Remotley Manage Your Computer and Mails with UFone UConnect

uconnectThis service is the first of its kind, ever introduced in Pakistan by any cellular company. Ufone introduces uconnect – a service to remotely manage your computer’s shared folders, push email service  and search files with your handset. These services are provided under secure data transfer protocol and each user gets 512Mb online space for folder sharing, fee of charge.

UConnect provides following features that can be managed from your handset.

  • MS Outlook Synchronization
  • File Sharing
  • Search through files
  • Push Email
  • PC Tasks

MS Outlook Synchronization:

Access your outlook emails, contacts, tasks and reminders

File Sharing:

Remotely access files stored on any online computer (be it personal or corporate) from your EDGE/GPRS enabled handset. File sharing includes MS-Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe PDF, Notepad, Images (jpeg, gif, png) and Multimedia files (mp3, mpeg, avi, wmv, mid, wav). This needs to have UConnect client installed on your PC.

Search through files:

You can use the powerful search feature to search for files, emails and contacts and much more through your EDGE/GPRS enabled handsets.

Push Email:

You can choose your PUSH email facility to be delivered to your handset as a SMS PUSH or WAP PUSH for every new email. You can configure up to 5 emails accounts simultaneously for an account on your handset. Each email account can be used the same as you would through you computer. This feature can be used on Gmail, Hotmail and POP3/IMAP accounts.

PC Tasks:

This is the most important feature of this service.You can share multiple PC’s and can perform the following PC Tasks can be done remotely via EDGE/GPRS enabled handsets or via SMS:-

  • System Restart
  • Shutdown
  • Hibernate
  • Logoff
  • Lock

SECURITY: All communication with the server is encrypted including the files that are backed up at remote servers.
Free Data Space: Each account will be allotted 512 MB of free data space.

Subscription & Charges:

Monthly Subscription: SMS ‘SUB’ to 292 – Rs. 25 + tax.

Additional Computer: SMS ‘SUB’ to 293 – Rs. 5 + Tax/month

Additional Memory: SMS ‘SUB’ to 291 – Rs. 5 + Tax/6 months

GPRS Charges – Standard Ufone EDGE/GPRS Charges or UrEDGE Data Package charges apply.
Commands for ease of use:

Unsubscribe UConnect: unsub uconnect
Unsubscribe Space: unsub space
Hibernate: hibernate machine name
Lock: lock machine name
Logoff: logoff machine name
Shut Down: shutdown machine name
Restart: restart machine name
Next Message: next message id
Send Email: send email address email message
Forward: forward email address email message
Reply: reply email message
Reply All: replyall email message
Delete Email: delete email id
Reset Password: resetpass

All these commands will be sent to 5748 at Rs. 2 + Tax/SMS

Terms and Conditions:

  • Login format will be like 9233XXXXXXX.
  • If you share more than 1 machine, you will have access to all the machines via 1 account.
  • All charges will be deducted from the master account, i.e. MSISDN against which account was created.
  • All change requests can only be made from the master account.
  • SMS and WAP push will be sent to master account MSISDN.
  • You can use Push Email services without downloading the application for personal email accounts.
  • Email push supports all POP3 and IMAP based emails.
  • SMS push will only show 160 characters of an email per SMS.
  • There is no limit to the number of computers that can be registered on a single account.
  • In sharing user will have to share folder not individual files.
  • Application may not work if proxy or internet access is limited by firewall or other network security setting.
  • Only MS outlook (2000, 2003 & 2007) is supported.
  • User cannot view pictures within the email but can view pictures as attachment.

Download Manual from here

    • Light chali jati hai , issi lia tu uconnect ha, ta ka mail check karna ka lia computer on na karna para our jo files, share ho chuki hain, wo light chala jana ka baad b dakhi ja sakain. haahahah.

    • I think it is 0.90 Rupee per day , and in 0.90 Rupee we can get multiple services, Email alerts, Email read, reply, reply all, delete even we can compose a new email using a simple text message.

      it really helped in my business, now i do not need a black berry service, which is 1500 Rupee per month means, 50 Rupee daily,

  • Who uses MS outlook, many do not know MS outlook use hehehe, And I already stopped using MS non free products for long, BTW nice offer by Ufone.

  • Its a really mind blowing service. We can access our Files, folder and outlook using an ordinary mobile , even if we do not use MS Outlook express then we can configure our multiple email accounts directly to the UConnect, means we do not need outlook or any other email client service.

    I give (10/10) marks to this product.

  • Good effort.

    But overpriced service in my opinion. Firstly, ufone doesn’t offers a good bundle package of GPRS to prepaid users. Secondly they will charge you for each GPRS session.

    If you have half a decent phone. You can get these services for free. I have a G1 (Android) and an iPhone. iPhone pushes my e-mail directly to my device, so does G1. I use Telenor Postpaid, and it allows me to subscribe for unlimited internet for just Rs. 500/ month. Not only that, I get also use internet of my cellphone, on my laptop, wherever I go, whenever I go. And believe me telenor’s internet connectivity is the best in Pakistan…

  • Mr. Sibtain, what percentage of cell phone users i Pakistan do you represent? With both android and iphone? 99% people have regular SMS capable phones, but not smartphones. This technology brings push email, PC access ad all sorts of other advanced features to these inexpensive phones. I think this is a wonderful service perfect for countries like Pakistan. We need our own innovative technology developed by people who understand our local market and usage scenarios. A US company would think along the lines you are suggesting, but the reality in Pakistan and US is very differnt. We need technology that fits in our environment and Uconnect definitely does that.

    I have been using since launch and I am very happy so far. I have linked my Gmail with it and also my home PC.

  • asslam-o-alaikum
    i want to unlock the network lock of ufone handset which come in 2009 and havibg price 1199/-
    plz reply me
    waleed ehsan

  • hi all friends and ufone, ufone is my lovely network, its very nice wd fast netwark. i realy appretiat it

  • Does this service still work? I am unable to subscribe to it and the helpline (as usual) have no clue!

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