Increase PTCL EVO Signals and Speed

As we know PTCL’s EVO (also called EVDO) service is out there, but reportedly it offers irregular coverage (besides Islamabad) – resulting many EVO customers returning their USB devices within 3 days.

(BTW, PTCL allows you to return EVO device with-in 3 days, in case of no signals at your home/office, or if you are not satisfied with the service – though you won’t be given cash instantly, you will have to wait for a month before you get your amount back in form of cheque)

Faisal Mehmood, has derived couple of mechanisms to increase signal strength of PTCL EVO device – following steps told by Faisal, can not only enhance signal strength  but will also increase speed of your PTCL EVO.

Method 1


Get a CD with both sides empty (meaning no sticker on either side) and flip it over to EVO device’s antenna

Method 2


Faisal writes on his blog,

You will need a thin wire (preferably silver or copper). To get started turn the wires around the antenna, so as to form a spiral around it as shown. The top part should stick out about 10 cms, and then you will need to add some more spirals (three or four) such that they are roughly 5 cm. After that you need to leave a straight wire about 1.5 cm in length.

To turn the wire, I would suggest you twist it around a pencil or pen and then adjust the spiral distance by hand.

You can visit Faisal’s blog here

More details regarding PTCL’s EVO Services and Pricing: Click Here

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Good work by faisal the second method always helps as this method is also used for mobile signals by wrapping the wire around the mobile.

    • Irregular coverage means, in one area of the city (Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi) signals would be good, while in other there can be weak or no signals at all.

    • You can select between, Link Dot Net and PTCL

      But remember, get PTCL’s DSL only if you have very smooth/noiseless landline connection. In wireless go fot PTCL EVO, but 1st check if signals are good in your area or not!

      Also consult your friends in your neighborhood, they can best guide you regarding a service in a particular area. I have seen different companies perform better in some areas, while not in the other.

      • I am using PTCL’s DSL , i have a noisy landline but still my DSL runs perfectly and i get full downloading and uploading speed.
        U r right that different companies perform better in some areas . My cousin has also got PTCL DSL , and he lives near to my house , he has noiseless line but he cant get full download speed .

  • jis area mein evo wireless broadband k signal weak hote hain kya wahan per vfone k signal bhi weak hote hain

  • Thanks for the appreciation Aamir.

    Guys – these methods are just a very low-tech way to get a bit of more signal strength out of your adapter. Please note that EVDO SPEED is best only if you live very close to a tower –

  • I reside in Peshawar and quite interested to get the PTCL EVO but have been told that it isnt available and if it then the quality isnt up to the mark.

    Can anybody please confirm its availability and offered quality in Peshawar.

  • Guys i m from karachi using EVO as a backup internet service and signal strength is good means almost complete signals, but download and upload speed never shows me more then 400 k.
    never comes near to 1 MB. so what is the meaning of 3.1 MB?

  • Freinds m using Wateen 512 kbps.Da problm wid wateen is dat da download is limted 2 max. 15 gb.Although dey hav itroduced unlimited download few days bak bt still da second prob is dat often da signals dissappear n often da signals r dere bt da net doesn’t wrk!Uder prob is dat u can’t carry it to any uder place 2 use uder den da adderess u hav specified in da form…If u do n da net doesn’t wrk dere n u call dem dey will say day we can’t lodge a cmplaint coz u r not on da specified adderess in da form submitted 2 us…Nd yes not 2 4get dat in bad weather no signals will cm n often Wateen is updating server n at dat tym also da net gets DC…
    Regards Xubair

  • dear men ap se ye pochna chata hon k i liv in vilag ok and here the V_fone work mje ye bataye sab log k kia Evo ptcl Usb b yahan usi speed se work kre gi jis speed se ye keh rehe hen bcz 3.1mb hy or signal b hen but yahan dsl ni ab i think u got my point so plz tel me
    Allah Sab ki Kher kre
    Allah Hafiz

    • Nahi – EVO Lahore, Karachi aur Islamabad main high speed daita hay, baqi jagah Vfone jitni hi speed hogi. Automatically network switch ho jaye ga in cities kay bahir..!

