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PakistaniFlagGuest Post by Nayni

Today is August 14th , 2009. We are celebrating this day when we have a democratic government and an independent judiciary in our country. Our brave Army has successfully accomplished a difficult task in the northern areas and has made us proud of it. By helping IDP’s generously, People of all the four provinces of Pakistan have shown the world that we are UNITED. Pakistan cricket team won Twenty Twenty World Cup, 2009 and many of our brilliant students showed outstanding results in international Examinations.

Unfortunately, we are so obsessed with the idea of highlighting our weaknesses that we ignore our achievements altogether. Let us celebrate this Independence Day in a different way.  Let’s tell the world what we are; what are our achievements.

We are sure that each of you has something positive to tell us about Pakistan and people of Pakistan. There must be hundreds of untold stories of success and sacrifices around us. Please spend your few precious moments and share any success story you know.

In addition, tell the world what does the word ‘PAKISTAN’ means to you?

Long Live Pakistan!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK