Telenor Call Block Service

adcallblockerTelenor has also introduced call block service – similar to Ufone’s call block service but I will never use these kind of services when I can block calls and text messages free using my phone’s built in features – or you can install call and SMS blocking software on your handsets.

However let me tell you the feature details of  Telenor call block service,


Charges are 20Rs+tax/monthly

For service settings and managing your blocked numbers IVR and SMS methods will be charged as below
SMS: Rs. 2 + tax. (One time)
IVR: Rs. 2 + tax per minute.

Blocking or Unblocking a number by Call Blocker Website = Rs. 2 + tax (one time)

  • You can block unlimited numbers including PTCL and Mobile but can block only national numbers international callers blocking is not being provided in this service.
  • You can block only calls, cannot block sms with this service.

You can choose from four prompts which your blocked caller will hear whenever they will try to call you (It means you can make them fool : -P), Busy tone, Wrong number prompt, phone switched off prompt, phone no reply prompt.

These settings can be changed by logging in to by default your blocked callers hear busy tone.

How to activate

Telenor users, to register for this service write sms “sub” without quotations and send it to 420.

After you get subscription, To block a number type your number and send it to 420, For example 03451234567 to 420 (021-xxxxxxx, 042-xxxxxxx, 030x-xxxxxx, 033x-xxxxxx, 032x-xxxxxxxx, 034x-xxxxxxx)

You can unblock the blocked number by sending U<space><number> to 420, for Example U 03451234567 to 420.

You can get the list of blocked numbers by sending ‘BL’ to 420.

Above were the methods of using Telenor call block service through sms, however you can manage your this service easily from their website for Telenor call block service subscribers at

  • very expensive
    i think such value added services should have been provided free of cost, ufone is just charging Rs 10/month, including sms and call block both , and dialing 420 is free where as telenor is charging Rs/2+tax… ridiculous yar
    i think PTA should keep check on value added services as well

    hence, it’s not an impressive offer

    • How are you saying that? They have one of cheapest tariff.
      As for deceptive marketing. offer, then no teleco in Pakistan is ethical enough and blame it on Poor parenting from PTA. Bad Parent(PTA) leads to Criminal Stuff(Deceptive marketing)

        • Have you seen their djuice SMS rates? They may be expensive in one area, but cheap in another – it depends on what is their intended target market.

          • By providing cheap SMS rates wo apni kasar calls mehangi ker k poori ker rahay hain, aik dafa Djuice say call ker lo pichlay 2month kay sastay sms ke kasar nikal jati hai. :(

            Djuice ke mehangi calls nay to pichli sub say mehangi company Mobilink ko b pechay chor dia.

  • They said that Incoming SMS won’t be blocked, Only Calls will be bloacked.
    This wont be of much use.

  • dear frnd can u tel me dat i hav buy blackberry 8230 at 17000 4rm mobilink service center at cash payment but ther is only mobilink sim working and other network (telenor,ufone,zong etc)r nt working plz tel me soultion.

  • dear qaiser,
    if you have purchased this black berry pink pack from mobilink business center, then only mobilink will work on your black berry.. it’s only designed for indigo, just like ufone will only work on ufone black berry…
    you better call help line by calling 111 or visit any business center

    • These are Telenor and Warid who brings the rates to mobilink and Ufone from Sky to Earth otherwise even they are charging for incoming calls.calls 8 rupees+ tax and SMS are about 5 rupees +Tax and no easy load to load less then 500 available.
      So kis na lota apna subscribers ko?
      I have paid lot of my balance for incoming calls using Ufone when i was not in Karachi(connection registered city :))

      • Those were old ages, And Ufone is still cheapest service provider where Mobilink and Telenor are the most expensive service providers of Pakistan.

      • yes, the whole credit goes to telenor . as for sms packages are concerned telenor cost 12 rupees for 2 weeks subscription while ufone 28. thats pretty much difference.

  • Ufone Service is useless due to following reasons:

    -Mostly people have the same functionality in their handsets
    -It is NOT a service indeed, rather a demo version of a software which you have to download.
    -It don’t stop the calls or messages righ in/on their (UFone) network, but both things come to mobile and then handeled. which make two effects:
    1-Caller alwasy understand it as callee is making the handset “busy” by his own.
    2-Message comeinto your mobile and save in a seprate place other than your Inbox. Means sender will receive the sent confirmation if allowed by network.

