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mobi2tweetIt’s been a year since twitter had stopped supporting SMS alerts of tweets in many countries including Pakistan. It was like a turning point for huge twitter user base in Pakistan. As of course there are people who use twitter only because it supports mobile alerts. So now the wait for the Pakistanis is over. If you live in Pakistan and are a twitter user, and you want to keep alerted even on the move, a free solution is there for you. is the state of the art new Pakistani service that offers mobile/SMS support to Pakistani twitter users. One such service is already available in beta phase by 2’s Complement’s – bBut Mobi2weet is different in a sense that Twitter users can not only update their statuses through phone, but they can receive all the status alerts of their friends through SMS.

Signing Up is easy

SMS ‘reg your_id your_password (twitter userid and password) to
03014402764 or 03314805098.

Other commands include:

  1. (type your message directly)
  2. @twitterID (reply to someone’s tweet)
  3. D twitterID (sends a direct message to a user)
  4. ON (turns twitter notifications on)
  5. OFF (turns notifications off)
  6. ON twitterID (turns notifcations for a particular user on)
  7. OFF twitterID (turns notifications for a user off)
  8. inv (to invite your friends to use our app)
  9. help (to contact customer support)

So this is what all you people wanted eh? I suppose Yes.

As per the official words on the website, they have built this service using Twitter API. Currently this service supports Ufone and Mobilink only but they vow to update with more operators soon.

Followings are the official FAQs you might be interested in.

Q: Why do I have to provide my twitter login info?
A: Our application is linked to the twitter API and as a result we need your information in order to provide you with status updates relevant to your twitter settings and account

Q: How can I turn off updates? And can I turn updates off or on for specific users?
A: Yes, you can turn off updates by sending ‘OFF’ to mobi2weet. To turn updates off or on for specific users, text ‘OFF twitterID’ or ‘ON twitterID’ for turning off and turning on updates for a specific user, respectively

Q: Am I charged for this service?
A: No, mobi2weet is a free service. However, you will be charged for sending an SMS by your network service operator

Q: Can I unregister for the service?
A: Yes, you can unregister by sending a ‘help’ followed by your request text to mobi2weet and one of our staff will arrange it for you asap.

Enjoy Twitter on the Move ! Good Work Uraan Software Solutions, Thumbs up !!

    • Exactly. I care about my privacy and I’ll never share my login with a new company. Maybe I’ll create a test Twitter account to check out the service.

      • @Saad, please see the replies below, and I invite you and @Aadil to visit our office in Lahore. Where are you based? If you want you can visit also our office in Munich too – let me know I’ll get invitation letter for visa sent, and lodging will be sponsored by us! ;)

        Our users have spoken and we have listened – and we will be providing web-based login in the coming week.

        Best wishes,

        Support @ mobi2weet.

          • Won’t have to wait for too long. The team is on it already, so another couple of days at max (hopefully :)).

            Best wishes,

            Support @ mobi2weet

  • @Irfan,

    We already support oauth. We use your login and generate oauth tokens automatically rather than you having to generate token and send it to us. It would be quite a cumbersome process if we did that. However, we have heard the concerns and we will allow in next couple of days to let you use login directly from the web.

    Secondly, it’s not a new company – it’s simply a new product. You can visit us at and

    I hope this helps. If there are any concerns or any feedback, please contact us at [email protected].

    Best wishes

    Support @ mobi2weet

    • This is the basic concern about any new website/software house providing services in Pakistan. It would be really great if you start providing oAuth.
      will love to tweet if I know my credentials are safe :)

      Thanks :)

  • By the way, we support ALL operators. However, currently you can send SMSs to Ufone and Mobilink only. The other operators are already supported, but we have taken them down temporarily because of certain technical issues. Should be up tomorrow or day after.

  • I was hesitant at first on providing the password, but I signed up anyway. There haven’t been any responses yet to my signup sms. How did it work out for everyone else?

  • Although my comment isn’t related to this post but its equally important.

