National Seminar on 'Social Impacts of USF Initiatives'

National Seminar on “Social impact of USF Initiatives” is scheduled for 20th of August at Islamabad Hotel, Islamabad, told us a source familiar with the situation – reportedly all necessary arrangements are considered done in this regard.

As we all know that the objectives given to Universal Service Fund, referred to as “USF”, is to look after the remote and backwards areas of Pakistan in terms of provision of Infrastructure and services of IT & Telecom to the common man. How much USF has succedeed in this objectives will be presented and discussed in the seminar.

Mr. Naguibullah Malik, the Federal Secretary for IT & Telecom will be the chief guest of this seminar whereas Dr. Mohammed Yaseen, Chairman PTA will preside it including a large number of renowned and respectable professionals from IT & Telecom sector will attend this seminar on invitations only.