m not some uber-rich ABCD. i’m a middle class karachiite who had to go thru a lot of saving to get my hands on the RAT 9.

    People buy insanely expensive mods for cars, people buy camera lenses that cost more than my car does, but those are deemed to be appropriate expenses. money spent in pursuit of excellence…well so is all the money i spend on my gaming keyboard, mouse and mouse pad.

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