    Just received sms from zong that from 1st sept 09 all *222# balance checking queries would be charged at the rate of Rs 0.10 . I have been ZONG subscriber since the day they launched but this IS TOO MUCH!. I’ll simply stop using my zong number from 1st sept 09.

  • @Irfan,

    I said db encrypted, which means if the db gets compromised unless you know how to decrypt you cant. However, since you are sending us direct sms, if your sms are hijacked there isn’t much we can do.

    Regarding using oauth fully i.e., letting using sign on our website, and allowing the app to use their twitter updates and then being able to use our application – is a lot of hassle for a lot of users. mobi2weet is as secure as meebo, plaxo, bulk invite scripts etc. Like I said, we hear you and totally respect your opinion and wishes, and we will provide 100% oauth in the coming week.

    Regarding being a small and unreliable software house, I wouldn’t comment as I do not want to sound arrogant. But please do a market survey about us before making these comments. At least take a survey from software engineers in Lahore. Also if a company provides 24/7 support, it’s not small and not unreliable. How many software firms in Pakistan you know that provide software with round the clock support?

    @Rajal 786, please go to and find instructions there.

    @IT buzz, yes telenor customers can use it easily. We will provide you with a telenor number in coming couple of days.

    @alias, please let us know if you haven’t received a response for a while.

    I hope this helps everyone. I apologize if my replies have offended anyone in anyway.

    Best wishes,

    Support @ mobi2weet

      • No problem Aamir. We’re here for you guys. You can complain, whine, abuse.. :) We’ll just try to make sure we give it our best and if we fail, at least we fail after giving it our best shot.

        Thanks again for your support.

        Support @ mobi2weet

      • dear frnd can u tel me dat i hav buy blackberry 8230 at 17000 4rm mobilink service center at cash payment but ther is only mobilink sim working and other network (telenor,ufone,zong etc)r nt working plz tel me soultion.

    • thats great. nice to hear about your company. please don’t take me wrong. this is the basic concern ppl had about Plaxo and Meebo too when they were launched.

      waiting for next update from you ppl :)

      • Thanks Irfan. We don’t take you wrong, you guys are ALWAYS right and that’s not just a cheezy cliched statement – we mean it! We’ve seen a lot of startups/products in Pakistan being very indifferent about customers and users and we don’t want to go that path. We have launched several successful portals with millions of users and one of the key things in success anywhere, Germany or Pakistan, is listening to the customers.

        This is why our programmers, support staff, and marketing staff are sitting round the clock monitoring what anyone/everyone is saying and what problems they are facing. You have a right to say whatever you want. YOU ARE THE BOSS!

        Best wishes,

        Support @ mobi2weet.

  • Thumbs up for u guys its a great service for pakistani twitters. Please start this service on other remaining networks as soon as possible because I have a telenor connection and want to use this service.

    • Hi Sameer,

      Thanks. You can already use it in Telenor and a dedicated Telenor number should be available tonight or tomorrow morning.

      Looking forward to your feedback.

      Best wishes

      support @ mobi2weet

  • I have signed up on telenor in start it was working fine but I am getting very long delay in receiving tweets sometime more than 1 hr will you please tell me what is the update interval of this service. My suggestion is that set update interval to 3 minutes after every 3 mins it should send tweets to the user.

  • How is the service for you now, Sameer? We thank you for the suggestion and will definitely take it under advisement. Meanwhile, we have a suggestions discussion opened up here: .

    Also, please note: oAuth is now implemented and you can register securely.

  • Hi,

    Just to let you guys know, we’ve removed the mobile number registration option (mentioned in this post above: SMS ‘reg your_id your_password (twitter userid and password) to
    03014402764 or 03314805098.)

    Now you’ll need to visit
    to register.
    We’ve added some more features … have a look at our blog:

    Keep us posted of your experience! Looking forward to your feedback :)

  • why the application taking too much time to update the tweet. i am using updates are coming on the next day

  • How i can register on mobi2weet for the updates of facebook.
    Help me out. Reply me as earliest be possible.

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