Interview: Qazi Misbah Ahmed, CEO PakCERT

ProPakistani got a chance to catch Country’s top security expert, Qazi Misbah Ahmed, CEO PakCERT, to have discussion over security issues including personal and corporate security, hacking, trainings, ethical hacking and many other concerning topics.

Qazi Misbah (MBA-MIS/CISSP/CPTS/CEH/ITIL/COBIT/AMBCI’s Experience) is Pakistan’s top security professional having over 9 years of hardcore Information Security experience of consultancy and training for clients from Military, Energy, Shipping, and Telecom sectors in Pakistan and abroad.

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  • This is very interesting and informative. Does this mean, that anyone can also start offering free services, advisories and alert as another Pakcert for Pakistan. I am a web developer, and it does not take much effort to offer free advisories through rss and javascript linking such as on Qazi sahab’s website. Would like some clarification please.

  • M. Ali,

    Yes, you or anyone can start offering free alerts and advisories but you cannot work as another PakCERT for Pakistan as the name PakCERT is already registered as a company.

    What is meant in the interview is that any organization can start a local CERT e.g. XYZ company can start XYZ-CERT. You can use a name that is not already registered.

    Such initiatives by local organizations and universities can really help users and they can form a working relationship to help and share expertise with each other.

  • Thank you Qazi Saheb for clarification. I am a freelance web developer and I dont work for any company or university, so i was thinking about another cert for pakistan. Ofcourse it can be named as pakistanicert or pakistancsirt, etc. Until now, i thought these natinal certs had to be affiliated or run by the government. You have just given me the business idea with the clarification. Thanks again.

  • assalam alkom:
    ye sub pakage khamtam karna chahy
    qu ke taba to s pakage ke waja se taba hai

    • For this u have to contact PTA for getting the license, most probably with licensing section of PTA, Some brig. is the head of licensing in pta and he is a good man

  • Unlike past timings now Pakistan is full of enrgetic and skilled man power. I request the Government please take care of us otherwise like other overseas workers we have to provide our benifits to others. May God bless the concerning people of Government with wisdom.

  • Mr. Qazi Misbah is the best example of a charlatan ! He has unfortunately no clou about what he is talking about, i was stunned about his bluffing abilities!

    I had a long discussion with him and it was enlightning how you can with justa few words become an expert.

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