Ufone Introduces Live Online Support (But only for Postpaid initially)


Ufone has introduced this Live Online Support option for its postpaid customers initially, which will be available for prepaid consumers too in future (This is something we anticipate and wish too – however, no official words on it yet).

For getting support you need to be a Ufone postpaid verified user, otherwise you can’t chat live with the support guys. With verified user I mean, you will have to register your number on Ufone’s website with a username/password, name and CNIC in order to verify your number before getting support.

Apparently looks like that this live chat support this is in beta, that’s why not everyone can chat otherwise it could be a good tool to grab non-Ufone users to their network.

This is for sure a big step towards customers’ support – and with time, it will get perfection in it to maximize customers’ satisfaction.

How to Use Live Support

  • Click “Live Support” button on Ufone’s website
  • New users will Register, while registered users can Login using their username/password. For Registration system will ask you for your Ufone number, Name, CNIC and password.
  • In logged-in Area you can update your profile, request for chat and log-off
  • After requesting for chat, you will be connected to Live Support, for live Chat.

BTW this online support is free for charge!

Things Ufone can improve

  • Verification of mobile numbers through CNIC is good, but not that secure (Plenty of people around me can have my name, number and CNIC information. They can register my account with this information and start getting critical information about me. Ufone should send a PIN number to cell phone as an SMS to verify account, or otherwise system generated password to my mobile Number (that I can change in future)
  • I am not sure what vendor Ufone has used to develop this application – but it would be nice if they send me chat log into my email, as a record or for future reference.
  • Chat application works good, almost on all browsers, but messages see some latency – it needs some more debugging I guess.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Eh, I thought Zong will be first to launch this, by the way, Zong’s live portal will be for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

  • what benefit we can get with this live online support? is it only chat record that goes to email? or something else. plz elaborate with points or write key feature.

  • u fone is bakwas service ..mein europe mein ho.apne friends se web sms chat pr bat krta ho aksar un ka network he jam hoo jata hai sms dilver nie hote..

  • ufone ba kar hai telenor or zong zindabad q k ab humain franchize main jana ki zarorat nahi apni calling details net par dekh sakta hai telenor or zong ki.islye telenor zindabad ufone murdabad


    • this network service is bullshit!!! i mean other networks
      try to make it as easy as possible for the customers!! but you go out of the
      way to make it all difficult! like we have nothing in the world but to figure out your GOD FORSAKEN NETWORK!! i for the first time
      in life opted for a daily sms package and when i tried to unsuscribe it
      it didn’t work!! i browsed net for for it called your help line but you’d be
      damned to help wouldn’t you!! and now i am out of balance, and i can’t do
      anything, if this is the case that i’d be out of balance in few days for
      something i didn’t use i’d be sure to spread the truth of your network!! what
      sort of shit is this!! they said msg unsub to 506 i did and then it said you
      will be charged i was like okay anything to get rid of the package, and you
      charged me for it but didn’t even cancel that damn package!!is this your
      customer friendly service!!!and you msg every little thing we need not even
      need to know but you can’t msg that package is unbsuscribed or not.. hell with
      this network!!!

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