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Today is August 14th , 2009. We are celebrating this day when we have a democratic government and an independent judiciary in our country. Our brave Army has successfully accomplished a difficult task in the northern areas and has made us proud of it. By helping IDP’s generously, People of all the four provinces of Pakistan have shown the world that we are UNITED. Pakistan cricket team won Twenty Twenty World Cup, 2009 and many of our brilliant students showed outstanding results in international Examinations.

Unfortunately, we are so obsessed with the idea of highlighting our weaknesses that we ignore our achievements altogether. Let us celebrate this Independence Day in a different way.  Let’s tell the world what we are; what are our achievements.

We are sure that each of you has something positive to tell us about Pakistan and people of Pakistan. There must be hundreds of untold stories of success and sacrifices around us. Please spend your few precious moments and share any success story you know.

In addition, tell the world what does the word ‘PAKISTAN’ means to you?

Long Live Pakistan!

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  • I think my success story is that finally i learnd and stopped cursing Pakistan for the present scenerio, mainly for electricity and other crisis. I learnd that its the time when Pakistan needs us. No external supports and funds can make us strong, its our innerself that can take us to the heights of glory.
    PAKISTAN is our identity, Proud to be a free and independent nation!!
    Live Long Pakistan

  • Its really a great moment now we should try to minimize the differences amongst sindhi, punjabi, balochi and pashto we should consider ourselves Pakistani. I wish all the best and hoping in coming year Pakistan will be more strong and better then ever before. Happy Independence Day :)

  • Salam Pakistan,

    We are Pakistani, so we must think of it. We must work for it. No need to run form this country because what we are, what we learn and what we have is due to Pakistan, So try to give some time to Pakista. Ay Allah mara watan ko Hamasha shad o abad rakh. Is mulk ma ameen o amaan pada kar. Aur taba o barbad kar un logo ko jo is mulk ka sath sensior nai. Ameen.

    Pakistan Zinda Baad.

  • thanx to govt for not cutting the supply of electricity today….
    i wish everyday to be the ind day….

  • The best way to show our love for Pakistan is by being honest with our work and by being honest in our dealings.

    Pakistanis haven’t realized their hidden potential. That can only be realized, when we start thinking and acting positively. Instead of channeling energies negatively such as in corruption and cheating, we should channel our energies towards positive actions. This will help alleviate poverty and corruption, improve our economy, and move us from 3rd world to 2nd world. Pakistan Zindabad!

  • Salam Pakistan…

    The story of Pakistan, the old forget, the young don’t know.
    I’m worried about the thing that we’re losing our culture and identity. We feel proud to follow Indian and Westerns. Our media specially the tv channels are promoting their culture and roots instead to competing to them. We’ve a great history, why they aren’t focusing on Islamic history, our youngs don’t know that who the Salahudin Ayubi was? Who is Mohammad Bin Qasim? Bollywood can make blockbuster movies on Naseem Hijazi Novels. Our literature, poetry, music is second to none. I request to all of my media news channels, newspapers, magazines, websites please be Pakistani and make us proud to be Pakistan. We’ve strength only in Islam and Pakistan.

  • Pakistan is the best country of the world………
    everyone love the place where he was born so i am also lover of my country pakistan sargodha ……………..
    some people think that we are not happy in our country
    so then they went to out of county for earn the mony……
    very hardworking
    it is not gud
    plz pry for my beautiful pakistan

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