    By both means its orignal need has not been full filled, rather just making a bullet that they have this “service” in their network.

    Another drawback if you don’t use the new version still your money has been deducted automatically.

  • by the way ufone also has a limit of numbers you can block if you are a prepaid customer…telenor has none.. unlimited..

    if you are a postpaid customer try downloading software and paying for gprs band width.. see how much it costs for download…

    dear all, these companies are not NGO’s .. they are business ventures.. when they bring out something usefull.. aprreciate it..its good for everyone of us.. in a bigger picture…

    none of us would like to work for free ourselves..right.. then why criticize them..

    Telnor is not stupid.. to be expensive.. they no what is the demand and where there service is beter than others..

    so i support this service.. million of girls would take a sigh of relief!!! trust me

  • dear,
    As the sms delivery reports service is withdrawn by Telenor.Due to which We are suffering a lot of problems.
    please give us this service again.also charges on balance enquiry is obsolutely not acceptable, otherwise we will be compelled to think about other networks. Thanks

    • I do not think where Masheraykhas of PTA mister lotayri Telenor is also suggestion to other companies to implement charges on Free Balance checking services.

  • Dear ahmad
    SMS dilivery report by technology is also a sms.. basically it is auto generated and requires similar technical capacity.

    so if all operators who now are benefiting this nation by almost free sms generating millions of sms per minute, takes away dilivery reports, it cleasrs half of there capacity..

    now that means, less network congession, and better call quality.. and much less SMS loss..

    that is why all major operators (not small with less base) giving daily bundles.. took away daily reports..

    again in the bigger picture.. with marginal shock of no delivery reports u are better served with increased quality of service.. with out massive capital investment by the operators (cost effective to them.. thus to you!)

    hope that helped :)

    • Yes, by disabling features and services to provide better services to customers only Telenor thinks like this only to save own pockets, where others were keeping delivery reports and free balance check services until in the “The unity group of telenor with PK cellular networks” telenor suggested all other networks to disable delivery reports and free balance check *to provide better services to customers*. bera garak tera chalak telenor.

  • @ Corporate Wars….Buddy I really appreciate your understanding on telco…kep up the good work….

  • @corporate wars:

    Delivery reports can reduce the revenue of sms.

    But has nothing to do with quality of calls at all, because it uses seprate channels. and other wasy are also those never hurt the voice due to QOS.

  • Actually, SMS and calls use the same channel. Have you noticed how sending and receiving texts become awfully slow when you’re in a call?

  • I have seen many Telenor employees using this line “SMS and calls use the same channel.”
    And I do not say this is wrong :D
    But It made me laugh on a thing
    Lagta riyazi kay paharay ke terha training kerwai jati hai, har line waise ke waisi ke hoti hai har aik telenor employee ke zaban par :P

  • yor plez koy bata da call blocker serivice ko unsun ya ka service band kasa hoti ha mara nomber par sms kar da plez plez plez yar 03157667790

  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii plz help me mughe 1 telenor number se larki tang ker rahi hai main us ki sim ka kaise pata laga skti hoon k woh kiss k name pe hai plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me iam very tens

  • 03422702254 please u also block this number …i was very ..tens …about this number ….sooooo plz u block this number …

  • how do i unsubscribe from this service? kindly lemme know if anybody has a clue about it… thank you!

  • ,03122178653 please koe meri help kare, ,, , , is number se bohat abusive extrme level k text arey hain, i m getting mad,, please request to all,,

  • yar how to deactivate this sevice i want to stop this sevice thi sevice is very bad ghatiya service he card dalo ge too 30 rupee kate ge aur call bht menghe he

  • hey gyz kindly tell me the process of blocking.. i tried but cudn’t do that.. plzzz do help me blocking thiz num 03053165140

  • plzzzzz ik requesttt hy iss number koooo blocke ker daen ye jo bhi hy logon ko vulgare ar cheap message krta hy ar miss cals sy tang kr diya hy is ki sim block kr daen 03003230744

  • plz block these all numbers 03327885233

  • i have blocked a number bt it was blockd just for 2 weeks nw he z calling me n my block service z activated.hw it z possible>? plz help me

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