Telenor Call Block Service

adcallblockerTelenor has also introduced call block service – similar to Ufone’s call block service but I will never use these kind of services when I can block calls and text messages free using my phone’s built in features – or you can install call and SMS blocking software on your handsets.

However let me tell you the feature details of  Telenor call block service,


Charges are 20Rs+tax/monthly

For service settings and managing your blocked numbers IVR and SMS methods will be charged as below
SMS: Rs. 2 + tax. (One time)
IVR: Rs. 2 + tax per minute.

Blocking or Unblocking a number by Call Blocker Website = Rs. 2 + tax (one time)

  • You can block unlimited numbers including PTCL and Mobile but can block only national numbers international callers blocking is not being provided in this service.
  • You can block only calls, cannot block sms with this service.

You can choose from four prompts which your blocked caller will hear whenever they will try to call you (It means you can make them fool : -P), Busy tone, Wrong number prompt, phone switched off prompt, phone no reply prompt.

These settings can be changed by logging in to by default your blocked callers hear busy tone.

How to activate

Telenor users, to register for this service write sms “sub” without quotations and send it to 420.

After you get subscription, To block a number type your number and send it to 420, For example 03451234567 to 420 (021-xxxxxxx, 042-xxxxxxx, 030x-xxxxxx, 033x-xxxxxx, 032x-xxxxxxxx, 034x-xxxxxxx)

You can unblock the blocked number by sending U<space><number> to 420, for Example U 03451234567 to 420.

You can get the list of blocked numbers by sending ‘BL’ to 420.

Above were the methods of using Telenor call block service through sms, however you can manage your this service easily from their website for Telenor call block service subscribers at