  • Hi Friends, Is there any way that we can use Extrnal Antena with ptcl EVO? Please guid me i am getting same dial up speed like 153. Would you please guid me if someone have solution????????/

  • now a days ptcl giving the new usb evo it has no antenna than how we increase the signal please reply if any body know thanx

    • dear Usman I am also using the EVO made by HUWAWI and it does not have external antena out let point only have hand free point .I am an electronic engineer and know very well about signals I have used a lot of mathods of increasing wi fi signals on it but it does not improve the signals I am at the distance of 5 Km from ptcl tower and at room I get 1 singnal some time no signal and if it get connected the network it connect on CDMA/HYBRID network and these both types are not for 3.1 Mb speed the CDMA can provide you maximum 20/30 Kb/s down loading data speed and it activate on the level of 1 signal and the HYBRID activate from 1/4 signals ant it provide you different speed from 1~4 signals at 1 signal it gives you 38Kb/s on 2 signals 38/100Kb/s on 3signal 38/170Kb/s and the 4th singnal does not support the speed but it tries to stable the maximum speed of 3signals level and if you watch the incoming speed you will find it from 0Kb/s to 1.3Mb/s means if you are getting the 2 signals you are at the pakege of 512Kb/s of wateen and if you are getting the 3 signals you are at 1Mb pakege of wateen and if you are getting the 4 signals you are at 1.3Mb of wateen . and most important signal is 5 if you get the 5th signal then you will connect to EVDO mode .sometimes by mistake of soft ware this mode shows but actually it works at 5th signal here you go at 3.1 Mb pakege that has downloading speed 300/800 Kb/s means you are enjoying the real EVO . yes I was telling you that I have givin it a solution that if you increase your length of USB cable with a good quality cable and fix the device at the roof you will get better signals at every 2.5 Meter length in air towards sky it improves 1 signal so I am using the USB cable of 8 Meter I am getting 4 signals and for experiment I have taken it to 15 Meters but signal does not gone up to 4 . and its because the EVO transmission bosters only have a range of 1.5 Km from tower. after this range you are served by other ptcl towers and other mobile networks towers because the CDMA and HYBRID are the technology of series and parallel signals of a cluster of towers . and remember about the microwave and wi fi signals that these signals are badly effective by weather conditions as the weather will be clear the signls will be in strength and data can be transferd and receive well but if the weather gets humidity or becomes rainy or fouge then signal effective badly although the signals are 2/3/4 but the data transfer and receiving speed will decrease very badly , so you should improve you USB cable length you will get the good results but if you extend your cable much or not use a good quality wires your divice may not be detected by system so use the good wires for extension ,and live in contact with me by my email ID ( [email protected] ) and am doing experiments so if I get and usefull technique I shall share it with you. thanks

      • you can use Old antenna wire if you are trying 2nd method .. ! it will work perfectly !!

      • Sallamz Irfan,
        dear your solution works great, but is there not any other way by which i can manage to get more signals and speed WITHOUT placing my EVO device at the roof ?
        any other way by using any cables ? boosters ? or any other equipment ?
        im using PTCL EVO White color Huawei Device
        im living in clifton block 4 near hyperstar
        your help will be highly appreciated.
        *GOD BLESS*
        Thank you

        • i hav the same problem of having low signal , ill do the same thing as irfan told u, i know the main purpose of having evo wireless is killed by this technique of long cable, so i hav a solution if u like , as i m using router (3g tplink) , i can connect my laptop any where in my house through it, and hav set my usb on direction of good signal , so i suggest u to use 3g router ,, thanx

      • Man, i tested evo atleast 40 KM from the closest tower, and got almost 75% signal strength… of course i used an outdoor antenna.

        Punjab’s eVO works at 1900MHz, and here in KPK EVO Works at 450MHz, i tested Punjab’s evo in haripur… closest tower of 1900MHz is found in Islamabad about 40KM arieal distance…

        have a look at

    • What precisely do you need to know? For 10.6 you will first need to download the latest driver which I can send to on request. The supplied driver and the ‘latest’ one on their website do not work. After running the installer, the ‘’ will be installed in your applications folder and it will run automatically without needing to do any settings. However, there is one thing messing for mac users – there is no soft phone dialler which means there is no way to recharge your account online.

      • Hi Iqtedar
        I m just back from london, I got PTCL Evo which doesnt work on Macbook air, please assit me as u said u can send the driver on request.
        Many Thanks

        • The driver PTCL provides does not work with Snow Leopard (10.6). It is for 10.4-5 only. Get the 10.6 installer from

          I installed the top ‘Dashboard installer’; the app will be installed in your applications folder and all settings are done automatically. Then you can connect to the Internet but because there is no ‘soft phone’ as for windows users, there is no way to recharge your account yourself. It is a shame PTCL has not updated its website to provide this driver for mac users and that it does not have a same soft phone with it.


