Mobilink's Vehicle Management Team Fired on Corruption Charges

Mobilink has fired their Vehicle Management team which was controlling vehicle movements and fueling, on corruption charges, told us highly reliable company sources.

It was further learnt that, Senior Manager of Mobilink’s vehicle administration was alleged to have allowed the fueling for many ghost and dead sites of Mobilink at an average of 200 liters per site per day for so many months.

The amount of loss incurred to Mobilink is huge and likely to cross Rs. 10 million mark or even more. A new Senior Manager has been hired from Alcatel to look after the vehicle management and related matters.

When contacted, Mobilink’s spokesperson denied to comment, terming the news as a rumor or a speculation.

It is very ordinary administration on part of Mobilink’s top management and surely it would be shared by other honest and dedicated employee when profit and loss statement shall be prepared.

  • well corruption exists in the multinational companies as well as other is disappointing that mobilink chose to just fire these corrupt officials and not launch FIR’S against them and well done propakistani for bringing such news to light as the mainstream print and electronic media is shamefully censoring such news to protect their ad revenues.

  • Tell me something….why do you report everything related to Mobilink… If someone takes a dump…you report it.

    No I am not talking about this article but in general. Give it up and let Mobilink relax…or tell your informant to take a chill pill for a month or so.

    I hate Mobilink as much as the next guy, but you my dear friend, take it altogether to a new level.

    • Zee Jay, thanks for your comment.

      But, just for a fact, we write on issues, not for/against all companies.

      I suppose our archives justify my this stand.

  • What kind of news is it about telecom industry. we don’t visit this website to read such kind of updates.

    it seems that either someone in your organization was either fired from mobilink, or may be someone is paying you to put such updates on this websites

    [Comment Edited]

  • LOL there is a lot of attacking the messenger going on here. Why don’t you guys start your own blogs? You can then post whatever you want on them.

    Anyway regarding the blog post, I have to say this is interesting news you have posted. A lot of people are of the opinion that mobilink runs a very inefficient business and consumers have to pay because of it.

  • It is very much required to port every good-bad news related to Telecom/IT industry as other nice blogs like Mobilink Blood donors, Mobilink Swat Camp, Telenor welfare formula etc is also on board. Then why not this. So there should not be any restriction on porting such blogs. Secondly, i think it is not necessary for the reader to read such blogs which are not readable for him:)

  • Now a days every one is involve in some kind of corruption.
    Free of corruption is only that person who is not getting any chance for corruption ;-)

  • Amir bhai i think there should be a different comment box for criticism / appreciation & suggestions, so all the readers may stick to the point.

  • Yeah dats a true news but still the point is that mobilink management has identified the fraud, reacted very professionally and put in a new team that has very efficiently controlled all the situation.
    Fuel management, site acquisition, procurement are historically known to be prone to fraudulent cases in pakistani telecom service providers but mobilink has still stood first by reacting and controlling in such a manner that its repute has not been put on stake as well.


  • I think mobilink is the largest telecom service provider and the most corrupt telecom company in pakistan and it was all done by our proud pakistani brothers. The higher management was never interested in developing systems and keep on looting their feeding company.
    Shame on all.
    Fleet management is not the only one there would be many to follow.

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