Pakistani Internet Users to hit 22 Million Mark in 2013

Internet usage in Pakistan is likely to see three digit growth rate in next couple of years, while it is anticipated that total internet base will hit 22 million mark by year 2013, out of which 4.3 million users will be using broadband Internet, said Dr. Yaseen, Chairman PTA while addressing a ceremony today.

It was told that PTA is working in collaboration with educational institutes to get the new generation familiar with internet.

Internet is going to be the next growing industry in Pakistan after Telecom, specifically in a scenario when USF is putting massive efforts to take internet to rural areas of Pakistan.

Update: It merits mentioning here that as per a Internet World Stats there are already 17.5 million internet users, in Pakistan. However, ISPAK believe there are 5 to 6 million internet users in Pakistan – as of now.

PTA is already planning to know the exact number of internet users in Pakistan – which is apparently still not known to anyone.

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  • 22 million is actually pretty low if we compare it to the 160+ million of population, but still it’s good to hear that gradually our internet industry is growing.

    • @ Adil

      22 million means NOT USERS….Its about 22 million Homes…

      Because each house commonly has one DSL max, in each house User are Least 4 people on Average.

      If we we Get 4G LTE on our cell soon, More people will use Net on USB & house will have atleast 2-3 users on a USB Dongle 4G LTE High Speed Net Connection. This means More users & more profit for the Telecom Companies!!!!

  • @ Adil

    yar every thng starts wid a 1st step nd i belive k till da end of 2013 it will be more thn 30 million!!!!!!!1

    cuz wen mobile fones were new in market they were also anticipating da same trend bt later on bundle ov investments in da form of telenr nd warid came nd da scenario totally chnged

    so hope for da best nd if evn 22 million users are there they will surely contribute to da economy of ma beloved pakistan

    • The internet users are growing mostly because of affordable broadband packages. But we still don’t have the extremely fast broadband, i.e., 50MB or more. Portugal already has 1GBit internet.

  • Aamir,

    Your site is becoming a good resource for IT and telco related news but could you please re-confirm what you’re writing before publishing it or at least make some rough calculations before quoting figures, even if they come from the Chairman PTA.

    The current number of internet users in Pakistan is estimated at anywhere between 17.5mn to 20 mn.

    Your own post in Jan 2009 celebrated us crossing the 17.5 mark.

    “THREE FIGURE” growth means more than 100%. Even if we assume this is not a yearly rate and he was referring to the period from 2009 to 2013, a minimum 100% growth would give us around 40 mn users in 2013.

    • @Sheryhydri Thanks for your comment – and due to it, i have updated my story.

      17.5 million news was with reference to World Internet Stats, which is independent body, however Pakistani ISPs are of the view that there are 5 to 6 million internet users as of now. PTA is already in process of knowing the exact figures. I have mentioned all these things in story now.

      Thanks again for your input

  • Internet usage increases when restrictions on use and access is dropped. In addition to that the cost has to lowered considerably.China leads Asia in this because of the above. The objective should be that there should be a computer in every home and everyone should have access to the Internet.

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