      • hello there
        i am desperate for the latest driver for my mac 10.6, since the worldcall website software doesnt work, i cannot install the EVDO broadband on to my laptop. i hope you can help me
        thank you

        • Hello Mariam,

          I checked the WorldCall site, and I think the problem is with downloading the file. After clicking it, a page containing jibberish appears. Let it load, then save the page (select save as …) and it will save as a .rar archive. Then you just need a .rar unarchiver. You can get one for free from

          If you already have the file but it is not working, tell me exactly which Huawei model of the USB dongle you have, then I will email you the latest version of the drivers.

          • hello iqtedar
            i managed to download the file ‘mobile partner’, but it doesnt allow Me to connect, even though i have tried several profile names. I dont know if I am doing something wrong or there is something wrong with the driver.
            everytime i insert the EVDO usb it asks to ignore or eject it as my mac cannot recognize it.
            model name: ADU-510A
            hope u can you help, thank you!!

            • You should not normally need to set the profile containing username and password because this should already be set if you bought the device new. If these settings are changed, you should contact the company for the login details. I’m wondering whether your device is not new or it has been tampered with because you wrote that the Mac does not recognise it. This suggests it may need to be reformatted, but remember if you do this, this will delete all existing files on the drive.

              On the other hand, you may need to reset the preference for Mac from the default Windows. See page 45 of the manual for this modem at Apparently this needs to be done using a PC. If you don’t have access to a PC, you can run the .exe file using WINE or by installing windows under VirtualBox or BootCamp on your mac.

              I located another site from where you can download the latest drivers if the one WorldCall provides is faulty. Download it from Your dongle ADU-510A is provided by AnyDATA.


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  • dear sir

    can i be informed about the reality of the evo Ptcl.
    I want to see either it is really good working or only showing high number of 3.1 .
    so who will write me the real detial or call me


    • In the Khanna area generally, the signals are not so good and on occasion the device does not work at all. Range is usually between 0 and 300 Kbps which is well below the stated average of 300-600 Kbps.

  • i’m in model town lahore but not getting more than 3 signals. i there any way to increase evo (without antena) speed??

    • use a usb extension it will help and try to keep your computer or laptop on the corner of the house and keep evo as high as possible!!

  • PTCL evdo is totally a froud, less signal no coverage and not more than 100kbps 3.1 is only written and publicity.
    PTCL cabel is best and 2nd one is Wateen jupiter out door device for wireless
    pay 590/-for 5gb with 256speed and 1300 for unlimited and enjoy full signal strength in karachi

  • i tested the evo in my area its going 70 to 100 kb speed and on download site like 4shared its gos on 7 10 kb

    i am in Mirpur Dadyal AJK

      • can you please tell more about evo booster ?
        what does it do ? and how to set it up ?
        i am using ptcl evo white color huawei device.
        I will be thankful for your help

  • hi i m yasir . i got evo 2 feb 2010
    in attock city which is non courage area,
    there download avg speed is 400 kbps
    and in rawalpindi satilite town( commerical market )
    its only 50 kbps with full 5 signal..
    why ?

  • guys simple apne Evo per mobile ke uper rakho aur then check karoo speed avg 200 say 300 KBSP milay ge

  • evo is a fruad plz brothers do nt use evo.wateen and world call is better then evo.evo signal can never increase.

    • Slam dear how r u ap kahte ho k evo best h jb k mere pass evo black wd boaster h or poweful signals hn fr b 5 mint ki video dekhne k lie 20 mnt lag jate hn or download rate max 35kbps hai its very slow men nh samjta k evo is best is s to ptcl dsnl 100 guna bahter hai thx regards.

  • mera pas evo USB hai. lakin problem ya hai k mera pas signal kabhi full hota hain aur kabhi zero ho jata hain…… Aur downloading rate b kaam aur zyada hota rehta hai…… me plzzzzzzz
    From karachi crossing.

  • Guyx meri evo aksar same location pe 150 kBps ddeti hai oR akSar usI jaga pe 10 kBps deti hai……plxx mujhe koi batae ga k external antenna kahan se buy karun…….

    Kamil Mahmood Kiani,
    MirpuR AJK……………..

  • irfan qmr u jennness man u r realy a enginerrr!!!
    i m also using world call evdo in peshawar my signal srenth is 40% to 60 % but the dowloading speed is slow in evening or night time but good at day time and i got 50 to 160 kb/s .
    plzz tell me that how i improve my evdo signals ? or intternet speed i!m using desktop and also laptop at laptop my signals is good but at desktop its not very good .
    remeber that m using the 256 kb/sec speed range .
    i will be waiting for ur replyyyy

  • Ptcl DSL 2MB aur Ptcl evo unlimited k monthly charges 2000 rupee hain. Kya ap bata sakte hain k kon sa behtar rahe ga

  • i am using EVO ptcl in GULSHAN-E-HADEED PHASE 1 Karachi and it is working very good.there r only 2 signals but the browsing + downloading speed is far much better than normal dsl of ptcl.
    signals cant increase by any method.

  • eVo is a failure… I am sitting about 2km from westridge exchange tower in pindi.. and signals will rise n fall drastically and too frequently at the same place… speed is terribly low.. mostly i get switched to 1x… i get around 30KBps download usually … never got even 100KBps max… only usable in very limited areas very near to ptcl towers…
    useless… cant do any voice chat or screen sharing… cant watch videos… dont go for it it will make u cry.. u cant even return it and get refund..

    • helllo

      i got the new device of evo in black and red color. which ptclis showing in pics and add. now a days. ofcurse you cant use it 35km from tower. But if u will see carefully throughout the evo device u will get a port for antina. the same port like in mobile fones. so what u have to do take a connector for that port. if u cant get a suitable connector take two thin wires of good quality and make a desi connection means put one wire inside the hole of antina port and 2nd wire u have to clip over the port or if u r able to open the device you can do solding to extands the antina wires from evo usb antina port. OPEN DEVICE AT UR OWN RISK
      now however you have two antina wires out from evo antina port or if u got connector also take out wires from connector too. TAKE A PTCL Vphone Ext. antina and make hight of 30ft and also make diraction of antina towards evo tower. now u have to join ext. antina cable with the wires u got from evo usb antina output.

      BE SURE UR EXT. ANTINA MUST BE TOWARDS EVO TOWER. if the direction of antina is not right u will not get signals. if u r not getting signals moe ur antina slowly like ur setting dish antina towards evo tower also ur antina must not have to be shaken bz if ur antina will shake u will get low signals just like dish antina. make a sold iron holding for antina for permanant useage. also u can try more than 30fts if u r more away or not getting signals.

      i am living in 103 J. B. Bernala, Faisalabad. bernala is 35km from faisalabad and i am thinking the tower is 30km from me. may be more. without ext. vfone antina i am not getting even cdma or 1x signals here but by using vfone ext. antina i am having full signals and speed up to 2mb depending on evo service.

      yaser qaddafi
      u can call me 03338373288

  • sir i have purchased eve 5 days ago but i have still problem of signal time and again it disconnets i live in rawalpindi near chandni chowk please do something.

  • Hi iam usman from mirpur azad kashmir i am also a user of (PTCL EVO) but downloading average rate iz up to 160 or 242 kbps but conection speed iz 3.1Mbps tell me how to increas my EVDO speed i am using black & red EVO?…

  • I am using eVo since novmber 2009 in Lahore, its fantastic even I am far away from city and living in a village but still get download speed between 500kb/sec to 2.8 mbs/sec and ironically with only two signal bars. At some places speed may be much less then average then I simply change the location.

    • you are a lucky guy…..i am living in pakistan navy dockyard karachi…my room is very closer to karachi port …..but even then my evo never gets the signals bars more than 2 and connection speed more than 50kb/s…..fucken evo…it is making me mad…..i am just wasting money …what do u say….any good method to increase signals?

  • One more thing, sometimes I moved with evo and laptop in city and always have speed over 1mb.

  • salam
    kia hall hian bahi jan.bahi jan mara swal yeh hia ky evi kub tak sary pakistan ko cover kare ge.bez me live in a town aur uder sirf vfone kam karta hia.aur kisi aur compeny ka dsl be nian hia.aur ap vfone ke speed tu janty he hian na aur bahi jan main ny suna hia ky dish ky sath be internet use kiya a sakta hia,woh kasy aur us ka kitna karcha ho ga.plzzzzzzz plzzzzzz bahi jan mujy batyin

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